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Legends Teams

This is a list of Teams/clans/tribes/squads within the Legends community. These teams might compete in the Planet Legends League.

Please add contact details and a brief description of your clan. Keep your section up to date.

Have at least 6 active members before you list on here, no BS clans with stupid names.

{BV} - Broken Variables

{BV} website: (recruitment application at website)

"Fight With Honor Or Don't Fight At All"

Clan Sponsored Legends Servers

  1. Broken Variables Clan1 U.S. Central ( (BV Clan Mod)
  2. Broken Variables Clan2 U.S. Central ( (BV Clan Mod)
  3. Broken Variables Clan3 U.S. West ( (BV Clan Mod)
  4. Broken Variables Clan4 U.S. NorthWest ( (Stock Legends)
  5. BearTown-1.05-1 U.S. Northwest ( (BV Clan Mod plus new BTMappack map testing)

All clans and non clan affiliated players are welcome on our servers. No smurfing allowed. Smurfs and players abusing others or our servers will be banned from all {BV} Clan servers. Members of other clans MUST wear their clan tags AND the EXACT name they are listed as on this list of Legends Teams when playing on our servers. These servers are for your benefit courtesy of the Broken Variables Clan. Respect them and respect others while visiting. “Fight With Honor Or Don't Fight At All”

(Active Members)

  1. {BV}Acyd
  2. {BV}Bear
  3. {BV}Drex
  4. {BV}FiveO
  5. {BV}Flyer
  6. {BV}Gut
  7. {BV}Lattice
  8. {BV}Skin
  9. {BV}Ricky

(InActive Members)

[DA] - Dragon Army


  1. [DA]Ender(L)
  2. [DA]Himura(L)
  3. [DA]Invsym(L)
  4. [DA]Gangle(L)
  5. [DA]lnxusr
  6. [DA]iceweasel
  7. [DA]oberstein
  8. [DA]Blackjack
  9. [DA]Namotus


  1. [DA]liteX(L)
  3. [DA]Krak3n
  4. [DA]Laser128
  5. [DA]Sanosuke
  6. [DA]plnswalkr

[R] - The Ronin


  1. LilSnipe[R] - Leader
  2. Sauce[R] - Captian
  3. XeroX[R]
  4. Rachtfn[R]
  5. Zlex[R]

oD| - overDose


  1. oD|Taka(L)
  2. oD|Omoikane
  3. oD|Bruni
  4. oD|fnlucky

Please copy the code below, do not remove the code below, make sure it is at the bottom of the page. Leave this message intact too! If you don't follow these rules, you lose the ability to edit. Real clans only.

TAG - Clan Name


  1. Member1
  2. Member2
  3. Member3
  4. Member4
  5. Member5
  6. Member6
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