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I just released my debut album 'Until I Fly'!!! Download it here:

Michigan ✈️ Los Angeles
Joined November 2012

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  1. Hey Irvine! Good to be back. Come hear me play tonight at the ! 5:30-7:30 PLUS, they have ping pong tables. 😍

  2. Tonight I'm a different kind of inspired. The kind that wants to gently and unapologetically kick the world in the face with my music.

  3. I will love you Lord, my strength I will love you Lord, my shield I will love you Lord, my rock Forever all my days I will love you God

  4. Comparison is the thief of joy.

  5. With roots planted deep And love that stretches far We remember who to be We remember who we are 🌳

  6. Beginnings matter.

  7. And You're making all things new ☀️

  8. My music is now on !!! 😳😍 Create your station and enjoy your Tuesday!

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  9. SNOW. 😍

  10. I love losing track of what day it is. That's when I know I'm on true vacation.

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    Merry Christmas from Idle Tuesdays Recording Studio! Have a LISTEN to 2015 Program Artist

  12. Santa is real. I saw his reindeer.

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    Our 2015 Program Artist is makin moves! ・・・ My amazing merch girls in…

  14. Another week!!

  15. So good to be home!!!

  16. , you make me happy 🌲

  17. I signed quite a few arms, hands, and iPhones yesterday...but this was my first shoe signing experience 😂👞

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    . slays.

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  19. Birch Run Schools!!!! I had so so much fun hanging out with you today!!

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