The most intuitive
finance app ever

The new Spendee 2.0 brings to you many new amazing features. Managing your personal finances has never been easier.
Now you can quickly add transactions in specific wallets and set your own budget.

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Create wallets

Create specific wallets to different purposes and adjust the initial budget and categories.

Share your finance

Share wallets with your family and friends

Overview redesigned

You can filter in different ways
to see the best overview of your finances


See transactions from your friends and family inside the shared wallets


Filter transactions according to categories


Check locations where you have spent the most


Real-time sync

Instantly synchronize your transactions across all your devices

More wallets

Add more wallets for different currencies and for sharing with friends & family


Our highest priority is your security, your data is 100% safe with Spendee


Updates via push, email and in-app notifications


You can choose where each transaction took place, whether is a restaurant or your favorite store


Add your transactions to different budgets

What people say

Make a Resolution to Budget?

Spendee, which is easy to use and pleasing to look at, and can back up data to iCloud and export it if you wish.

Spendee helps you keep track of finances with little effort

This app is incredibly simple to use. It is the perfect personal finance tracker for people who hate dealing with finances.

Spendee Tracks Your Expenses with a Gorgeous, Frictionless Interface

The more you use Spendee, the more valuable it gets, rewarding your diligence with attractive charts that show you where your money is going, and how your costs are matching up with your income.

Spendee for iPhone not only helps you track your finances, but analyze them too!

Spendee actually gives you useful data that can help you change spending habits. It's great option for not only tracking but for analysis as well

Spendee Is The iPhone Budgeting App That You’ll Actually Want To Use

So far I like it a lot. It’s simple yet powerful, has everything I need, and doesn’t require that I give it a log in to my bank account.

Spendee is a Remarkably Good Expense Tracker for your iPhone

Spendee’s UI is quite possibly one of the most delicious set of pixels to make its way onto my iPhone ever since Apple demoed iOS 7 at WWDC.

Best app to control the daily expenses. 5/5

by Alekz21

Excited for @spendeeapp 2.0
definitely my fave finance app on IOS with some great UX


In adv of going self-employed I'm getting my finances in order & have discovered @spendeeapp . Brill for personal budgeting. Recommended!

by ladystephina

I'm terrible with money, but I sure do love @spendeeapp.

by SallyPoulsen

I just came across this app. I've spent only a few minutes on it and I already love it

by kessir_

@SystemsThatRock a cool little app! thanks for coming up from Belgium! You are amazing!! xx

by LisDingjan

Really nice iOS app for expense / income tracking

by igorkulman

@spendeeapp is such a neat app to keep track of your expenses/income. Highly recommended!

by jordanjtan

Spendee looks really cool! #productivity

by okidoci

You guys are doing a terrific job with the app. Love it!

by francistan

wow, I just found out that Apple uses @spendeeapp as a promo in Apple Store for Business… great job @cleevio !

by kubabrecka

I started to use @spendeeapp as my personal financial management app. So far so good.

by tankista

Amazing #UX in the iPhone app @spendeeapp #Productivity #ui

by leandrobutteri

Great looking iOS app for tracking expenses, nice website too

by MetroMcCann

@spendeeapp is gorgeously designed and I can't wait to start using it! #Productivity

by emmeffess

This looks fresh, and because I know you've been looking -

by JackRMcDermott

Very cool app spendee and nice site tells you all about it visually. Might stop my money disappearing every

by handyandydesign

Icon, app, landing page, site - beautiful design!

by pausedsn

Always on the lookout for a good finance app. @spendeeapp seems really nice.

by jasonrbarry

Finally a new app I'm excited about:

by mattvagni