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Buy Facebook video views from the first ever provider of this service. The most trusted seller. The most reasonably priced. Video Views International.
Buy Facebook Video Views Targeting Real Viewers
Get seen.
Buy Facebook Video Views To Go Viral
Go viral.
Buy Facebook Video Views To Build Fans
Get bigger.

Real Video Views

Buy Facebook video views that are safe and real, and enjoy the option of guaranteed Likes and engagement included in the price.

The viral ‘kick’ that our service provides for your video will almost always result in many more views than what you have paid for, and that’s our goal.
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Real Engagement

High retention (watch time) with high quality audiences to engage with your Facebook video.

Engagement increases the appeal of your video – more people stop scrolling and watch it, and the algorithms to promote your video to more people than previously.
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Expert Support

We are native English-speaking marketing professionals with more than ten years of experience – all of us.

Your dedicated Account Director and his/her team will be available 24 hours a day to respond within four working hours, your local time.
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Facebook Video Views Questions

Is this for actual FACEBOOK VIDEOS only?

Yes, VIDEOS only. FACEBOOK VIDEOS only. When you buy Facebook video views you are promoting a video that has been uploaded directly to Facebook. This is not a service involving facebook posts, or facebook photos, or non-facebook video links that have been posted or embedded into Facebook.

How can you guarantee Likes and engagement?

We are a viral marketing agency, this is what we do.

First we classify your video into one of 14 Categories:

  • Action & Suspense
  • Animals & Nature
  • Animation & Gaming
  • Art & Culture
  • Comedy & Fails
  • Consumables & Cooking
  • Drama & Sitcoms
  • Edcuation & Technology
  • Fashion & Grooming
  • Fitness & Sport
  • Horror & Tragedy
  • Music & Song Covers
  • People & Vlogs
  • Reactions & Reviews

Then we use our proprietary methods to target the most suitable people across our high quality social media network of avid video watchers.

We monitor your campaign, and for a set period of the campaign we utilise some high engagement social media networks to ensure your video is appreciated by enough people to give it the kick-start you need to help it reach its viral potential.

How do I get public likes/comments on a personal Facebook video?

Before you buy Facebook video views, click “Settings” the click “Followers” and for the option “Who Can Follow Me” select “Everbody”. Done!

What if I don't WANT any Likes or engagement??

That’s fine, just let us know in the Order Notes text box at the Checkout when you add your video link.

There are ways and means to ensure that hardly any likes and comments occur, so you may only have to delete the odd one or two comments if you don’t like them.

How do I find my facebook video link?

The link can look like this:

OR like this:

If you’re on mobile / tablet

1- Touch the word “video” or the video’s Title to get to the video’s unique page.
2- Touch the Time/Date stamp just below the owner’s name. e.g. “21 hours” or “11 March”
3- Once you are looking at the original video itself, touch “Share” as if you are going to share the video, and select “Copy Link”.

When you are at the Video Views Checkout, hold your thumb down in the text section until you see the word “Paste”. DONE!

If you’re on desktop / laptop computer

1- Touch the word “video” or the video’s Title to get to the video’s unique page.
2- Once you are looking at the original video, highlight and ‘copy’ the browser link then ‘paste’ it into the Order Notes text box at the Video Views Checkout. DONE!

Can I get the views for a post about a Facebook video?

The views will all count towards the original video owner who uploaded the video to Facebook.

When you buy Facebook video views, if you provide a link to a Page post which has shared a video, it won’t increase the popularity of that Page post – all the views, likes and engagement will count towards the original video only.

How do I buy Facebook video views?

It’s an easy and logical process.

Once you’re in the online store, select the combination of packages for your Facebook video, for example “2x 20K Facebook Video Views” and head to the Checkout.

In the Checkout there is a text box for you to paste the link to your Facebook video. All done!

Just choose your payment option, make your purchase, and we’ll email you straight away to confirm the start of your order, and again at the end to inform you of completion.

We will also be available 24 hours a day both during and after the successful completion of your campaign/s.

Can I pay with debit card or PayPal?

Indeed you can pay with PayPal or with a debit card if you don’t use credit cards.

Any debit card with the Visa or Mastercard symbol is acceptable for instant payment, incluing Green Dot Card in the US and Rush Card in the UK.