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Our wide-ranging vision is to lay an Indelible Mark in the Global Market of Software, E-Mobility, Security Systems and thus, to ascertain as a sovereign in the spher e.


Brihaspathi Technologies Pvt. Ltd., endeavors relentlessly to come out with solutions and products, using contemporary, technologies with superior quality standards and nil defects. We place strong prominence in Research and Development, to give way to the development of new technologies and new products.

Corporate overview

Brihaspathi Technologies Pvt. Ltd., is an IT Products and Solutions providing company that came into existence in the year 2006. It is headquartered in Hyderabad. Within couple of years of its inception the company headed by strong leadership and dedicated workforce has established itself as force to reckon in the field of Software Development,Mobile Applications,E-Communications,E-Security Systems,Global Positioning Systems and Corporate Training. Brihaspathi Technologies Pvt. Ltd., has over 3900+ clients spreading across various industries & vertical markets.

Corporate strength

The Management and Leadership have set a goal to transform the Company in to a CMM level company through strict adherence to best business processes and practices. Integrity, Transparency, Accountability and Pro-activeness are some of the values which work as a driving force to direct the employees here to put their best foot forward.

The leadership at the helm of affairs of the company is in the hands of people who have proven their mettle in not only managing large captive ODCs for leading fortune 100 companies but also guided a large number of young entrepreneurs, with their full participation in defining the short term and long term strategies. Blessed by having such capable decision makers we are confident of steering the company towards amazing growth and concur new avenues.

We have highly experienced and committed decision makers to provide an excellent growth to the company. The company leadership has proven capability to provide the technical guidance and right business development combined with excellent domain expertise and skills to make a mark in the emerging and next generation technologies.

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Dr. C.V.Reddy

Welcome to our company, Brihaspathi Technologies. For nearly one decade, we have had the privilege to offer the best-in-the-class web design and development services to local and global clients. It has been a pleasure working with all our clients, customers and patrons, and we endeavor to offer innovative and high quality software, and web development services.

It gives me a great sense of pride to declare Brihaspathi as your complete branding partner. We have been offering end-to-end branding services (offline and online) to small, medium and large business across the globe. By establishing new and remarkable benchmarks in quality processes, delivery and support services, we seek your cooperation and support, as ever.

Growth and progress have been an integral part of Brihaspathi' business vision. In this direction, we have collaborated with public organizations and banks to take them to the next level of operational excellence. Introducing new and affordable technologies in the safety and surveillance management of public buildings, banks and public places has enabled us to create a big difference for people in general, and public order in specific.

We wholeheartedly thank the heads of banks, public departments, and managerial staff of various public and private sector undertakings for the continuous support and encouragement. We endeavor to offer the best technology solutions and consulting solutions to create better workplaces and usher peace and harmony into every individual’s life.

Rajasekhar P
Managing Director

If innovation is the key to business' success, technology is the chief enabler of innovation. Driving innovation in all that we do has been a focused and unstoppable at Brihaspathi Technologies, an ISO 9001:2008 Certified technology company, based in Hyderabad, India. We have the best and dynamic teams that aim to generate phenomenal value for our clients - Banks, Educational Institutions, Hotels and Hospitality Industry. Our affordable and custom products, solutions and services serve the immediate needs of our customers, help them to enhance their bottom line, and achieve higher level of customer satisfaction.

Brihaspathi Technologies offers, the best in the class Android, Windows and iOS apps development services. Our team of mobile apps developers offers support on developing cost-effective, and feature-rich mobile apps. We specialize in developing mobile apps for the strong presence of the retail sector. Our Android Development expertise includes, conceptualization, design, development, testing and deploying of mobile apps. Product innovation and solution customization has been an integral part of our business model. This is evident as the remarkable benefits of Global Positioning System (GPS) to enhance and enrich the business experience of more than 3000 enterprises.

Innovation and deploying technology for effective surveillance management found expression as installation of CCTVs at more than 10000 locations across India. Our pioneering work in safety and surveillance is evident as IP based CCTV surveillance using Wireless Radio Technology for Kurnool City Surveillance. We also could achieve an ambitious target of delivering more than 30 million SMSs every month. Brihaspathi Technologies not only enables businesses to function efficiently, but also touches the lives of people, today and everyday.
We are thankful to banks, public organizations and government departments for availing our technology support and product development services. We are here to meet your needs, serve you better, and help you to make things simple.

