Hello there!

James Loveridge holding up an oversized motorcycle helmet at Isle of Man 2013 TT festival.

I’m James Loveridge and I’m a web developer based in Hertfordshire. I like to figure out how things work and utilising it in the projects that I am working on. I have recently completed a Master’s in Web Design & Content Planning at University of Greenwich, London.

In my spare time I love to watch or play football (for the Americans, it’s soccer), ski down mountains, take photographs, ride and tinker with classic motorcycles. I also like walking with Jess, a 6 year-old Border Collie around the fields near home.

About this website

This website has been developed with HTML5 which is assisted by Jekyll, a static site generator, and with CSS (which is based on ITCSS architecture) via Sass and is compiled by the command line. This website is hosted on Digital Ocean, and the source code of the website can be seen at GitHub.