Hawaii, Hawaii

Mauna Kea

Earth's tallest volcano is home to a dozen world-class observatories
31 Dec 2015
Minato, Japan

Roppongi Hills Garden Pond

An ordinary pond with fish from out of this world
31 Dec 2015
Naples, Italy

Fontanelle Cemetery Caves

The plague of 1656 and the bombings of WWII united by a cult dedicated to caring for the ancient dead
31 Dec 2015
Florence, Italy

La Specola Anatomical Collection

The largest and most famous wax anatomical collection anywhere in the world
31 Dec 2015
Ishinomaki, Japan

Cat Island

On Japan's Tashirojima Island, cats are king
31 Dec 2015
Banyuputih, Indonesia

Kawah Ijen

Think you have a tough job? Try carrying 200 kilos through a cloud of sulfur down the side of a volcano
31 Dec 2015

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Fleeting Wonders: A Belgian Peninsula Goes Dutch

by Cara Giaimo / 31 Dec 2015


The shore-jumping peninsula Belgium is happy to get rid of. (Google Maps)

In this season of outrageous geopolitical gifts (Norway wants to give a volcano to Finland!) the ever-pragmatic Netherlands and Belgium are working out a more practical swap: trading a slice of land that, in current hands, has given both of them nothing but trouble.

The land in question is the Islal Peninsula–about 15 soccer fields' worth of nature preserve that started out on Belgium's side of the Meuse River but, thanks to infrastructural changes, has migrated across it. Though still geopolitically Belgian, it's now stranded on the Dutch side, making it difficult for either country to police it. The problem has been clear since the 1980s, at which point the two countries discussed redrawing things. But land disputes at that time were heated, so they tabled it.


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