Chiranjeevi P
Executive Director

Born in the year August 3rd 1988 at Bhimavaram, A.P. He has done his B.Com from Andhra University and he also done his MBA (Marketing) from JNTU.In the age of 24 years, he became Executive Director of the company in the name of ‘BRIHASPATHI TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD.Even though he is in the position of Executive Director, He directly executed many prestigious projects.

Madhu K
Vice President

Born in the year 1965 at Santhavelur, Chittoor District, A.P. he has done B.Com from Bangalore University, worked as Junior Executive in Associated Drug Co. (Jagadale Group) Bangalore. Later on he started his carrier with Vysya Bank in the year 1992 and worked 23 years in various banks like GTB, OBC, HDFC Bank, Lakshmi Vilas Bank in different departments in different positions.


A. Murali Krishna
Manager-Projects and Tenders

K. Adithya
Asst.Accounts Manager

K. Naga Raju
R & D Manager


Salma Shaik
Executive HR

Vishali G
HR Associate

Software Department

Software Developer

P. Nagendra
Software Developer

G. Ganeswar
UI Developer

Y. Jyoshna
Software Trainee

Sales Department

L. Vinay Kumar
Sales Manager

R. Swathi Reddy
Business Development Associate

E-Commerce & E-Mobility Department

Bala Maruthi
E- Mobility Associative

KKNS. Prasad
Network Administrator

M. Chandrika
Project Executive

K. Navya
Stores Executive

Sr. Office Assistant

Technical Department

Usha Mounika
Front Office Executive

R. Naga swetha
Tech Support Manager
Received Skotch Award for Wireless Radio Technology CCTV Surveillance Project


Customized Software Development
Brihaspathi Technologies offers the best-in-the-class technology services to small and medium businesses across the world.
Mobile Applications
Brihaspathi Technologies offers end-to-end mobile development services. We offer best in the class Android, Windows and iOS apps
Web Solutions
Brihaspathi Technologies is a full-service web solutions company that offers bespoke, affordable and innovative web development
Brihaspathi Technologies can be considered as the full-scale partner of each online business.
Corporate Identifications
Brihaspathi Technologies offers the best-in-the-class technology services to small and medium businesses across the world.
Brihaspathi Technologies offers the best-in-the-class technology services to small and medium businesses across the world.
Brihaspathi Technologies brings the latest CCTV Surveillance Systems for small, medium and large business
Biometric Attendance System Suppliers
Biometric T&A;
Biometric T&A; systems help in prompt tracking of time and attendance of 5 to more employees.
Access control device Dealers
Access Control
Access control systems provide end-to-end control on who can be allowed and who cannot be allowed to enter
Metal detector Suppliers
Metal Detectors
Metal detectors are installed in offices, public transport facilities and business establishments.
Boom barriers Product Suppliers
Boom Barriers
Boom barriers have become an integral part of the premises safety and security system. Boom barriers primarily serve
The Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchanges (EPABX) is a complex in-house telephony switching system.
Intrusion alarm Suppliers
Intrusion Alarms
Brihaspathi Technologies helps families, communities and businesses to protect their valuable
Video door phone
Video Door Phones
Brihaspathi Technologies deals in sales and supply of high quality door entry systems. As a full-service provider of
Fire alarms and Detection Systems
Fire Alarms
Brihaspathi Technologies deals in the sales and supply of latest and innovative fire alarm systems. Each fire alarm system offers
Fire hydrant Systems
Fire Hydrants
A fire hydrant is a source of water provided in most urban, suburban and rural areas. This water source will enable
Fire extinguisher Distributors in Hyderabad
Fire Extinguisher
Fire extinguishers are handy tools to put-off fire instantly. Fire extinguishers are made available
Global Positioning System
Global Positioning System
In the present times, Global Positioning System (GPS) has become an integral part of the daily life. We find a number
Bulk sms E-mail Marketing Services
Bulk SMS
Bulk SMS has been very successful as a potential marketing tool. Two major benefits are, easy reach to target
Bulk voice calls
Bulk Voice Calls
Bulk Voice Calls is a unique way to reach-out to your potential customers. Brihaspathi Technologies helps
Email Marketing Services
Brihaspathi Technologies helps small, medium and big businesses to follow-up with each new prospect to increase sales.
Toll free
Tollfree Number
As understood, each business that is in B2C environment needs a tool free number. Having a tool free number
Short code
Short Code
Brihaspathi Technologies provides premium short code services to small and medium businesses. As understood,
Long code
Long Code
The Long Code generally serves as an alternative to each personal mobile number. You can receive and send messages on your Long Code.
Missed call alert
Missed Call Alert
Now, you will never miss your calls. With Brihaspathi Technologies' Missed Call Alert Services, you can get sms alerts
Audio Conference
Audio Conferenceing
Brihaspathi Technologies' audio conferencing services help managements and teams to achieve robust and quality
Super Fax
Super Fax
Brihaspathi Technologies' Super Fax services are affordable, quality driven and customized as per client needs.
Home Automation Products in Hyderabad
Home Automation
Homes are no more homes, but smart living places. This has been enabled by technology, evident as a host of Home Automation Solutions and Products.
Solar Applications for home
Solar for Home
Brihaspathi Technologies offers a variety of solar products such as solar panels, solar lighting, lanterns
Solar panel Suppliers in Hyderabad
Solar for Banks
Brihaspathi Technologies also offers custom solar solutions to banks with focus on safety and security of the bank,
Solar Applications for Agriculture
Solar for Agriculture
Brihaspathi Technologies offers custom and cost-effective solar products and solutions for the agricultural sector.

