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One starts with the inflated Ebola numbers in Africa, the involvement of Soros and Gates in a bioweapons lab linked to the deaths, the curious involvement of Tulane University infamous for weaponizing the polio vaccine, and the story begins ….

Right now the US media and the false alternative media (Infowars and Natural News being two) are reading from a script, inventing a story out of whole cloth that Ebola has spread across the entire US. It’s a total lie.

Why is this happening? Because the Western elite – the Cabal, the Illuminati, or whatever name one wishes to apply to the corporate Shadow Government running the US and much of the world – are following their own script planned years ago. It includes destroying the economy of the US, creating a devastating drought with HAARP, stirring up as much hatred and dissension as possible between American citizens and a fictitious pandemic. Through those things, the elite intend a complete take over of the US. A “pandemic emergency” alone hands it to them on a platter.

“Under special pandemic plans enacted around the world including the USA, in 2005, national governments are to be dissolved in the event of a pandemic emergency and replaced by special crisis committees, which take charge of the health and security infrastructure of a country, and which are answerable to the WHO and EU in Europe and to the WHO and UN in North America.
Some background on the Bushes and these pandemic laws and orders.

It’s well known that George W. Bush pushed through the Patriot Act immediately following the false flag of 9/11, a law that had been written long in advance and resembled Hitler’s Enabling Act through in Germany immediately following the false flag of fhe Reichstag fire. What is less known is the Bush got pandemic laws inserted in states across the country starting at the same time and following on the false flag of the anthrax attack that was proved to have come out of Fort Detrick, a military bioweapons center. These laws are thinly disguised martial law, allowing for a fascist take over of all communications, all transportation, all industry, all infrastructure, all farms and food, all private property, etc. in the US under a Pandemic Emergency.

George Bush’s executive orders call for a suspension of the Constitution in the event of a number of things that have been helped along by the elite – a collapsed economy, civil unrest, environmental disaster, and a pandemic emergency. If these are declared an emergency, the President would rule via FEMA and DHS, with Congress and the Supreme Court reduced to only an advisory function. As mentioned above, a pandemic emergency triggers the WHO and UN coming in to take over. Both the UN and the WHO are both run by the elite, including the Rockefellers who funded IG Farben, the German pharmaceutical industry that ran the Nazi concentration and death camps and experimented on prisoners there with deadly vaccines. UN armored vehicles can be seen in this video taken on June 15th in Georgia.

“The Bush family fortune came from the Third Reich,” -Sarasota Herald-Tribune 11/11/2000 George Bush’s grandfather Prescott was actually a German Nazi named Scherf who attempted a fascist coup of the US in 1933, and Bush himself came into office illegally. His Nazi family is still seeking a fascist take over of the country.

To be clear, the US at this moment is facing a literal Nazi invasion of global military power under the UN and WHO, disguised as medical aid for a fictitious threat This aid will be said to protect this country from Ebola deaths. But the “Ebola” deaths are related to a US bioweapons lab in Sierra Leone with links to the Soros and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, around which there have been mass protests.

The convenient thing about Bush’s “pandemic emergency” is that it can be declared on a whim with no evidence needed, and can be defined as existing in an area without the presence of any disease whatever being present.

Natural News, now suspected as an agent of the elite, has declared that Ebola has spread across the country and is now out of control. (Strange how everyone is fine.) Quarantine centers are being quietly set up, the news announces. These are FEMA camps, denied by mainstream media and come out from under wraps now, built across the country by Bush. They are indistinguishable from concentration camps.

From “Rule by Real or Rule by Law.”

“The power of the Executive to cast a man into prison without formulating any charge known to the law, and particularly to deny him the judgment of his peers, is in the highest degree odious and is the foundation of all totalitarian government whether Nazi or Communist.”

– Winston Churchill, Nov. 21, 1943

Since 9/11, and seemingly without the notice of most Americans, the federal government has assumed the authority to institute martial law, arrest a wide swath of dissidents (citizen and noncitizen alike), and detain people without legal or constitutional recourse in the event of “an emergency influx of immigrants in the U.S., or to support the rapid development of new programs.”

