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Catharsis of a Non-Muslim Indian as impressions of Islam fade away!

Catharsis of a Non-Muslim Indian as impressions of Islam fade away!

Publication: Catharsisofindian.Freedombulwark.net
Date: April 2, 2010
URL: http://catharsisofindian.freedombulwark.net/2010/04/02/main-2/

Like most of the Indians, I too had a non-violent upbringing. My perception of Mr. Bush's war on Iraq was that it was a blatant act of aggression in a sense that the Muslim population was paying for the greed of the rich to convert the Oil rich countries into consumer markets. Of course, I wasn't ignorant of the facts that the Islamic countries too had created many problems and had no answers for having extreme societies with hardly any minorities, Dictators in Iraq, Islamic Revolution in Iran, failed democracy in Pakistan and of course Al-Qaida that spans across the Muslim world. For the first few years, I was optimistic for these countries to usher an altogether new world of freedom, which always comes in times of such aggression. That is why I waited with bated breath for some revolutionaries to emerge - not only to fight the external aggression but to fix the internal chaos as well. I was waiting for some Gandhi, Mandela or Martin Luther King. Since the religion in question was Islam where peaceful and non-violent methods have seldom been considered (why not, I didn't know until now), the hope was that at least someone like Malcolm X would stand up who would give a good intellectual bashing to the invading West and to it's own people who did no good to their countries either. Alas, I waited in vain and what an innocent hope it was! Instead, the Muslim people opted to take several steps back, towards the middle age thinking of Jihad and the supremacy of Islam. Islamic world for me lost its impression of powerful religion. On the other hand the blatant threats that Islam will prevail in the remaining world left me disgusted and sick.

Common sense urges one to read about the religion in order to understand what makes its people revert to such an ideology. To my disbelief, I found the answer in The Koran. For a long time, I felt no need to read The Koran as I have been buying the argument of the 'moderate' Muslims that the radicals are misinterpreting the text. But after reading the text, I found myself extremely repulsed and sad with the ideology propagated in the document. Why the moderate Muslims have been asserting the other way round, I could not understand. If that was not enough, I received further shocks when I read The Hadiths and they certainly brought forward the violent reality of the founder. I am not going to describe my experience as enough has been written on various sites. All I can say is that I am still disturbed by questions as to why does Allah wants to open my skull if I am not a Muslim? Why does he want to peel off my skin if God to me is not an Entity of fear but an infinite and unexplainable ecstasy? Why should he pour boiling water through my throat if I say there is no heaven and no hell, only our Karmas in this World? My intellectual world shattered. Everything that I had read about my own history crumbled. Indians have been made to see their own country through the eyes of their imperial masters. For the sake of "communal harmony" everything is written with an apologetic frame of mind - to eulogize the "bravery" of the invaders and the "listless" of the crushed. I never gave a serious thought to my ancient civilization and people. Mind had only recorded the chronicles and not any legacy. When it is inevitable to perceive ones society in revulsion (no matter how intelligent you are) instead of pride, this always sets in decay in the society and it's people. That's what I call Imperialism! People just feel inferior because they are whipped for their shortcomings again and again to an extent that they give up and actually start to believe that they are inferior.

But a quest to re-learn everything, to remove the wool from ones eyes that blinds and to embark on a journey to seek new answers, I call it Freedom!!

Indians had endured the assault of Islam like no other people. In spite of a number of flaws in our ancient civilization and some severe, it was a thriving culture. A society that not only had reached the pinnacles in art, literature and architecture, but was also a centre of great culture of intellect. Our ancestors had laid out not only the detailed philosophies of life for the material world, but also the cosmic and the infinite that engulfs our spiritual self. It was all meant to build a society, which was largely peaceful. As one can appreciate that it was a land where on one hand the sages used to roam freely in search of an absolute truth and on the other hand people had mastered the art of erotica. It would be selfish and mean to claim that it was a perfect society. But, it was certainly a progressive and transient society and to my mind that is more important. If Hinduism had started to err, then a peaceful revolutionary emerged in the name of Buddha and had made Buddhism almost a parallel religion at one point. And when Buddhism made the same mistakes, a revolutionary Hindu named Sankara rose to clean the society and revived the true spirit of Hinduism in Vedhanta. However, the violent onslaught of Islam in India broke it's back and the civilization was ruined beyond repair. The Hindus trying to revive it today don't realize that it vanished a long time ago and they must gain control on their senses and look forward. Mass killing, plunder of common people and conversion by sword was the last thing that the Indians could comprehend any foreign religion could bring with it. When violence destroys something, it can never be brought back. We can keep opening and closing the chapters in the book of violence but the book never concludes anything. There can only be an abrupt end to the saga and before that saga ends, the horror drags to excruciating lengths. The path of violence that Islam chose centuries ago and camouflaged under the name of God will not take us anywhere, not even the Muslims. True, there have been wars and violence in the world, but we know very well where Islam differs. The Indians were killed and looted but the Invaders stopped short of converting all of them (as it wouldn't have justified the looting and raping anymore). Instead their pride was killed slowly and they were reduced to Dhammis and lowly starting from AD 800. Timur Lang himself wrote that when he invaded the Indians, the slaughter in Delhi was so savage that Hindus themselves were burning their houses with women and children inside because they did not want them to fall prey to the Invaders. This attitude continued till recently, and we Indians continued to burn our own legacies with our own hands. What ever is good we try to attribute its legacy to someone else. This is because once the invaders had settled they plagiarized all they could include our art, architecture and poetry. The Indians are made to believe that the invaders were the inventors and a superior people. But that's far from the truth. There is a reason that the Taj Mahal was built not in Saudi Arabia but in 'romantic' and 'ecstatic' India. The irony is that while the world celebrates the Taj Mahal, everyone is completely oblivious of the fact that India had hundreds of such magnificent monuments that were completely wiped out. The real builders cannot be the destroyers and the destroyers cannot be the builders and that's the reason I doubt that Islamic world ever built anything original? Probably, not even Taj Mahal! Taliban can only destroy Bahamian Buddha but they can never be creative. Creation is an act of love for all and not spite against the ones who are different. Similarly, romantic poetry disappeared from India to later re-emerge within the sphere of Urdu (Islamic language in India) where the love and eulogy for intoxication and feminine beauty is passionately celebrated. But one has to read through some of the ancient texts (e.g. Kamasutra) to understand where the soul of Urdu Islamic poetry lies since these "Pagan" gestures are clearly against the tenants of Islam. India was ripped of everything it had!