The incandescent light bulb was replaced by more energy efficient and bright CFL bulbs. Now, it is only a matter of time that, the LED bulbs are soon to take precedence from CFL bulbs. LED bulbs are considered as a revolution in energy efficient and green products.

Brihaspathi Technologies offers quality and cost-effective LED bulbs of different brands. LED lighting distinguishes offices, beautifies outdoor spaces, and provides energy-saving solutions to hotels.

Why LED Bulbs?

At Brihaspathi Technologies, we understand that lighting solutions should result in efficient lighting, waste reduction, recyclability, the use of materials & resources and have an impact on building and design practices.

LED lighting can be customized as per the room, its dimensions and users' specifications. Different types of LED lights are used in bedrooms, bathroom, kids room, kitchen, outdoor and other functional purposes.

LED Light Driver
LED Lights & Drivers
LED technology has re-defined contemporary lighting and its impact on man's living spaces and ecology. LED bulbs now offer complete expression
LED Light Suppliers
Customized LED Lighting
Brihaspathi Technologies understands the strong customization needs of clients looking for LED lighting solutions.

Training targets behavior directly, and might indirectly influence thought processes. This typically calls for more than a lecture format. Training might start by specifying steps needed to accomplish a particular task, but more than this is needed to assure that certain skills or procedures are learned. Participants in a training course should practice the desired behavior and receive pertinent feedback to support what's right and correct what's wrong. If feedback is given genuinely in a trusting and caring atmosphere, behavior might not only be directly improved, but one's thinking or attitude associated with the behavior might be positive.

Conversely, education focuses on trying to influence participants' cognitive or thinking processes. This kind of education might increase profound knowledge or critical thinking skills, and this could lead to behavior change.