Beginning in 1999, the government has entered into a series of single-bid contracts with Halliburton subsidiary Kellogg, Brown and Root (KBR) to build detention camps at undisclosed locations within the United States. The government has also contracted with several companies to build thousands of railcars, some reportedly equipped with shackles, ostensibly to transport detainees.

The WHO – working for the Cabal and a key part of the fear script – has announced that fatality rates for Ebola can reach 90% and there is no vaccine or cure but vitamin C at sufficient doses is an absolute viricide and a powerful antibiotic.

There are thus far only a few facts about Ebola itself that are verifiable, the rest being media announcements that omit those facts. 1) Ebola is linked to bioweapons labs in Africa rather than natural and the people near them are protesting. 2. The US government has weaponized vaccines before (anthrax vaccines and the polio vaccines coming out of Tulane University.

3. Tulane in conjunction with US military is, coincidentally, has been involved with Ebola in Sierra Leone but just been stopped from testing by the government.
“In a sign that the Sierra Leone goverment has begun to fight back against the orchestrated ebola outbreak, The Ministry of Health and Sanitation announced yesterday it had ordered Tulane University to stop ebola testing and the US bioweapons laboratory at Kenema to be relocated in response to growing anger from locals.

The sensational announcement — posted on the health ministry’s facebook page — strongly suggests the notion that the diagnosis of Ebola using Tulane University kits at Kenema have been found to be false or faked.”

The Kenema bioweapons lab is the only testing centre for ebola in Sierra Leona and holds the highest number of victims. Tulane University conducts bioweapons research on behalf of the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID).

The move comes after nurses at Kenema hospital went on an indefinite strike on Monday following the death of three of their colleagues on Sunday.
The U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) has allegedly shown with animals that Ebola can be cured is given quickly enough. Given its involvement with Tulane in the current Ebola hoax occurring in Sierra Leone (see above), this appears to important means to get people trust untested, unknown vaccines that have been “rushed into production.’ Yet it is weaponized vaccines by a US bioweapons lab that appears to be what is killing people in hospitals in Africa. I

US attempts to kill with vaccines are quite real. This occurred at Tulane in conjunction with the CIA and the CIA has an Ebola laba in Africa where people are dying.

“Haslam believes the top secret experiments Sherman, Ferrie and Baker conducted in 1963 involved irradiating SV-40 virus with a linear accelerator, with the intention of a creating a biological warfare agent. Their hope was to create a mutated virus that would cause a “galloping cancer” that would kill its victim within weeks.”

So things are set to go, with a scary sounding virus “coming out of Africa” having been chosen, one that has supposedly killed over a 1000 people, Bush laws in place for martial law (the laws are described at the end of the article), FEMA concentration camps being declared quarantine centers.

Let us not forget three related medical facts.

1. The bioweapons lab at Fort Detrick was the source of the anthrax attack on the US.

2. The CDC which is linked to the Pentagon and has an ugly history, promoted Model State Emergency Health Powers legislation, Bush’s pandemic laws, and then put out stunningly false claims about swine flu infections in 2009 using 80-98% false data.

3. The 1918 flu was used by Bush as the scare tactic to install the pandemic laws. But the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) found no evidence of flu at all. From their press release on August 19, 2008:

“Bacteriologic and histopathologic results from published autopsy series clearly and consistently implicated secondary bacterial pneumonia caused by common upper respiratory–tract bacteria in most influenza fatalities.”

F. William Engdahl:

“The 20 to 40 million deaths worldwide from the great 1918 Influenza Pandemic were NOT due to ‘flu’ or a virus, but to pneumonia caused by massive bacterial infection.”
And it now appears that the elite’s pharmaceutical industry, through its vaccines and then aspirin was the killer. Those who used homeopathy did well.

Vaccines From “Saying Goodbye to Fear of the 1918 flu”

“It was a shorter war than the vaccine-makers had planned on, only about a year for us, so the vaccine promoters had a lot of unused, spoiling vaccines left over which they wanted to sell at a good profit. So they did what they usually do, they called a meeting behind closed doors, and plotted the whole sordid program, a nationwide (worldwide) vaccination drive using all their vaccines, and telling the people that the soldiers were coming home with many dread diseases contracted in foreign countries and that it was the patriotic duty of every man, woman and child to get “protected” by rushing down to the vaccination centers and having all the shots. ….

