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This is the top 10 list of the cutest video game characters. They will be judged on their appearance, personality and voices.

I love cute video game characters. There is nothing more thrilling to watch than the most adorable characters destroy really big ugly enemies – or taking on opponents much bigger than they are. The cutest characters have to make you want to hug them. I will be judging these characters using a combination of their appearance, their personality, and their voices. There are many cute characters in video games and it was a difficult choice to choose just ten of them, so here are some rules to help cut down the list.

  • The character must be either playable, or be a significant character to the series.

  • By cute, I mean to be adorable. Hot or sexy characters do not count. Humans are allowed though.

  • Only one character per franchise.

  • The character must have originated from a video game series.

I also have some honorable mentions that defiantly deserve their cute status, but just missed out on the top 10. I couldn’t say no to their faces!

Honorable Mentions

There are just too many cute characters to count, so here are some cute characters that just missed the top 10. Characters here don't need to follow the one character per franchise rule.

Lucas (Mother 3)

Lucas is the main protagonist from Mother 3. He is a little, shy boy who is searching for his twin brother Claus. Mother 3 is a very heartwarming game, and featuring a cute young boy as the main character makes the story even more emotional. When he was introduced into the Smash Brothers series, like Ness, he received a very cute voice, and a 3D design. His recovery move in Brawl is particularly adorable as he twirls around as he falls to the ground.

Clank (Ratchet and Clank)

Small robots are adorable. There’s no questioning that. Clank’s nerdy personality and cheeky laugh makes him even more appealing. Throughout most of the games where the two characters are together, most of the time the player is looking straight into those big, green eyes.

Starfy (The Legend of Starfy)

Silly Starfy, what are you doing in Smash Brothers? While Starfy has his own franchise, let’s face it, he’s much more notable for being an Assist Trophy in Smash Bros, and dancing around dealing small amounts of damage. There’s just something about really simple designs that make characters more appealing to look at. Starfy is just a star with a face on it. It looks like something I would have drawn in primary school – if I could draw. Those rosey cheeks also add even more character to his face.

The Chu Chu's (Chu Chu Rocket)

The Chu Chu’s are small mice with big eyes and little smiles. In Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing, they also make squeaking noises.

Toad (Super Mario)

Of course the Toad’s have to be mentioned somewhere on a cute character list. They have cute little faces with big smiles; they have funny personalities, and have cute squeaky voices.

Now, on to the characters that made the top 10.

10. Conker (Diddy Kong Racing / Conker's Bad Fur Day)

While Conker is mostly known for his vile personality, and his mature rated game, it’s easy to forget how cute he actually is. He was introduced in Diddy Kong Racing, and at the time, no one- not even the developers could have known the unsettling future this squirrel would have. There’s just something about his big blue eyes, large tail and blue shirt that are appealing to the eyes.

9. Chocobo (Final Fantasy)

The Chocobo creatures aren’t always adorable birds, but when they are the primary focus of the game, they can only be described as cute. Like most cute characters, they have large blue eyes. They also have a big grinning beak.

8. Teemo (League of Legends)

Whenever I make a list like this, I like to research as much as I can to find something I normally wouldn’t even think of.  Teemo from League of Legends is surprisingly cute for the theme of his game. With his short structure, pointed ears and a big grin, combined with his sweet little voice and friendly personality, this yordle is a very welcome addition to this list.

7. Pikmin (Pikmin)

These tiny plant creatures are really adorable. Not only do they look cute individually, combining them together into one big formation is a sight to be seen. Not only that, but setting up Pikmin in particular formations allow them to start humming! Playing the Pikmin games makes the player feel very attached to these critters, and it is most upsetting when they die. Not only do they screech when they are killed, but their bodies float away as a little ghost.

6. Chibiterasu (Okami)

Puppies are among the cutest animals ever. Chibiterasu’s pointed ears, wagging tail and little face are all extremely cute, and makes the game that much more enjoyable to play.

5. Sackboy (LittleBigPlanet)

Sackboy seems to have started a trend for yarn based characters. Even his most angry of faces is adorable! What makes Sackboy so cute is his expressions. His smiley, angry and sad faces are all unique and funny. Sackboy is such a simple design, and there is such a lot of character shown here.

4. Eevee (Pokémon)

Choosing just one Pokémon for this list is a very difficult choice, and I’m going to choose Eevee. What makes Eevee cute is his really big ears, his long tail, his cute smile and his mane. He’s also got a sweet high pitched voice in the anime. There are many cute Pokémon, but in my opinion, Eevee is the cutest and makes it onto this list.

3. Tails (Sonic the Hedgehog)

A cute character list would be incomplete without Sonic’s lovable sidekick. Tails is one of the few characters on this list who was specifically designed to be cute during the design phase. Just like several entries to this list already, the big blue (or black for Classic Tails) eyes, the two huge tails, his spiky ears, his sweet voice and geeky personality makes up one very cute character indeed. 

2. Yoshi (Super Mario / Yoshi series)

Remember when I mentioned that Tails was designed to be cute like, ten seconds ago? Well, Yoshi wasn’t surprisingly! Yoshi was originally meant to be a more realistic looking dinosaur! Thankfully this was changed to become the second cutest video game character on this list. Yoshi’s big nose, puffy cheeks, wagging tail and giant boggling eyes make him cute enough, but adding to that is every time he does ANYTHING, he makes a cute squeal or says his name in a very cute voice. Yoshi is everything a cute character should be. Watching him wave Mario off to fight Bowser in Super Mario Galaxy 2 is one of the most hilariously adorable things I have ever seen!

1. Kirby (Kirby series)

Kirby also has everything that a cute character should have. His simplistic design with large eyes and big mouth, combined with his baby-like voice makes one simply adorable character. On top of that is that every time he finishes a level, he shows off with a very adorable dance. Then there are his power ups. Some of the hats, wigs and whatever else he receives from everything he eats always results in something very cute. Even better, he sometimes mimics the characters voices he swallows, like in Smash Bros!

Those were my favorite cute video game characters. Who’s your favorite cute character, and what makes them so irresistibly adorable? Leave it in the comments below.

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