Check Our Products

Chit business is very popular in India. Based on the principle of ready money whenever you need it, the chit system promotes group savings. However, the chit business has predominantly been manual, and operated by account books and written records. To streamline and consolidate the popular chit business, Brihaspathi Technologies has introduced its Chit Application. Our Chit Application takes the chit business to the next level of flexibility, transparency and efficiency. Chit businesses and groups can use this application for efficient and responsive chit business operations.
The Chit Application
  • Allows for chit entries and auction details Provides for entry of customer and accounts details
  • Provides the details of the Daily collection Agent details
  • Provides for the Guarantor Creation
The Chit Application offers the following benefits to its users.
  • Monitors the transaction of each customer
  • Reports of the income and expenses of the company and so on
  • Allows for full utilization of man- power, quality and accuracy in information
Educational Institutions have come a long way, from the days of recording entries and attendance on paper, to use of software that automates the institution's administration process. Even though the technology marketplace offers a variety of educational institution software, standalone and enterprise-level, they were never free of functional and operational issues. To bring about robust and flexible software, free of any functional issues, Brihaspathi Technologies has developed the first of its kind Institute Management System. This is very comprehensive and all- inclusive software, which enables schools, colleges and educational institutions to fulfil their functions, and responsibilities.
The Institute Management System features
  • Complete academic supervision and administration
  • The faculty, parents and students can access the system for information and uploads
  • Details of each student along with fee particulars, academic performance and extra-curricular activities are made available at the click of a button
Brihaspathi Technologies conducts a comprehensive orientation program for the users of Institute Management System. Beneficially, this software helps users can do away with the cumbersome paper work and filing of physical records.
The progress of a business or public enterprise depends on two factors, the quality of the personnel, and the communication process adopted for quick and easy access to information. The top-down as well as bottom-up flow of information is vital for instant decision making that in-turn ensures greater customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. The mailing system in public agencies follows the old method of communication; where-in circulars are prepared, printed and sent by courier or posted to branch offices. This has resulted in time gap, and has stunted the decision making process. In public establishments like government offices and banks, the old mailing system has not only delayed work, but also resulted in inefficiency at work. Brihaspathi Technologies understands the challenges confronted by business in achieving an efficient communication channel. We have developed an efficient Intranet Mailing System that leverages on innovative technology to address the organization’s communication needs in a consistent and transparent manner.
Our Intranet Mailing System features the following benefits.
  • Allows the users to exchange their views through mails
  • Provides users the ease and convenience to send electronic files through attachments
  • Includes all the traditional things such as sent items, inbox, drafts etc
  • Allows the users to send mails to multiple users using to, cc and bcc
Most importantly, the Internet Mailing System fulfils the confidentiality and security of official mails that are sent from one division to another, for the fulfilment of official record, file and execution.

Circulars as hardcopies have limited circulation and availability. However, if they are converted to digital format and uploaded at the portal, they provide for high degree of availability and circulation.

Brihaspathi Technologies has launched a portal, that helps businesses and public institutions to upload circulars in electronic format.

Our portal features greater opportunity to access official and non-official e-Circulars, anywhere and anytime. Only thing required is that, the user should have an Internet connection to access our portal.

The effective management of the hospital is crucial for its success and recognition. Hospital's management has moved from simple vouchers and prescriptions to leveraging on complex enterprise applications. Brihaspathi Technologies helps small, med-sized and large hospitals to achieve effective management. Our software helps hospitals and the healthcare industry to streamline
  • In-patient and out-patient registrations
  • Keep a record of patients' diagnosis and treatment
  • Help in preparation of billing
  • Provide for easy follow-up to the doctors on each patient's case
  • Promote a transparent and congenial environment for patients coming to the hospital

With clients and customers increasingly availing our Security and Surveillance solutions, there has evolved the need for establishing a prompt and responsive Support Desk Management. The Support Desk Management developed in-house, features a robust and dynamic responsive system. Customer queries and issues are channelled to the concerned for prompt action and management.

Brihaspathi Technologies offers the best-in-the-class Security and Surveillance equipment to individual homes, apartment complexes, commercial centres, banks and public institutions. We deal in planning, customizing, installing and maintaining of the security and surveillance equipment. Our security and surveillance equipment primarily includes CCTV cameras and servers that need to be installed and maintained by experts.

Our Support Desk Management helps our clients to address all issues concerning security and surveillance equipment, to ensure that they work efficiently.

Brihaspathi Technologies' Institution Fee Management Software helps schools, colleges and education institutions to do away with the old fee system, and introduce new and innovative fee collection and management system.
Our Institution Fee Management System features
  • Fee administration of the Institution is totally computerized
  • The fee data is maintained in database, easily
  • Information retrieval and follow-up on non-payment cases become easy
  • The process is very fast data can save on time
  • It is very easy to understand and this program can be used anywhere based on requirement

Brihaspathi Technologies has been in the forefront in offering new, robust and innovative technologies. We have introduced the SMS Gateway technology that allows for getting connected to various messaging applications.

The SMS Gateway helps mobile subscribers can access Internet content, all by just sending an SMS message from their mobile. Our reliable and cost-effective Short Message Service Centres SMSC Gateway helps users to be connected to various messaging applications.

