Welcome My Sons and Daughters,

My Name is George, I am Your Elder and I Love You.

I’m also Chief of Men’s Action to Rebuild Society, an organization whose mission statement calls for promoting a more natural way of life for humankind.

We are on this earth to grow spiritually, and part of that spiritual activity consists of propagating and preserving the species, women bringing forth life and nurturing it, men providing the environment and means for that activity, working together in a natural gender relationship called patriarchy.

As a society we have deviated from our ordained mission, followed a course of action based on gross materialism, focused on self-indulgence and the accumulation of things, and created dire consequences for ourselves.

Upwards of 10% of American women and 15% of European women suffer from debilitating depression. The World Health Organization stated that mental illness has become the number one health issue of England, the United States and Canada.

The pollution of the air, water, food, and thinking of Western society causes increasing damage to our bodies and minds. Bad health—whether mental, physical or spiritual—results from an un-natural lifestyle. Good health comes from a natural lifestyle, focusing on the family tribe and race, living in harmony with the universe that God created, providing a secure and loving environment for the proper care and development of all its members.

The problems of Western society cannot be “fixed” because the societal structure is built on a false foundation—gross materialism. We must learn to live outside of the system and care for one another.

Men’s Action promotes a more natural way of life, advising, informing, and motivating through books, essays, videos, lectures, and seminars, helping people to get out of the materialistic mire they are stuck in, motivating them to fulfill their obligations, responsibilities, and considerations to others while on their spiritual journey.

You can take the first step to a new way of life by subscribing to our website.

Thanks for your consideration.



Objective IV of our Mission Statement states: “Foster respect for the environment and a lifestyle that results in health and well-being.” We have decided to devote a separate website www.maiwellness.net to the attainment of that objective and we ask that you log on to it. A lot will be offered concerning health and healing. E.G.