My Current Regimen (In Nigeria)


I start off with a de-tangling session (using my detangling mix) before I either co-wash or shampoo my hair. I do this every week if in a loose style or every fortnight if in twists/twistout using whatever products I have on hand.

Every other wash I’ll deep condition with a moisturising deep conditioner and leave on the conditioner for about an hour or until when I’ve finished whatever chores or tasks I need to do. When deep conditioning I always shampoo first, deep condition and then go on to styling.

I’m a lazy natural so I don’t do much to my hair. I either prep three strand twists, normal twists or a wash and go. After a few days humidity has gotten to the definition and I just bun or puff until the next wash day.

For moisture I use a leave in conditioner (or just water) on damp hair, sometimes followed by a styler, afterwards I seal in with a light oil. I generally don’t moisturise during the week, sometimes I may put a bit of leave in on the sides if it’s feeling extra dry.

I don’t schedule trims, but I know I need one soon, I generally do trims while my hair is still wet and in twists about twice a year.

Current cleansers

Dr Bronners peppermint castile soap
Bentonite clay shampoo bar
Lemon and honey black soap paste
As I am coconut co-wash
Herbal Essences hello hydration conditioner
Elasta QP creme conditioning shampoo

Deep conditioner

Vitale Olive oil hair mayonnaise

Beautiful textures moisture butter whipped curl cream
Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie

Extra virgin olive oil

Elasta QP Glaze (for my edges sometimes)

Eco styler gel

Whipped shea butter

My regimen is short, simple and doesn’t take long to implement. I can be done within 3 hours of beginning to de-tangle if I wish. How’s that for lazy ;).

Max Hydration Method

Step 1

I either do the Cherry Lola treatment, or use baking soda and conditioner.

Step 2

cowash and detangle

Step 3

Rhassoul or bentonite clay bar, or bentonite clay treatment

Step 4

I use a conditioner a a leave-in

Step 5

Style as a wash n go with gel, or with s styler for a set style.


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