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Installing Addon Scripts

Cleaning out and removing custom scripts

The sure fire way - this will delete all the small things and update your files again Delete all .unf file which is smaller than 10 megabytes, , delete the folder named ”/Legends/legends/data/” delete Legends/version.inf file. Run the updater (Legends.exe for windows, update script for Linux).

.UNF file

An .unf file is a compressed collection of files in .zip format. If you have downloaded a .zip or .rar file then you should open it and see if there is an .unf file inside it.

Most scripts and maps will be downloaded as an .unf file (e.g. Coolmap.unf ) Save or move this file to your Legends folder in Legends/legends. On Windows XP this might be C:\Program Files\Legends\legends or C:\Legends\legends\

In Linux you can save your files in ~/.legends/legends (your local user settings copy, not the original install location)

Not an .UNF file

If you downloaded a .zip file you can POSSIBLY rename it to an .unf file and it will work when you put it in the \Legends\legends\ folder. Most probably not, you should ask the creator to host an .unf file or post an atatched .unf file in the Legends forum.

If you have an collection of files you must install them in the correct paths, usually putting the folders and files into \Legends\legends\

Player Scripts .cs files (e.g. coolscript.cs) will usually work from /Legends/legends/scripts/client/autoexec
Server Scripts .cs files (e.g. adminmod.cs) will usually work from /Legends/legends/scripts/server/autoexec

Complete Mod

Note: Mod paths are still being worked out by the devs, the mod override system has a few annoyances that need to be fixed up. Mod makers, please design with portability in mind, no hard coded paths and try to keep your custom code separate from the base code as constant updates are hard to keep up with and people won't be able to play your mod if it is not compatible with new versions.

Large mods can have different methods of installing. Usually placing all the files in the Legends directory will work, but mods should be located in a mod folder and run from there, e.g. C:\Program Files\Legends\coolmod\ and run via a command line shortcut which includes ”-mod coolmod” (see Server FAQ for server setup, dedicated and non-dedicated hosting). The place you got the mod from should have instructions.

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