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Renaissance Cadienne vous invite à faire un grand pas -- en arrière!

Step with us into Louisiana's Acadian past ... the past of homespun fabrics and homespun yarns, of mouth music and bourrées and reels, of songs sung on porches ... Share a heritage which blends Old and New Worlds and takes aim squarely at the twenty-first century. See Mardi Gras from the chicken's point of view ... or come to our 1900 wedding complete with broom dance, bucket dance, the promenade des mariés, singing and loving and fighting ... a typical Louisiana Acadian wedding!

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Our troupe has performed in Quebec and Nova Scotia, in France and Belgium, on national television in France and in the United States and on the European channel Arté. We have entertained at Festivals Acadiens, Le Festival International, Le Festival d'Amérique Francophone, on the live radio show Rendez-Vous des Cajuns at the Liberty Theatre in Eunice, LA and The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, and at programs from Morgan City to Lake Charles to Nachitoches. In August of 1999 we performed at eleven family reunions and functions at the international Congrés Mondial des Acadiens and were participants at the ArteVida International Folk Festival in Berea, Kentucky in July 2000.

"Great craic ... refreshing, spirited and quite sophisticated; a lovely combination of culture and openness ... a very very positive impression of the Cajun culture and Louisiana .. [they] could compete with any Irishman!"
     --- Sean Hanley; Corrigdhoun Comhaltas; County Cork, Ireland

"The performance is loaded with a sense of joy and humor which defines the group's genius ..."
     ---  Ray Blum; Lafayettte Daily Advertiser; Lafayette, LA

"Bravo! The performance ... at Vermilionville was superb!"
     ---  Lisa Landry, Executive Director; Vermilionville; Lafayette, LA

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