SMSC Gateway connects the users to different networks like GSM, and making Internet accessible anytime and anywhere. With phenomenal growth in the use of smart devices, and users' preference to access data from the convenience of mobile and tablet PCs, the SMSC Gateway fulfils the need for fast, reliable and cost-effective data communications.

Our SMSC Gateway is sure to provide a major surge to the growth and development of m-commerce which has witnessed major growth and momentum in the world.
SMS banking services are operated using both push and pull messages. Push messages Banking services are turning to be greatly accessible and within easy reach of the customer. With the use of mobile phones by almost all customers, it has become easy for banks to further communication through SMS (short message service). Brihaspathi Technologies helps banks to enhance their customer relationship activity by providing for prompt and robust push and pull SMS services. Customer services of banks have become prompt and responsive with the introduction of push and pull short messages. Push messages are initiated by the bank, and sent to the customer's mobile (registered with the bank) number. Push messages deal with
  • Periodic account balance reporting (say at the end of month)
  • Reporting of salary and other credits to the bank account
  • Successful or un-successful execution of a standing order
  • Successful payment of a cheque issued on the account
  • Insufficient funds
  • Large value withdrawals on an account
  • Large value withdrawals on the ATM or EFTPOS on a debit card
  • Large value payment on a credit card or out of country activity on a credit card
  • One-time password and authentication
Pull messages are initiated by the customer. Pull messages include details of
  • Account balance enquiry
  • Mini statement request
  • Electronic bill payment
  • Transfers between customer's own accounts, like moving money from a savings account to a current account to fund a cheque
  • Stop payment instruction on a cheque
  • Requesting for an ATM card or credit card to be suspended
  • De-activating a credit or debit card when it is lost or the PIN is known to be compromised
  • Foreign currency exchange rates enquiry
  • Fixed deposit interest rates enquiry
Brihaspathi Technologies offers innovative and cost-effective technology products and solutions. We work towards achieving complete customer satisfaction and delivering high value at each client engagement. Our Support Management software helps small and mid-sized businesses to manage their customer queries, promptly and effectively. Our Support Management software enables customer support or support desk agents to receive, process and respond to service requests. Brihaspathi Technologies' Support Management software helps in
Centralizing all business communication
  • Automating business rules via triggers and automations
  • Brihaspathi Technologies. Topics. Phase 1Page 4
  • Creating pre-determined responses to FAQs
  • Providing a single point of contact for all product related issues and matters
  • Providing easy customization of help desk, that includes the look and feel, logo and colour schemes
  • Allowing for choice of own support portal, and configure the mail address to match the website domain
By leveraging on our Support Management software, you need not worry about server installation, maintenance and software updates. Importantly, by providing for access anywhere on any device, our Support Management software helps to answer help desk tickets, on the go.


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Our Speciality

Wireless city surveillance using radio technology.
Campus WIFI and surveillance using 2.4GHz WIFI
Cloud based time and attendance solution
Wireless home automation system

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Brihaspathi Technologies offers innovative and cost-effective technology services and solutions. Our domain competency and portfolio of services includes web and mobile apps development, fire safety and security systems, surveillance systems, GPS systems and others.
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In the direction of business expansion, and bring our products and solutions within the reach of industry in India, Brihaspathi Technologies offers wonderful scope and opportunity for sales partnerships.You can work as our sales partner, if you fulfill the basic requirement.
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Brihaspathi Technologies invites applications from freelance support staff and executives to collaborate with us in business development and customer support services. Our product portfolio includes, software products, mobile apps, SMS Gateway, CCTVs,security and surveillance equipment.
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Brihaspathi Technologies is in continuous pursuit of greater efficiency and flexibility in operations, product development and after sales service activities. We achieve consistency and quality of services by collaborating with technical teams, with the relevant expertise.

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Our Web solutions company is a leading Web design and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Service oriented company in India. Our Company is a leading Web Application Development, E-commerce web design, the logo design, the website design, Web Development and the website maintenance company in India. We are very proud to have a great professional who works dedicatedly and we have the best long-standing client relationships. We provide the best responsive support and the insightful solutions to our clients. We invite you to experience a true collaborative environment by using our Services.

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