As the new era dawns on the World, we find ourselves engulfed in Wars and Islamic Terrorism. Wars certainly kindle fires but we know that the fire has been burning beneath Islamic imperialism since it's inception. Of course we all know that the world tries to act civilized and is giving in to the tantrums of the false ideology. As Islam makes advances in Europe and US, there is a fear that it might leave a permanent mark on any forward looking civilization as it managed to do successfully in ancient India. The Islamic world is not afraid of anything. Muslims are trained not to be afraid of death so life becomes immaterial. No matter how many advances the Western world makes - the Muslim world is always going to deride it because their psyche has been taught to do so right from the beginning. No matter how much other people write or say to assert their legacies, they will always be negated because it is negation that is sought. Negation and belittling has become the culture - "What if an American has managed to land on the Moon, we all go to Jannat where no infidel can afford to go".

The Muslims need to build their new world from ground up and there is only one way out and that is REASONING! WE MUST REASON WITH THE MUSLIMS AS MUCH AS WE CAN - INFORMATIVELY AND WITHOUT GIVING IN. The Muslim mind is afraid of reasoning because it has never reasoned. More then death, the Muslims are afraid of interrogation especially anything outside the Koran. The Muslim experts are very good in debating by giving us the moving targets to hit and hence confusing the debaters. By not sticking to the point and by constantly shifting the poles and the surface beneath the challenger's feet and on top of that adding the covertly or overtly aggressive behaviors, they do not reason with the challenger but leaves him confused, dumb folded and repelled. It is a psychological theory of covert aggressive behavior - the behavior demonstrated by the non-reasoning and fixed thinking minds. With time, the Islamic scholars have not only manipulated and confused the others (mainly Muslims) but have also managed to lose touch with their own conscience. Deep in their minds when they speak they know they are speaking rubbish and not sense, but they have lied to themselves so many times that it is not easy for them to get in touch with their real self, real intelligence and their own rational and evaluative brain. And to me, that's the key. Muslims must be forced to give the straight and direct answers to the straight questions. I know that sites like "Faith Freedom" are doing that, but more needs to be done. In public debates, on TV channels and everywhere else! We all must have polite and precise conversation and stick to the point. We must strive to rescue as many brains as possible from the Muslim world by reasoning with them. And that will trigger the process of change in people's minds, Muslims and Non-Muslims. The manipulation of the fearful ideology and static norms has gone for very long and weaning people off from this thinking is not easy at all. But this new world that we seek is only possible if we can make the Muslim people to reason and think.

Science has provided us with enormous tools that can aid our knowledge and rational thinking (bless the non-believers). Information Technology is a true blessing and a potent weapon that can fight. This is a new battlefield, new place where we can reason against fundamentalist Islam. People will soon learn to ask straight and direct questions and shall seek equally straight and direct answers. Of course the enemy can fly away in rage but he will surely comeback and we must hold on to our bastions. Only then, can we strip off the Muslims from a blind manipulative faith and lean them towards reasoning and freedom. What system will they build after that, who knows? May be there is some wonderful Philosophy outside the tenants of Islam buried somewhere in the Islamic world that will be extracted and rejuvenated. Let's hope so. Until sixty years ago when India was a colony, Indians and the World viewed Indian society being governed purely on superstitions and caste systems. But now the Indians are waking up to demonstrate that what was being practiced was never a true religion. India's real self had always existed in the wonderful philosophical schools of Vedhanta and Buddha. Today, in the free India, there is a genuine interest to revive these schools of Philosophies and do away with organized religion. It will surely take time, but the change is taking place. Not sure about Arabia but I am very certain that Persia did have some jewels that they had buried in rush on the onslaught of Islam. I am sure the treasures will be unearthed very soon.

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