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      Mughal magician aladin. Image by Andrew Atkinson
                   (2009; all rights reserved)

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mugh-al : the legend of a court magician in the retinue of Mughal
Emperor Akbar
who had more to him than met the eye.

mugh-al is taking place as a series of actions and public
responding to a range of contexts.

mugh-al is a live event devised and improvised by fabled conjurer
and sleight-of hand virtuoso aladin.

: magic, subterfuge and metaphor.

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"The inhabitants of [Bengal] are a race good looking and addicted to
 the practice of magic. The wonders [they perform] are beyond the
 power of expression.

"In short, the marvels of their sorceries… are beyond expression.

"Their extraordinary performances are beyond description

"There are besides troops of astonishing sorcerers, cunning jugglers,
wonder-working magicians, and conjurers of such sleight of hand,
performing such extraordinary feats that not the vulgar alone, but
 the acutest minds are deceived into a belief in their miraculous

"[He] performs wonderful feats of legerdemain and by his dexterous
 conjuring deceives the eye."

Ain-i-Akbari | Akbar-namah | The official history and
administrative report of the reign of Mughal Emperor Akbar |
Written by Abu’l Fazl, leading courtier and most trusted
confidant of Akbar | c.1596-1604 | Translated from the Persian

"At this period a prevalent report was spread, and generally believed,
 that Akbar had the power of reducing forts by the art of
necromancy, and that ma­gicians accompanied him for that purpose."

Tarikh-i-Farishta  | History of the Rise of Mohammedan Power in
 India | Written by Muhammad Qazim Farishta | c.1590-1620 |
Translated from the Persian

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mugh-al : the project
aladin info + contact