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The Unofficial Guide to Smart Nutrition
Ross Hume Hall,  Ph.D.


The Unofficial
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Picture of Book's Front CoverThe Unofficial Guide to Smart Nutrition is a first in casting nutritional worth in terms of real food. Smart nutrition focuses on the real foods you buy in supermarket and order in restaurants. The official media talk of diet and disease, of weight control, of balanced diets, but never in terms of the foods people actually eat.

The Unofficial Guide to Smart Nutrition gives you the inside scoop. It looks at modern foods from your body's point of view--a cell's-eye view.  Smart nutrition gives you the understanding to be able to make sensible food choices in delis, restaurants, and the 30,000-item supermarket.

    A Few of The Unofficial Guide to Smart Nutritionís Highlights

Sensible weight loss versus fad diets
Why steak is a better buy than hamburger
Money spent on nutraceuticals is money down
the drain
Calcium-fortified juices, their hidden dangers
Organic foods: benefits and pitfalls
Vegetarian? Here's how to maximize your energy 

   Readers Say

"A real page-turner. I picked up your book, but couldnít put it down. It reads like a novel."
Penny Madison, Science Teacher, Manchester, VT

"I can just feel the energy jumping out of the pages of your book."
Dr. Donald Miller, Biologist, San Antonio, TX

"An extensive, valuable, and useful document with an incredible amount of information."
John H. Barker, M.D. Barrie, Ontario, Canada

The Unofficial Guide To Smart Nutrition,  Hungryminds Inc., 2000. ISBN 0-02-863589-2. List price, U.S., $15.95; Can. $24.95.

© Copyright 2001   Ross Hume Hall.  All rights reserved.

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