• Mark Blackwell

    Oh the temptation to watch this at work…

    • Andy B

      Im guilty of this.. its just taking me all day

  • Jack R

    Many thanks CT – appreciate the opportunity to have watched this one. Credit to the Morton brothers for making an interesting and enjoyable film. The portrayal of the US country side was great – well shot. Would love to spin on some of those roads! Also gave a new appreciation for Taylor and Cam as athletes – Taylor’s comments on the requirement for pro cyclists to conform and Cam’s on fitting in were insightful.

    • Lisa Hopper

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  • Harvey Kramer

    Interesting walking through central city those no bike signs are old from when they banned bikes Colorado Courts got rid of the
    ban sweet place to ride especially Virginia Canyon or oh my GOD road

  • chop

    It’s good. Very good. Thanks for bringing it to us CT and to those guys for sharing their stories. Inspired to ride and explore beyond the normal routes.

  • Utah72

    So looking forward to jumping on the trainer and watching this tomorrow in the US

  • VO2min

    Looks terrific. But those show times listed above are not accurate. According to those, I shouldn’t be viewing this now, but I am.

    • http://cyclingtips.com.au Matt de Neef

      Yep, we had a few issues getting the video up + with the timing. But the video will still only be available for a day or so, so we recommend watching it while you can!

  • Matt Long

    Ohh…. so good. Loved that drone shot at the end . Just blown away !

    • http://huphtur.nl/ M. Appelman


      • Matt Long

        my bad. edited

  • kamoteQ

    “It’s all about riding for riding’s sake, enjoying the process of moving from A to B, learning something about yourself and your mates, and riding hard just because you can.” Exactly.

  • Patrick Choi

    My god he wrote 45km/h on a flat tire for 30km+++ that’s crazy. But never buying that tire or wheel combo ever now haha.

  • Brian Gunn

    Great film. Thanks for showing it.

  • SW

    Cameron Ling ftw

    • Sean

      my thoughts to haha

  • bobek

    is this only to be seen in AUS, UK and USA? Cos all I see is black, but the audio is there???

    • Sam Young

      I’m in Germany and it’s fine

      Edit: which is saying something because videos are regularly blocked here!

      • bobek

        Yeah it`s working now… :) thanks for your reply…

    • http://www.cyclingTips.com.au/ Wade Wallace

      It isn’t geo-blocked. We’ve just put the timezones relative to those locations for reference

  • David Everett

    Well one thing that I’ve learnt in the first 10mins is that we’ve found out Taylor says “Soccer”funnily, and that’s only one of the many highlights. Awesome vid, great work.

  • Scuddsy

    Great work by the 4 of them…and Lance! What an awesome adventure, thanks CT.

    • http://www.cyclingTips.com.au/ Wade Wallace

      Loved how they stole Lance’s golf bag…

      • Matt Long

        Does that mean they stayed w him? lmao

        • H.E. Pennypacker

          That’s what I was thinking.

  • Winton

    Flat out genius. If anyone ever needed the reminder of why we cycle, or why the shitstorm that surrounds pro cycling is really of no great importance, this film will deliver. The thoughtful, reflective nature of the protagonists make THIS the cycling film of the year.

  • sket

    Really loved it. I feel sad that such a great character in Cam may have left the sport, but appreciated the insight into the personality behind Taylor. Some insight into the Morton’s would have been even better, as we had everyone else including the bar(wo)men!

    • H.E. Pennypacker

      Insight into the Mortons comes in Thereabouts 1. Especially Gus.

  • Roger That

    Beyond awesome, great work guys. Cam Wurf needs his own lifestyle TV show.

    • Matt Long

      yes. Good dude always w the positive vibes.

  • Angelo Giangregorio

    Yeah, that moment…

  • freedrickson

    Classic flick. I think the message awakens something that is in all of us when it comes to our passion for cycling. Its nice to see someone live it and put it to words. Really inspires me to get out and explore the desert of Arizona.

