1. On the computer, size photos to the approximate dimensions of the balsa wood tags and print out on ordinary copier paper.
  2. Using tags as a template, trace shapes onto pictures and scrapbook paper.
  3. Paint a layer of decoupage glue on one side of the tag. Put the photo in place and add another layer of glue over the photo. Let dry. Repeat on back with decorative paper. Let dry.
  4. Use sharpened pencil to poke a hole through the paper on both sides. String with twine.
  5. Pour a little glitter onto a sheet of paper. Brush a thin layer of glue around the edges of the tag and lightly press all sides into the glitter. Let dry.
  6. Place vase in center of burlap square. Pull up all sides; wrap at the top with twine.
  7. Arrange branches in vase and trim as needed. Hang tags on branches.

Thankful Tree DIY Centerpiece Photography by Country Woman.