December 19, 2015

America is too far gone to miss what is perhaps the last opportunity to make her great again...

A multidecade decline has led to where we are. Internationally, we are at a point where virtually every country and economy on Earth is rising, and because we have failed to anticipate and keep up with the times and remain competitive, we face America's best days being in the past. Yet, while politicians are wasting time enacting laws and regulations grappling with the reality that America is no longer the only game in town, at this very moment we are passing over the point of no return...

From runaway Government bureaucracy; pervasive Government hypocrisy and profound lack of Government accountability; rampant Government arrogance; free market controls and artificial market supports; inefficient Government programs for everything; so many Government agencies no-one can keep up - and the rise of an Everything Tax to support them; out-of-control National Debt; out-of-control student debt; self-interested politicians and political parties; political gridlock; runaway political-correctness; legalization of Constitutional impingement; lack of political leadership; constricted and waning entrepreneurship; war on corporations; toxic poor- and middle-class victim-complex conditioning with the vilification of success and the wealthy; vilification and misunderstanding of capitalism; failing education; failing global competitiveness; multidecade sit-back-and-let-the-Government-solve-your-problems disempowerment and deflection of the individual and their own life responsibilities; 40-plus year middle-class wage stagnation fueling the failure of the middle class; 42-plus million people on food stamps; soaring healthcare costs to make up for rampant healthcare fraud and to satisfy doctors' greed; out-dated and failing infrastructure; out-dated and failing military; Government lobbying and corrupt campaign financing; all the way down to a problem as small as politicians spending more time fundraising than they do doing their jobs. This country is in serious trouble.

Any way you look at it, this country is too far gone to pretend that we can continue down this road; This country is too far gone to miss this opportunity not only to be great again, but to be greater than we have been.

This country requires someone bold. This country requires someone who knows how the world works and has real experience winning and building. This country requires someone who is highly intelligent, decisive, brutally honest, who can form and execute a plan, and who simply gets the job done. What's more, this country requires someone who proves that the American Dream is yours to make real. This country requires a leader. Alas, this country requires Donal Trump. 

Without Donald Trump, the United States is on a trajectory to become more of what's wrong, and less of what has made this country amazing. In a word, it is only going to get worse. 

I love the United States of America - but there is a difference between loving what the country was and loving what it is. Thus, I have decided for my future and that of my company (which will be an aerospace giant someday) that if Donald Trump is not our next President, I am moving to a different country. I may even renounce my citizenship - I haven't decided on that one yet.

Disagree with a particular comment, or belief. But ask yourself very simple questions: Who has identified the domestic and international problems this country faces? Who actually knows what to do? Who will actually take action and not just talk about the problems? Who has an entire career and billions of dollars to prove taking action and not relying on hope, is what they do? 

We need action, not hope. Hope is wishful thinking - a numbing medication for people who've already resigned themselves...

There is only one answer to these questions - an answer in the only person with the intelligence, ability, capability, and energy to solve and build and lead this country as President: Donald J. Trump.

- Colton Harris Moore