  • Roberj4

    Wonderful production…great advert for Gravel Bikes & Tubeless Tyres …not Lol! :)

  • Richard Bruton

    I really enjoyed that. I guess a gravel bike doesn’t have the same clearance as a cyclocross bike! I’ll be spending the winter convincing my mates to go on a trip

    • Bruno Paradis

      almost the same clearance. Usually, the big difference is in the gear ratio. The gravel bike will have almost the same gear than a traditional road bike.

  • Kendb001

    Wonderful Video!

  • Tom Fricker

    Awesome piece guys, thanks so much for brining this to my attention CT.

  • Wee Ring Spinner

    Awful. just awful. the first was a journey of the soul. this was just a shite club run with Phinney’s ego.

    • Chris

      Huh. I really don’t see a lot of ego in Phinney. He just seems like a guy.

  • Milan

    Amazing movie.Thank you for sharing.

  • Rubens Loor

    Bravo….!!! Nice Documental, Nice Pack!! motivational, inspirational, and sensational…!!!!

  • blue bullet

    It’s a great piece on where most of us are on our bikes; not training, not racing, but just what you find with friends hanging around on your bikes and going fast enough that the distractions fade. Thank you to all concerned.

  • CC

    Everyone wants to be pro, except the pro’s :) brilliant film

  • Russ Eden

    Great doco, some very powerful messages in there about what good mates can do for each other when the going gets tough – bravo

  • David Tuttle

    Wow, Thanks for the day

  • Baz

    Awesome doco! Well shot and everything about it wants you to get out and jump on the bike!

    A little off topic, but something that popped into my head while watching this. As let’s be honest the Morton bros and Taylor haven’t really done it hard financially growing up.
    Does anyone know if there has ever been a survey or research on the social economical position of cyclists wanting to make it as a Pro?
    The humble beginnings of cycling from the days of farmer’s sons becoming pros is well gone. Just very interested to know how many in the pro peloton have come from a working class upbringing and the percentage that haven’t. As the sport requires a hell of a lot of time on the bike and a lot can’t do this without financial backing whether it be Mum & Dad or a sponsor. As I see the sport has changed dramatically over the years obviously because of amazing tech advancements, more and more people entering the sport are from a higher income bracket and they are the ones that can afford it. Love to hear some thoughts on that or maybe an article based on the topic CT?
    I really don’t want to hijack the comments about it, but it just sprung to mind watching this doco.

    • http://www.cyclingtips.com.au/ Matt Wikstrom

      It may have changed in recent times. For European riders, at least, backgrounds were once very much working class.

      • Baz

        There is no doubt it has changed dramatically.
        But no one would really want to touch it, as it would be a touchy topic. Loved to see more analysis of it. And if communities and countries that are well below the socio economic level that the current riders are coming from, how this could be changed.

    • Doug Robertson

      I raced some club races with Taylor’s dad back in 1978 in Pittsburgh. At the time Davis was 19, had no money, was an amateur racer, and sleeping on the couch of his team mate Tom Chew. Back then is when he earned his nickname Cash Register because he would win all the cash primes at races to pay his way to the next race. His only income and support was the money he won from amateur races and a few expenses from sponsors. I’m sure Davis and Connie have instilled in Taylor how fortunate he is to be able to race and earn a living racing his bike. Both Davis and Connie know how hard it was back when they raced.

      • Baz

        Yeah I want to hear more of those stories, they are the ones which are inspiring

  • James Bland

    Brilliant! Watched this while prepping my bike for a ride tomorrow. Now I’m thinking of taking a different route and just enjoying what happens during the ride.

  • Matt DeMaere

    Very watchable and nice to see they themselves sincerely enjoyed the adventure. Thanks for making it available.

    As a film, I think the main point being relayed is accomplished with a lot of time to spare. Any sports enthusiast with a modicum of observational skill will have gleaned that professional sport isn’t necessarily a bag of fun. Once you add money to the equation, it can be lot more challenging to the soul and of course the body; cycling isn’t unique in this respect. Amateur sport is no longer ensconced in a protected commune either, with sponsorship creeping in where it can. Ask someone that didn’t fit the AIS mould, whether they found it any easier to achieve the top end of their chosen sport. Whether it was time well spent, when looking back.

