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  1. This is exactly what I ordered!

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    Some info here about how Windows/PowerShell uses it:

  3. Potentially interesting artifact at: C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\PowerShell\CommandAnalysis

  4. Trying to avoid hassle with booting into ESX to export.

  5. Got an e01 of a storage disk. Anyone know how to extract the VMDK files? Prefer a windows tool.

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  7. IT: "This PC has not rebooted in 4 days. Your PC is automatically rebooting" Me: Thanks... Ugh...

  8. Twitter is funny. Suggested a tweet from who has me blocked. Not sure why.

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  9. Working out a small challenge for a college student to earn a free barcode from me. If you know someone, send them my way

  10. AAAA++++++ seller. Will buy again! from . Many thanks!

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  11. I have an extra barcode for that I want to give to a worthy college student. Suggestions on a challenge to complete?

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    Posted malware sector block links for torrents 200-206 at

  13. Trying to figure out who this is. Any fans follow? #23, don't know team. 2004-2008 timeframe.

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    Why we need layered security

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  15. I love how short people always feel the need to tell me to watch my head. As if I just grew to 6'6" overnight. Thanks, I got it covered

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    The typographical and homomorphic abuse of svchost.exe, and other popular file names

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    Criteria I *actually* use for naming my directories: ☐ meaningfulness ☐ readability ☒ minimizing conflicts in tab-completion

  18. If you've got an appliance pulling pcaps from multiple places in your network, you're doing right!

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    Memory use and speed of JSON parsers by

  20. What's the point of writing a 'lessons learned' in your report if the very next report demonstrates that you didn't learn that lesson?

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