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    We trigger your digital legacy.

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    Creative Web-design

    Whatever your product is, no matter to which audience it appeals, every company needs online presence. And it starts with a creative website.

  • SEO

    Effective SEO

    Just having a creative website is not enough. Users must be able to find you! That’s where search engine optimization comes into the picture.

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    Beautiful App Design

    The age of mobile is here. Mobile internet users have already exceeded the number of desktop users and to connect with them, you need mobile apps.

Who we are


We are a team of digital marketers specialized in web-designing, app-building and SEO. We started as a separate digital marketing agency in August 2015 but we were working on digital projects since 2013. Our main focus on any project we take is the creativity we put into it. We know that developing a website or an app is relatively easy, but designing it well is the main challenge. And we simply love what we do. Designing things is our passion, then let it be your website, an app or comprehensive digital marketing campaign. We will trigger your digital legacy.

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What we do


We design eye catching websites.
We love to design and develop websites and ecommerce platforms which are easy to use yet highly advanced and eye catching.


We do effective search engine optimization.
Google’s algorithm is a mystery. Though we can’t crack it completely, we can make sure your website ranks high so users can find you.


We develop beautiful mobile applications.
What’s better than a mobile website? An app. Giving you better control and opportunity to offer more features. We design it for you.

What makes us different


The most important factor that differentiates us from others is our creativity. Developing a website or an app is easy, but it takes hard work to design them well. We are a team of digital marketers who just breathe creativity. We love to design stuff, develop the strategy and work constantly to improve it. We are simply never satisfied. Yes, no website or app can be perfect but we’ll do all we can to take it close to perfection. After all, constant improvement is the way to succeed.


Our biggest USP is the convenience we provide. We do not take projects which are ‘design-only’ or ‘develop-only’. We want to go all the way hence when you work with us on a project, you’ll see us doing everything from the start to finish. Just talk to your account manager about how you want it and we’ll take care of all the technical things.


And yes, we generate results. When it comes to business, there’s no use of building a Taj-Mahal if you can’t make money from it. Hence we focus on the designs which can generate results. Let it be more sales, more website traffic or bigger user base, we always want to see the graph going up. And that’s what you should expect from Trigacy- results.

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