    On the other hand, I can’t help but wonder: do these amount to “first-world” problems? Outside of sport, similar struggles exist and continue until late in life. Part of me wants to say, “awh just htfu boys”, but at the same time I empathise and respect them as athletes. Enjoy the life you have, do what you enjoy.

  • Geoff T

    I’m in CA. It’s Friday night. Kids are in bed. I don’t see a video. :-(

    • Sean

      bugger, keep trying it’s pretty damn good!

      • Geoff T

        Now it’s available. It’s midnight… F@ck it! No sleep for the dreamers.

    • http://www.cyclingTips.com.au/ Wade Wallace

      Sorry – we made a timezone calculation error. It’s back up now

  • david__g

    Pretty good, although I’m confused by the Lance golf bag part. They stayed with him? If so, I can’t understand why they’d tarnish a decent doc about riding with that guy. Seems the antithesis of everything they’re talking about.

  • Simon Gamble

    Totally inspiring!

  • CedarBough Saeji

    I’m about 20 minutes in. I’m continually, however, disturbed by the lack of helmets. Wear whatever you want, but why not model safety consciousness with a helmet up top? Otherwise it’s very nice.

    • winkybiker

      Was a time that this would have bothered me too. Now I’m more inclined to let it slide. Life’s too short.

  • glenn

    great movie/vid..awesome scenery and great to see a Davis Phinney cameo too!

  • Paul Whitford

    I stayed up late to watch this superb cycling road trip. Brilliant, honest and so motivational….

  • http://www.spokwerks.com/ wunnspeed

    Bummer…. I missed it. I guess weekends in Australia start on Friday and end on Saturday. It’s Sunday morning (still the weekend here) in Switzerland and now, no more viewings.

    • http://www.cyclingTips.com.au/ Wade Wallace

      Sorry you missed it. We actually extended the viewing for all timezones by about 12hrs. It was never meant to run until Sunday morning in Switzerland. You’ll be able to purchase it soon if you wish to see it.

  • MK

    There are a lot of positive comments on here. But for me the first ‘Thereabouts’ was good but this version just failed to do it.
    Taylor is a very interesting guy and a born racer. I’d love to go for a ride with him one day. Cam is clearly just a machine and the sort of dude you would enjoy having in your group of friends, but in a purely documentary form, this video was boring.
    There was no real story and I found myself frustrated with the Morton brothers, who are increasingly coming across as arrogant.

    These short stories have the potential to be incredibly interesting. Perhaps this just went for too long. 30min may have been enough. But then again, the Morton brothers probably don’t care. They did what they wanted to do and clearly had some fun doing it!
    I respect that.

    • jakub

      Compared to first Thereabouts, I had the same impression about Morton brothers watching this.

  • Bob Mann

    I didn’t think that the guys that I ride with and I could ever be compared to pro’s, but this doco has changed my mind. Every Saturday and Sunday our small group clock up 100 mile rides with no set plan, just exploring the local area, pulling in to cafe’s and bars along the way to refuel and rehydrate (a very loose definition mind you). We have been known to race at times, but we don’t figure in the result sheets much. To be honest we are more concerned with how we look than making the podium, and we do like to use colourful language. In our local area we are more renowned for being bike riders than actually achieving anything on the bike. Hell, a few of us have even ridden flat tyres home because we couldn’t be bothered changing a tube with only 4 mile to go. I’m a lot closer to being a pro than I’d ever imagined.

  • Kalle

    Noo! I just saw Thereabouts 1 and missed this one! What a shame! I though the first movie was really enjoyable to watch and delivered the best message ever. Thanks for reminding me why I’ve always loved cycling :-)

  • Mike Wolfenden

    I’d like to buy this rather than rent it. Is buying an option?

    • http://www.cyclingTips.com.au/ Wade Wallace

      Indeed. I just changed the settings. You should see the option now.