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Bridging the Cultural gap

Bringing People and Cultures together through Positive dialogue

Achieving Excellence

Through the Integration of education,
sports and excellence

Enriching educational experience

Where Technology and Business meet to create a better world

The Team

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Mr. Eriks Jekabsons is the President & CEO of Cultural Bridges International he has well over twenty years..


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In order to achieve our vision, as internationally acclaimed experts, our team members: Conduct educational sessions..

Our Team Expertise

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In order to successfully accomplish our multi-faceted programs, the team leverages extensive educational,business..

Events & media

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In order to achieve our vision, as internationally acclaimed experts, our team members..


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Our foundation sponsors cultural programs,educational events,conferences and fundraising activities.Our focus..

Mission Statement

"CBI aspires to become the global leader in the evolution of bridging the gap of cultural differences through the promotion of positive dialogue and universal values." We advocate enriched educational experiences through humanitarian aid and infrastructure development by supporting cultural awareness throughout the world.

The Company

Cultural Bridges International (CBI) is a non-profit organization established in 2006. Founded by Mr. Eriks Jekabsons, the acting president & CEO, CBI strives to achieve global awareness and unity. Over time it has successfully inaugurated a solid team of highly educated and trained experts whose goals are to enrich worldwide educational experiences by minimizing cultural barriers. Our diverse team, which encompasses experienced professionals with concentrations in the following fields: Education & Training, Global Business Consulting, Sports, Fitness, Health & Wellness, International Conflict Resolution, Global Affairs, Security and Public Safety. Most of whom have achieved advanced degrees including PhD’s, Masters, with concentrations in International Relations, Theology, and International Business Management. CBI is devoted to delivering performance distinction to its participants, sponsors, and donors.

Company Goals and Objectives

Cultural Bridges International's goals and objectives are to facilitate and promote cultural awareness between global societies to advocate unity amongst the nations of this often unstable world. CBI seeks to accomplish this by facilitating positive learning experiences, health care expansion, and infrastructure development, along with other initiatives. CBI aims to achieve cultural awareness, integration, and respect through the promotion of education, sports and wellness initiatives. We strive to “Building Cultures across the Globe”.

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  • "Cultural Bridges Intl. is a unique organization ! It is not just an NGO and Think Tank, but International Organization which builds bridges from theoretical and abstract ideas to practical applications and problem solving. CBI has contributed greatly to prevention and solving of existing and potential International conflicts.

    - William H. Perez, CEO

  • Cultural Bridges International's mission is right on in bridging the political, cultural, social and economic gaps between different parts of the world. All the best in your mission

    – Nicholas Jim

  • This is a great initiative to bring the best of east and west together. Wish you all success.

    -Vinod Kartha

  • I am excited about Cultural Bridges International. We need more organizations like these to draw focus to places like the Baltics where there is so much potential. How can I help?

    – Bernard

  • Eriks and team are bringing in People globally to create an environment for Progress in Baltics. Great effort!

    – Susan Jacob

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