Norfolk Rise Sauvignon Blanc 诺法克庄园长相思

Norfolk Rise Sauvignon Blanc 诺法克庄园长相思

Bouquet: The nose is lively with tropical fruit, gooseberry and grassy herbaceous notes.

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Norfolk Rise Sauvignon Blanc




Location and Aspect

Norfolk Rise Vineyard is located on the southern tip of South Australia and is renowned for its rugged coastline, exotic seafood and long, white sandy beaches. Heavily influenced by a unique microclimate, our Norfolk Rise Vineyard captures the specific regional characteristics of Mount Benson in producing cool climate wines of the highest calibre.


The Vineyard

Situated in the heart of Mount Benson, the Norfolk Rise Vineyard is planted on 180 hectares of undulating coastal hills. Within 5 kilometres of the ocean at 37 degrees south of the equator, our Sauvignon Blanc is planted on near perfect “terra rossa” soils, providing an ideal level of nutrient and water retention. Completely surrounding our winemaking facility, Norfolk Rise Vineyard has been, without compromise, planted specifically to suit each individual variety.


The grapes were selectively harvested from our Estate Vineyards from early to mid March. Full protective handling was utilized during processing of the grapes and juice to avoid any oxidation or browning. The juice was then clarified and had a long, cool ferment in stainless steel tanks using a selection of aromatic yeast strains. To maximise the retention of fresh fruit flavours and aromas, the resultant wine was bottled early under screw cap.



Colour: Brilliant pale straw with a green hue.


Bouquet: The nose is lively with tropical fruit, gooseberry and grassy herbaceous notes.


Palate: Clean and crisp with freshly cut grass and passionfruit flavours. Beautifully balanced with a refreshing mineral acidity giving a lingering finish.


Ageing Potential: Best consumed young and fresh! Likely lifespan 2012 with optimal year being 2010.


Analysis: Alcohol: 13 % Titratable: 6.6 g/L pH: 3.20

Food Suggestions: Calamari, Spicy Asian food, Stir fries, Asparagus and feta tart, any seafood dishes. Suggested serving temperature of 5-8°C.



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