Andrew Reams is a guy who's used to having a lot of doors open for him- usually of the elevator variety.

"I love elevators. I've loved elevators all my life," says Reams.

When he's not working as a train conductor, Reams spends his spare time searching 'high and low' - looking for unique and different lifts.

"My favorite type of elevator..I like the older elevators 'cause they're pieces of history," he explains.

For years, he thought he was the only one, until he took his love of elevators to the internet.

"We're going to do a video of these beautiful ThyssenKrupp Synergy Elevators," he says aiming his camera.

His YouTube page chronicles some of his trips - up and down- across the country. Click here to visit his YouTube page:

And, along with the way he has not only been able to share his hobby, but his story.
You see, the 36-year-old has Asperger's.

"My YouTube channel has given me a chance to connect with people with this Asperger's Syndrome because I would say 90% of these people into elevators- I think all of them- but most of these elevator enthusiasts have some sort of autism," says Reams.

Besides getting people to look twice during their time in an elevator.
Reams hopes to raise awareness of his disorder and let others know, they're not alone in this ride.

"ThyssenKrupp fixtures going up to 7. Here we go!" he says with a smile.

Reams estimates he's done more than 3-thousand elevator videos and has only been stopped by the police twice in that time.

To get on board his adventures and see his videos, you can search YouTube using Reams' handle, "DieselDucy."