Always wondered on how to become a Mason? Check out the latest Video from the Grand lodge of Texas:

Who are we?

What are those strange symbols in and about our building, and what do they mean?

Are you here because you are curious?

Come in, visit with us, and see what we are about!

Do you desire to join the oldest, still existing and thriving, fraternity in the world?

You do not know us, yet. We do not know you, yet. We have never before met each other, yet we are already brothers at heart. Come find out why that is. Do you believe in a Supreme Being, an authority higher than yourself? Do you believe that man should help his fellow man? Is the Golden Rule of "Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you." just an old adage, or have you made it one of the rules of your life? Come find out where all men can meet on the same level, regardless of skin color, religion, philosophy, social standing, financial standing, or any countless other superficial and, in the grand scheme of things, unimportant differences. We are not blind to the differences. We do not judge the differences. We choose to accept the differences. We embrace the differences. We are neither a religion, nor just a social club. We are not your local fraternity of college boys. We are a fraternity of men, who, when you filter though all the differences, feel basically the same about how a man should live his life, and that as a man, he should stand erect, and strive to better himself.

What do we do? We work. Our work is the labor of turning good men into better men. Our labor is the care of mankind. We strive to improve ourselves, and by doing so help to improve those men around us, and by doing that, the community around us, and by that, the city around us, and so on and so forth. We organize and work in fund raisers and blood drives. What do we do? We play. We have fun while we work. Without fun, life would be almost unbearable. We have family dinners, picnics, and sometimes just get together simply to enjoy friendship.

Who are we? We are your family, your neighbor, your co-worker, your mail carrier. We are the man who just checked your groceries at the register. We are the man you just saw walking across the street. We are the young college man you hired to mow your lawn. We are the man in the car next to yours. We are your friend and what is more, your brother. If you have need of anything, Brother, you have but to ask, and if we are able, we are there.

Come, visit with us! Let us take you by the hand as a brother, and greet you, and welcome you into Lodge.