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Download Visual3D Game Engine

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Download Visual3D Game Engine

Download your free copy today of the redistributable SDK installer includes the Visual3D All-in-One Development Tool for real-time building and editing of next-gen 3D games, MMOs, simulations and online virtual worlds, built on Microsoft XNA with visual authoring and accelerated .NET development (with C#, IronPython, VB, C++), along with our demo games and a library of free media, entity and scripting assets to get you started!  

Free Download

Click on the link below to download the Visual3D Game Engine:

Click Here for Free Download of the Visual3D Game Engine
(All-in-One Development Tool and C#/VB.NET/XNA SDK)

Latest v1.x Version Now Available to Source & Professional Customers!
Visual3D Game Engine v1.0.1+ is available to Indie Source, Professional, Studio Source, and Enterprise Source customers, with regular updated delivered via Subversion.

Checkout the new Indie/Pro Source and Team License and Limited Time Discounts
Checkout our new Source and Team license editions and edition upgrade options, and buy soon to take advantage of the limited-time discounts now available on them.

Free 30 Day Trial
Activate your free 30 day trial after installing this release, and entering your user name and password (from your account on this website) in the Visual3D License Activation dialog once, for the first time you run the Visual3D Editor.
Offline Activation Now Available
Those unable to use Online Activation can now use the new Offline Activation method for Free Trial and Licenses

Activate Your License:
After purchasing your license, just startup the toolset and select Update License Status from the File (Visual3D icon) menu if you had already activated a trial, or else just enter your user name and password (from the account on this website used to purchase the license) when prompted after first starting the Visual3D Editor.

Public Installer / Trial Version:   v1.x (Previous release release candidate has become v1.0 due to its stability)
Download Size:   356 MB  (573 MB installed)
Checksum (MD5):   7D3AA82173A07FF4B96AAB7303987661
Release Notes & DiscussionPublic Release Forum Thread
Getting Started: Be sure to checkout our Known Issues, Activation, and Getting Started guides below.

Buy Visual3D Game Engine Today

Buy now to get Limited-Time Discount for Early Adopters, and Publish an Unlimited Number of Royalty-Free Titles.
But act fast, as the full benefits won't be available for much longer.

We are currently offering limited-time promotional pricing, prior to our upcoming v1.0 release, which is coming soon.  
The earliest adopters get the highest discounts and most extras, so you may want to act fast.

Activating Your License or Free Trial

You can activate your free 30 day trial, purchased license or upgrade simply by starting up the toolset and entering your user name and password from this website (if you haven't already), or activate an upgrade by choosing "Update Account Status" from the File (Visual3D icon) menu of the toolset. This is covered in detail in the "Getting Started" section on this page.

Activation is covered in more detail in our Getting Started guide and Activation Walkthrough Video, further below.

Soon each license purchased will be limited to 2 active installations, so be sure to purchase a license for each member of your team using the toolset or programming APIs, to ensure interrupted access.
You can also contact to discuss site licenses like Enterprise Source, special licensing needs (such as per per-title, redistributable toolset, or lab use), or the possibility of additional activations.

Getting Started with Visual3D All-in-One Toolset


    1. Uninstall previous version of the Visual3D Game Engine (previously called Visual3D.NET), if installed.
    2. Download and install the latest release from the link above on this page, to install the Visual3D All-in-One Toolset and Demo Games.
    3. Be sure to read "Known  Issues" section above for important notes on how to avoid common known issues (until they are fixed in an update release).
    4. For help in installation, you can checkout our Troubleshooting section here and our Installation and Activation Walkthrough Video.

    1. You can then run Lost Isle.exe to play our demo game
    2. And then press Escape key twice to show the Main Menu listing our other demos (or run World Launcher.exe and select Tech Demos) to tryout our other demos.

    1. To start using the Visual3D All-in-One Toolset, simply press F3 key while running one of our Demos (or while running your own game/world project) to show (or hide) the integrated toolset for real-time world building and scenario editing.
      1. You can also launch Lost Isle Editor.exe, or you can check the "Architect" option when launching a demo.
      2. Or you can run World Launcher.exe and check the Architect checkbox (to start it up in editor instead of just running it) and then select (or double click) the world project you want to edit.
    2. If its your first time using the toolset, just enter the login info for your account on our website to activate a free 30-day trial (or to activate your license if you have already purchased one using that account). 
      1. See the Activating Trial & Buying a License section below for more details about activation and licensing.
    3. You can create your own world project from World Launcher or from the Visual3D Toolset, by using the File (Visual3D icon) > New World menu option.
      1. Creating a new world project will automatically create an .exe you can use to run or publish your project, as well as an Editor.exe to startup your project for editing with the Visual3D Toolset (though you can also show or hide the toolset at any time by pressing F3).

