You've got to ride through it to rise above it.

It can happen so quickly.

Stormy sky

One minute you are surrounded by clear blue skies, not a cloud in sight. The sunshine is warm on your skin, and the gentle breeze playfully caresses your face. Life feels good. Really good.

The next minute, PANDEMONIUM.

The sky darkens, clouds materialise and become thick and heavy, the once gentle and playful breeze swirls ominously around you.

The thunder growls and the heavens open, a torrent of rain lashing down on the ground and soaking you to the bone.

There’s nowhere to run for cover.

You feel…


Then, to make matters worse, dazzling lightning rips the sky in two. It’s a crazy feeling, but you feel like the lightning wants to zap you. It’s really aiming at you!

You are swept up in a storm and it has no intentions of abating.

What do you do? I mean, you can hardly ignore it and bury your head – the lightning WILL seek you out.

Be brave.

In your quest to escape, you must be aware of an important realisation:

You must ride through the storm to rise above it.


Like a soaring eagle. And I don’t mean growing feathers and a beak. I mean in terms of mindset.  In times of great hardship and turmoil, look to the sky and remember the eagle. Where the eagle flies, it is calm and peaceful. It is exactly here where you need to be.

Each obstacle that you face within this storm (no matter how small) increases your altitude and gets you a few metres higher. And the higher you get above it, oh, how much smaller that storm will appear!

Ride higher.

Know that you are not trapped in this state for eternity. This awful present does not have to be your future.

Ride higher.

Become your own problem-solver. Arm yourself with the necessary tools to battle the storm.

Ride higher.

Never forget that you don’t have to face this tumultuous time alone. After all, you really don’t want to be trapped any longer than you have to. Seek out guides who can give you a helping hand and help propel you upwards.

Ride higher.

Keep moving. You are testing your resilience here! Yes, you may feel battered and bruised but there is no gain without a little pain. You are much stronger than you give yourself credit for.

Ride higher.

Acknowledge your feelings. If you need to rage (safely) then so be it. Bottling it all up is counterproductive. Then be positive – add a happy melodious counterpoint that pierces through the cacophony of sound which envelops you.

Ride higher.

Transform from Student to Sage. There is wisdom to be gleaned from this negative experience. Even a diamond cannot be formed without being crushed under intense pressure and heat.

Ride higher.

That storm, which was once the epicentre of your world, will become tinier and tinier still, like the houses and buildings which diminish in size the higher you ascend in a plane.


Serenity is in sight.

Keep riding.


Credits: Picture by Matija Kljunak

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