RFXcmd 0.3 Beta 1


I have published version 0.3 Beta 1 on the download page, this is the latest and last version from the GoogleCode repository. There are wide range of corrections and additions of sensors.

  • Migrated from GoogleCode to GitHub.
  • This release is the last from GoogleCode repository
  • Fixed logger, Issue 41: Unable to set logfile path and name
  • Added 0×52 subtype 0C (Imagintronix Soil Sensor), issue 42
  • Protocol configuration file
  • Added feature to activate undecoded and other protocols during startup
  • CSV output for sensor 0x1A
  • Fixed some error handling on subtypes
  • Added sensor 0x1A (RTS) and cmmd types
  • Added sensor 0x1A (RTS)
  • Fixed timeout (Loic G.)
  • Added subtype 0x7F (Raw transmit)
  • Added subtype 0×06 (La Crosse TX5) in sensor 0×55
  • Added subtype 0×09 (SA30) in sensor 0×20
  • Added sensor 0×17 (Fan), 0×00 – Siemens SF01
  • Added in 0×14 subtype 0×06 RGB TRC02
  • Added in sensor 0×10 support for Energenie ENER010, Energenie 5-gang and COCO GDR2-2000R
  • Improved error handling for sensor 0×10
  • Fixes for sensor 0x5E and 0x5F
  • Added sensor 0x5C (ELEC5/Revolt)
  • Added database export for sensor 0x5B
  • Added total to the XPL export in sensor 0x5B
  • Corrected minor things in sensor 0x5B
  • Added sensor 0x5B (current) from Loic Gevrey
  • Fixed sensor 0×59 values
  • Fixed typo in sensor 0×54 (barometric)
  • Added support for sensor 0×16 Chime

And in GitHub there are two repositories now for RFXcmd, the one that is main track (current releases) is the RFXcmd_gc (GC for GoogleCode) and then the RFXcmd track that is currently under rewrite so it should not be used, it might not work that well.




The source code of RFXcmd and issue tracking has now been moved to GitHub, the links on the menu bar above is now linked to GitHub. The GoogleCode source/issues will not be updated or used anymore.


Status update


Since GoogleCode will be shutdown within a year a so, I will have to move the RFXcmd repo to another service. This will probably happen during the summer, at the same time all docs and info from the GoogleCode will finally be moved to this page as well.

There has not been any updates for some time, again, for RFXcmd. The current SVN version seems stable enough for taking out the “alpha” stamp, so this will probably happen soon.

RFXCOM has been busy to do small updates to the RFX protocol, so the absolutely latest protocols might not be recognized by RFXcmd, but we are getting there, and if there are any requests, then just email me.

When I look at the python code at current eyes, I think the next step would be cleanup and optimizations. Also starting to use PyLint which at current time does not give me rosy results is on the todo list.



Release of RFXcmd v0.3-Alpha3

New release of RFXcmd, this should be last Alpha release. There is a new tool called RFXproto.py in the package that will allow the user to enable/disable the protocols in RFX device. Please note that RFXproto.py is separated from RFXcmd.py and should not be used at the same time (it won’t work as the serial port is already occupied by RFXcmd.py.

RFXcmd v0.3-Alpha3 (download link)


  • Issue 38  Fixed database export difference when running daemon or with verbose
  • Fixed formatting variable in sensor 0x71
  • Added message log function (activated from config.xml)
  • Changed default settings for PgSQL to match the examples in wiki
  • Fixed sensor 0x13 database export
  • Fixed humidity status from sensors 0x54
  • Added serial_active tag in config.xml
  • Rewrite of WeeWx support (see wiki)
  • Added rfxproto.py tool to enable/disable RFX protocols


Welcome to RFXcmd.eu

This site will now be the main download site for the RFXcmd script, since GoogleCode disabled the download page, I needed to find an alternative. After some thinking I thought that setting up an own site might be the best idea (yet).

The download tab will list all released versions of the RFXcmd, and the source code will take you directly to GoogleCode, which I will still use for version control and issue tracking.


Release of RFXcmd v0.3-Alpha2

I have now made alpha-2 release, this contains the latest version from SVN, and all the fixes that has been done since the last one (which is almost one year ago). Thanks to all you users who sends bug reports and requests.

RFXcmd v0.3-Alpha2, changelog:

  • Issue 35  Fixed missing unix timestamp in CSV printout on sensor 0x55
  • Issue 33  Undefined variables for xpl fixed (Pierre W)
  • Issue 23  Fixed timestamp_utc in sensor 55
  • Added 0x52 type 0A (Rubicson)
  • Added Conrad RSL2 (P. Holik)
  • Added additional new sensors for Lightning5
  • Added OSError exception handling in readbytes
  • Added packet length check for all packet types
  • Added database entry for 0x5A, and added missed count field in printout
  • Added possibility to change xPL config in config file
  • Added database export for 0x13 (Lightning4)
  • Added RRD export library from (Serge T)
  • Added RRD export for sensor 0x52 and 0x5A
  • Added Support for multiple messages on command line, separated by comma
  • Added pgsql functionality (Pierre-Yves)
  • Added graphite export for all weather sensors
  • Added Class weewx_data, needed for sending answer at request of WEEWX Weatherstation software (by M. Bakker)
  • Fixed in sensor 0x71 with power (Alexandre F)
  • Fixed sensor 0x52 RRD issue
  • Fixed faults in the lightning5 setup
  • Fixed missing sensors for Lightning5
  • Fixed tab faults (P. Holik)
  • Fixed debug with Python 2.6 (P. Holik)
  • Fixes the seqnbr in the database insert (mysql sqlite)
  • Fixes to lightning6 xPL
  • Fixed Output data to screen when the MySQL Sqlite is active if verbose switch is given
  • Fixed 0x55 for database export
  • Fixed the RAIN2 (0x55) sensor data

Release of RFXcmd v0.3-Alpha1

Release of RFXcmd v0.3-Alpha1 (18-May-2013)

  • This is a major rewrite of RFXcmd
  • This is a ALPHA-1 release, meaning that it is still work in progress.
  • The ReadMe? page does not reflect all changes made in this version.
  • Note that the database format is new, see the Database page for more info.
  • Socket server for forwarding sensor messages
  • Improved trigger function
  • xPL export

Release of RFXcmd v0.2


  • Release v0.2 (28-NOV-2012)
  • Fix for “ Issue #5 : Crash with wind4 sensor (fix included)”
  • Added decode for sensor 0x55 (Rain sensor)
  • Added decode for sensor 0x20 (Security1) (Credit: Dimitri Clatot)
  • Added decode for sensor 0x15 (Lightning6) (Credit: Dimitri Clatot)
  • Removed “enable all rf” according to new SDK specifications
  • Added send to graphite server for sensor 0x52 (Credit: Frédéric Pégé)
  • Added SQLite support, supported sensor 0x50 (Credit: Mark Marooth)
  • Added debug logging via config.xml
  • Blinds T2/T3 added (SDK v4.34)
  • Added 0x5B identification (SDK v5.00)
  • Fixed Lightning1 subtypes
  • Added possibility to start RFXCMD as daemon (Credit: George Henze)
  • Fixed decode packet handling for unrecognizable packets, will output error instead of crash
  • Fixed error “No handlers could be found for logger rfxcmd”
  • Added revision and date information in source header
  • Added -v switch for version, revision and date printout
  • Added decode for sensor 0x12 (Lightning3)
  • Improved temperature decoding
  • Fixed decoding of 0x40
  • Graphite improvements
  • Removal of most global variables