William and Mary Hymn

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Beneath thy trees, within thy halls,

We come, dear school, with praise for thee,

To pledge ourselves, whate'er befalls--

To pledge unfailing loyalty.

Our hearts are with thee, dear William and Mary,

However far we stray.

Our noble college, hear us now--

Thy children sing to thee today!

Dear school, thou'rt old in years and fame,

And richly old in honors, too.

Time shall not dull the shining name

Whose gleam our songs will e'er renew.

And as years go by, dear William and mary,

Thy fame will never cease,

But each new year rejoice to see

Thy children's praise to thee increase.

We honor thee, not for our gain

But to make known thy majesty,

Thy truth and courage that remain

However harsh the fates may be.

As through troublous years, dear William and Mary,

Our country fought, so thou hast fought and won,

And lived to hear thy children singing to thee now.

O thou, our guardian and our guide,

Renew our courage every hour,

And keep thy spirit by our side.

To aid us with its watchful power.

Throughout all our lives, dear William and Mary,

We pledge our loyalty.

Dear college, now and evermore thy children cry

"All Hail to Thee!"

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