How’s that diet working out for you?

Ciara Foy  I believe in starting small and choosing what you can doLet me guess . . .

You feel moody, frazzled, half-starved, and you can’t stop craving chocolate cake (with extra frosting, please . . . mmmmmmm).

You’ve cut down on socializing with friends (because those hors d’oeuvres are, frankly, waaay too tempting—as is that fourth glass of wine), and instead you’ve taken to secretly pillaging the fridge after you’ve tucked the kids in to bed. (Slab of cheese, anyone?)

You feel guilty practically ALL THE TIME: when you skip your early morning jog in favour of staying in bed for another 30 minutes; when you “cheat” and gorge on a burger ‘n’ fries; when you drink more than you know you should.

But every time you step onto the scale, you tell yourself :

It’ll all be worth it, in the end…

I have a name for this kind of eating plan :

I call it The Reduced-Joy Diet.

Why? Because it makes you MISERABLE. (Not to mention it’s not sustainable, long term.)

My philosophy?

If you start something you can’t do forever, you’ve already failed. But before you throw your hands up in surrender, allow me to explain:

  • It’s not about doing everything right away.
  • It’s about figuring out what comes easily to you, and choosing what FEELS good.
  • It’s about trying to be consistent, rather than trying to be perfect.
  • And it’s about establishing what you can consciously do, every day; no matter what shit falls out the sky and explodes into your lap, how crazy work gets, or how nuts your kids drive you.

The bottom line?

Ciara Foy Getting in shape doesn't have to be so hard

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