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2015 Reading List

on Sun, 01/04/2015 - 17:26

This post is a space where I will list all the books I read in the 2015 calendar year. I last did a list like this back in, oh, 2002 or 2003. Back when I was young and feckless. Now that I am in my mid-40s, and have more feck ("feckful"?), I am more likely to keep current on a project like this. And because the feck is strong in me, I will limit myself to only listing those books I actually read a substantial portion of; say, 50% or more. Not just books I buy or borrow from the library. And I will only list books I have not read before. Otherwise Cryptonomicon and The January Dancer would show up here three or four times.

Feck it.

Anyway. THE LIST, in reading order:

  1. Buckell, Tobias - Hurricane Fever
  2. Lord, Karen - Redemption in Indigo
  3. Ahmed, Saladin - Throne of the Crescent Moon
  4. Kowal, Mary Robinette - Glamour in Glass
  5. Cascade Writers' Group and The Great Lakes Commonwealth of Letters - Imagine This!: An ArtPrize Anthology
  6. Datlow, Ellen (ed.) - Fearful Symmetries
  7. Harrison, Jim - The Big Seven
  8. Collins, Brigid - Singer
  9. Collins, Ron - Glamour of the God-Touched
  10. Tillich, Paul - Dynamics of Faith
  11. Chu, Wesley - The Lives of Tao
  12. Prose, Francine - Reading Like a Writer
  13. Liu, Cixin - The Three-Body Problem
  14. Bass, Rick - The Hermit's Story
  15. Lake, Jay - Last Plane to Heaven
  16. Flynn, Michael - In the Country of the Blind
  17. Stephenson, Neal, et al - Hieroglyph: Stories and Visions for a Better Future
  18. Pratchett, Terry and Baxter, Stephen - The Long Earth
  19. Pratchett, Terry and Baxter, Stephen - The Long War
  20. Pratchett, Terry and Baxter, Stephen - The Long Mars
  21. Keni, Niyati - Esperanza Street
  22. Bacigalupi, Paolo - The Water Knife
  23. Elwes, Cary - As You Wish
  24. McKeen, William - Mile Marker Zero
  25. Ramsey, Susan Blackwell - A Mind Like This
  26. Scalzi, John - The End of All Things
  27. Lord, Karen - The Best of All Possible Worlds
  28. Alexie, Sherman - Conversations with Sherman Alexie
  29. Reynolds, Alastair - Revelation Space
  30. Clark, Jennifer - Necessary Clearings
  31. Schout, Dawn - Wanderlust
  32. Ridl, Jack - Losing Season
  33. Weingard, Arne - Levitation for Agnostics
  34. Buchinger, Mary - Aerialist
  35. Rocha, Iliana - Karankawa
  36. Bonczek, Michelle - The Art of the Nipple
  37. Trier-Walker, Amy Jo - Trembling Outselves Into Trees
  38. Habra, Hedy - Tea in Heliopolis
  39. McGookey, Kathleen - Stay
  40. Klatt, L.S. - Cloud of Ink
  41. Dungey, Chris - The Pace-Lap Blues
  42. Third Flatiron - Only Disconnect
  43. Grand Rapids Writer's Exchange - Grand Writers Anthology
  44. Pushcart Prize XXXIX


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