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Warning this is Gentoo specific solution. Other distro users please confirm

Problem description

Legends emerges w/o error. When launched starts to load, screen blanks for a fraction of second then game exits with segfault. Logs generated with switches: -echoload -trace -jSave journal show empty journal file and last actions logged in console.log looks like this:

Entering initCanvas(Legends - The Coming of a New Age)
         Activating the OpenGL display device...
         Setting screen mode to 800x600x32 (fs)...




First create prefs.cs file with default settings

unzip -p /opt/legends/legends/scripts.unf scripts/client/default.pref.cs > ~/.legends/legends/prefs/prefs.cs

Now open the prefs.cs file you just created in a text editor and change the resolution, or turn fullscreen off (turning fullscreen off is the most reliable fix). This is done by modifying the lines in prefs.cs to the following:

Change Resolution
$pref::Video::resolution = "1280 1024 32";
Turn fullscreen off
$pref::Video::fullscreen = "0";

Legends should work now and you should be able safely change the resolution or switch back to fullscreen mode via the options menu.

Other linux distro

One user reported this issue with Ubuntu - not confirmed yet.

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