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speedo high neck kneeskinIn late 1996, Speedo set out to develop the best and fastest swimsuits possible by improving upon the award winning Speedo Aquablade swim suit.  They created the Fastskin.  In 2004, they did it one better with the introduction of the Fastskin FSII.  By reducing the total amount of drag over the surface of the swimsuit, and moving away from the traditional style of swimwear,  SPEEDO looked to designs from nature to produce suits that allow swimmers to move through water faster than ever before to achieve their personal best.  Speedo focused upon managing existing forces to make better use of talents an athlete already has.

speedo high neck bodyskinThe shark, a creature that is fast in water but not naturally hydrodynamic, was used as a model for the Fastskin and Fastskin FSII swimsuits.  The shark's quickness is attributed to V-shaped ridges on its skin called dermal denticles.  Dentricles decrease drag and turbulence around the shark's body allowing the surrounding water to pass over the shark more effectively.  Due to the drag effect that occurs when an object travels through water, Fastskin fabric was constructed with built in ridges emulating sharkskin.  Fastskin is composed of super stretch fabric made to improve the suit's fit and compress muscles.  The result is a reduction of drag and muscle vibration, which increases productivity.

Speedo used a revolutionary body scanning process to define and understand each swimmers' body shape.  By scanning digital images of swimmers in eight different positions, Speedo engineers were able to identify exactly how the body moves and stretches.  Using this information, Speedo created a suit with a much closer fit.

speedo fastskin legskin swimsuitUsing this technology, Speedo has created the only three dimensional swim suit pattern in existence.  It emphasizes good position in the water and reduces drag.  With no excess fabric and a maximum stretch, Speedo has produced a swimsuit that allows a full range of motion for a swimmer.

Since muscles work in groups, the Fastskin suits aid in connecting muscles through a combination of panels and unique seaming.  Speedo created an anatomic/dynamic pattern where seams act like tendons and provide tension in the suit while the fabric panels act like muscles, stretching and returning to their original shape.  Seams are an instrumental element in minimizing drag and optimizing performance.  Because the seam plays such a vital role in allowing fabric to be stretched to maximum tension, which gives complete freedom of movement, the number of stitches is extremely high in the Fastskin suit.  A Speedo Fastskin swimsuit contains 22 stitches per every inch of seam.  Every inch of seam sewn uses fifty-two inches of thread.speedo jammer fastskin swimsuit

Through continuous research and testing with some of the world's most elite swimmers, Speedo found that athlete concerns focused upon the loss of the "feel of the water" along the inner forearm.  To remedy this, Speedo incorporated gripper fabric in the Fastskin along this forearm area. The gripper fabric is used to mimic skin and replace the swimmer's sensory requirements, increasing the grip or feel for the water through stronger friction.

Worldwide development and testing began in September 1996, right after the Atlanta Summer Olympic Games.  Speedo consulted swim coaches, as well as specialists in fluid dynamics, biomechanics, textile technology, garment engineering and sports science.

speedo goggleBody temperatures were recorded during extensive two-hour workout and training sessions to ensure that wearing a full-body suit would not cause athletes to overheat.  As a result, no increases in core body temperature were recorded from these sessions.  Stroke efficiency was measured using underwater video and computer analysis. Final testing results found the new fabric has a 3% lower surface resistance than the Aquablade which 77% of medal winners wore in the 1996 Olympics.  Additionally, the Fastskin with arms is 7.5% faster than all other suits tested.  Fastskin™ was fully approved by the Federation International de Natation Amateur (FINA) in November of 1999.

Fundamental in the involvement, development and execution of all testing were Team Speedo athletes Jenny Thompson,  USA; Lenny Krayzelburg; USA, Michael Klim; AUS, Matthew Dunn; AUS, Grant Hackett; AUS, Susie O'Neill; AUS, Penny Heyns; RSA, Joanne Malar; CAN, James Hickman; GB and Marcel Wouda; NED.  The suits were tested in International Test Centers: International Centre Aquatic Research (ICAR); USA, AIS - Australian Institute of Sport, Mizuno - Research and Development Department, MIRA - Motor Industry Research Association, SIL - R&D Department.

At the Sydney Olympics in 2000, 28 of 33 Olympic Gold Medals were earned in Speedo Fastskin swimsuits making it the most successful suit in the history of the Olympic Games.  These unprecedented results followed a firestorm of controversy that Speedo Fastskin endured prior to the Games, largely due to the debate over technology versus sport.

Shortly after Sydney, Speedo Fastskin was named the "Best of What's New" by Popular Science Magazine.  It was also selected by the Smithsonian Institute for an exhibition on the interaction of design and nature.  After all the press accolades and awards, Speedo is most happy that it accomplished its initial objective - to help swimmers achieve their personal best.

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. . . its biomimetic design emulates the hydrodynamic efficiency of the dermal denticles of a shark's skin and "super-stretch" characteristics of the fabric improve shape retention and increase muscle compression to reduce vibration and retain muscle shape to reduce fatigue and power loss.  It is the most technically advanced swimwear ever made. Athlete passive drag tests show full body FAST SKIN is 7.5%* faster than all other suits tested.  Fabric tests show FAST-SKIN has a 3% lower surface resistance than the Speedo Aquablade.  The V-shaped denticle print of the fabric allows the body to slip through the water more smoothly.  The FAST.SKIN is the ultimate swimsuit !!!

*water velocity of 2 meters per second.

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