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The USF Africana Heritage Project
Our mission is to rediscover precious records that document the names and lives of former slaves, freedpersons and their descendants, and share those records on this free Internet site.

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101 best undiscovered family history Web sitesAfricana Heritage has been named one of Family Tree Magazine's 101 best undiscovered family history Web sites in the August 2005 issue of Family Tree Magazine, which is now going out to subscribers and goes on sale at newsstands nationwide on Tuesday, June 21

Africana Heritage has received the DynasTree top 50 Genealogy Websites award for 2009.
Genealogy at has been selected to receive the "One Great Genealogy Site" award for the services you are providing to the genealogy community

Lowcountry Africana and South Carolina Department of Archives and History to Digitize SC Records
Lowcountry Africana and The South Carolina Department of Archives and History today announced plans to digitize and publish freely online more than 25,000 historic documents of interest to researchers of African American genealogy and history. Under the new agreement, Colonial and Charleston, South Carolina estate inventories dated 1732-1867 will be digitized and indexed in detail, including the names of more than 30,000 slaves. Inventories of estates in early South Carolina

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DNA to Africa: A Preview of Aaron L. Day's Upcoming Book
Aaron L. Day, author of five books and four award-winning articles, explains DNA testing and shares his personal experience of discovering his family's African roots.

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Featured Excerpt: Pieces of the Quilt: The Mosaic of An African American Family, by Anita Wills
Anita Wills' second book, Pieces of the Quilt: The Mosaic of An African American Family is a Non-Fiction Narrative of African American History. One of the ancestors chronicled in Pieces of the Quilt, is Great-Great Grandmother Leah Ruth-Warner, who was born in Guinea West Africa, in 1818.

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