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    When contributing to open-source, aside from trying to always be kind, I think this is a great attitude to have

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    In other words, the definition of internet harassment encompasses the oldest forms of everyday human behavior. Good luck with that.

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    Pew survey says most common forms of internet harassment are "name-calling" and "purposeful embarrassment."

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    Muslim refugees attack a transgender woman. Who will the Left side with? I genuinely can’t figure it out.

  5. Most liberal and conservative cities in the USA

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    Pew should be ashamed at embracing such a non-differentiating and all-encompassing definition of harassment. Sorry to harass you there, Pew.

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    In conclusion, the Pew report on harassment is a recipe for hysteria and moral panic. Which is what we've got.

  8. Why are all the big cities in the USA liberal?

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    i'll stop using stereotypes just as soon as they stop being right

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    Arab Spring led to Muslim Brotherhood takeover in Egypt, civil war in Syria, rise of ISIS, huge refugee crisis. Got it?

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    NEW, by me: Apple rejects diversity push, calls it "not necessary" and "unduly burdensome"

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  13. All future journalism is going to be explicitly partisan, no more pretending to be unbiased

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    Contrarian stance: Vigorous argument and debate in politics, business, and technology is good, not bad. More!!

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    "American Spring" - or how software is eating politics and the elites have lost control.

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    “What was more extraordinary than what happened in Cologne was the fact that it was carefully covered up by the...

  17. In today's world, the ability to handle a public shaming / witch hunt is going to be a very important skill.

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    I’m a senior editor at one of the biggest publications in the world. But Twitter took my check away over politics.

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    The Left’s Understanding of Foreign Policy is a Fantasy. via cc:

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