    1. Watch our video tutorials from the World Building & Terrain manual for help get started using the Visual3D All-in-One Toolset to develop your own Visual3D-powered games, simulations, and online virtual worlds.
    2. And checkout the other tutorials and documentation available from the user manuals listed in the "Getting Started" section of the Visual3D Game Engine Wiki or the "Wiki Navigation" sidebar shown on the left side of this page.  

System Requirements

The first section below applies to end-users using Visual3D-powered applications (eg. gamers or simulation users), while the second section provides recommendations for developers using the Visual3D Game Engine SDK and toolset to develop those applications.  
Actual minimum requirements may vary, as they depend on the specific content used (especially terrain, textures, models, materials/shaders, and scripts) in an application, so these specifications should be taken as guidelines

Minimum System Requirements For End-Users

(Applies to end-users using your Visual3D-powered game or simulation, varies depending on your content. See below for requirements for the Visual3D Game Engine SDK.)
  • OS: Windows 7, Vista, or XP Service Pack 3
  • Processor:  1.6 GHz Intel Pentium 4 or equivalent
  • Memory: 1 GB Windows XP / 2 GB Windows 7 or Vista     (See Memory Requirements section for details)
  • Video: 128 MB DirectX 9.0c (Shader Model 3.0)-compatible video card.     (NVIDIA or ATI / AMD suggested.   Intel Graphics HD may also be usable for some applications. See System Requirements & Video Cards page for details.)
  • Disk Space:  75 mb     (if all engine features and common assets are used, including temporary files. Not including user content)
  • Audio: DirectX 9.0c Compatible Sound Card
  • Software: (Includes .NET and XNA which are installed by Visual3D installer automatically.  See Software Prerequisites for details.)

Recommended System Requirements for Developers

(Applies to developers using the Visual3D Game Engine toolset, while developing your own game or simulation)

  • OS: Windows 7, Vista, or XP Service Pack 3 (64-bit Windows 7 or Vista recommended)
  • Processor: 2.0 GHz Pentium 4 or equivalent (Dual Core recommended)
  • Memory: 2 GB Windows XP / 3 GB Windows 7 or Vista (4 GB recommended, for 64-bit Windows)     (See Memory Requirements section for details)
  • Video: 256 MB DirectX 9.0c (Shader Model 3.0)-compatible video card.  (512 MB or higher recommended, with Radeon HD 5670 and GeForce GTS 450 or similar for excellent value/performance.  See System Requirements & Video Cards page for details.)
  • Disk Space: 1 GB (if full Visual3D Game Engine SDK, with demos and starter kits, is installed) 
  • Audio: DirectX 9.0c Compatible Sound Card
  • Software: (Includes .NET and XNA which are installed by Visual3D installer automatically.  See Software Prerequisites for details.)


Known Issues

If you want to compile your own custom entity and component classes in the Visual Studio Solution and C# project (.sln and .csproj files) generated by Visual3D for you in your new world folder and if you encounter any issue when compiling, then remove and readd the references to .dlls starting with "Visual3D" (found under the Visual3D/ or Visual3D/Projects folder). 
This sometimes occurs for those without a Source Code license (without engine source code). This will be fixed in the upcoming release.

Software Prerequisites

For admin deployment or deploying your application for end-users, or troubleshooting installation (eg. by manually installing prerequisites), you can find the prerequisites installed by the Visual3D Game Engine SDK installer linked to above. 

The Visual3D' toolset's publish feature will handle ensuring these minimum requirements are installed for end-users for your own games, though you can build your own installers or use Visual Studio ClickOnce publishing, and reference them as well known prerequisites that way, or extract the small setup.exe web installer for these prerequisites from the Visual3D Game Engine SDK installer and use it for your own application.

Memory Requirements

Use of integrated graphics chips (for those which se shared / system video memory) may result in additional System Memory requirements beyond those stated, depending on toolset features and content used.
Visual3D works with both 64-bit and 32-bit Windows, and automatically takes advantage of extended memory on 64-bit Windows.
For those encountering issues due  to limited memory, it can sometimes help to avoid building terrain LODs (by using Build IMT button or not building terrain at all, instead of using Build GCM button in Terrain Editor)
Also, we are further optimizing memory usage with each release to reduce memory required for toolset and runtime use.