“The doctors were baffled, and claimed they didnt know what caused the strange and deadly disease, and they certainly had no cure. They should have known the underlying cause was the vaccinations, because the same thing happened to the soldiers after they had their shots at camp. The typhoid fever shots caused a worse form of the disease which they called para-typhoid. Then they tried to suppress the symptoms of that one with a stronger vaccine which caused a still more serious disease which killed and disabled a great many men. The combination of all the poison vaccines fermenting together in the body, caused such violent reactions that they could not cope with the situation. Disaster ran rampant in the camps. Someof the military hospitals were filled with nothing but paralyzed soldiers [Guillaume Barre, as vaccines can cause?], and they were called war casualties, even before they left American soil. I talked to some of the survivors of that vaccine onslaught when theyre turned home after the war, and they told of the horrors, not of the war itself, and battles, but of the sickness at camp.

Aspirin From 1918 and Aspirin

“I did not lose a single case of influenza; my death rate in the pneumonias was 2.1%. The salycilates, including aspirin and quinine, were almost the sole standbys of the old school and it was a common thing to hear them speaking of losing 60% of their pneumonias.”
~Dudley A. Williams, MD, Providence, Rho

“Three hundred and fifty cases and lost one, a neglected pneumonia that came to me after she had taken one hundred grains of aspirin in twenty-four hours.”
~Cora Smith King, MD, Washington, DC

Dr. Karen Starko:

“In summary, just before the 1918 death spike, aspirin was recommended in regimens now known to be potentially toxic and to cause pulmonary edema and may therefore have contributed to overall pandemic mortality and several of its mysteries. ….”

27 years after killing 20-40 million people and blaming it on a flu, this same pharmaceutical industry funded Hitler, ran the camps, and was responsible for 50-70 million more deaths. After the war, they (including their funder the Rockefellers) took control of the WHO and the UN now threatening the US with an identical script of a terrifying virus, only now they have created a weaponized vaccine for Ebola and come with military power. Though homeopathy was the saving method during the 1918 deaths and allopathic medicine and its synthetic drugs were deadly, the Rockefellers shut down homeopathy hospitals and set up the current drug based medical system under their control and for their profits.

Dr. David L. Edsall at one time was the Dean of the Harvard Medical School. The conditions he describes at Harvard are the same as those at every other medical school in America:
I was, for a period, a professor of therapeutics and pharmacology, and I knew from experience that students were obliged then by me and by others to learn about an interminable number of drugs, many of which were valueless, many of them useless, some probably, even harmful . . . Almost all subjects must be taken at exactly the same time, and in almost exactly in the same way by all students, and the amount introduced into each course is such that few students have time or energy to explore any subject in a spirit of independent interest. A little comparison shows that there is less intellectual freedom in the medical course than in almost any other form of professional education in this country.

Doctors within that system get their information from faked medical studies and are being manipulated by the pharmaceutical industry, which is inseparable from the elite.

But let us back up to now and why.

The day after the BRICS alliance (Brazil Russia India China) announced that they were setting up their own World Bank and IMF, thus undoing the total control and debt grip the Western banking system (including the Rockefellers) has had over the world, the elite responded with a massive attack on Gaza and the downing of the Malaysian aircraft in the Ukraine, coming within an hour of each other.

The elite are in trouble and they need this this phony pandemic because it gives them martial law which gives them …. everything. Literally, they would have ownership of everything in the US, including free human labor – slavery.

The elite (or Cabal) may have taken down a Malaysian plane (their second one this year) because its previous Prime Minister, Mahathir Mohammed, had the gall – or courage – to set up the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission focus on victims of abuse in Iraq, Lebanon and the Palestinian territories. The commission investigated and ultimately indicted (on 11 May 2012) Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and their legal advisers Alberto Gonzales, David Addington, William Haynes, Jay Bybee and John Yoo for war crimes.

The elite are counting on George W. Bush’s pandemic laws, inserted in US states following two other scripted lies – 9/11 and the anthrax scare – which would mean martial law if a pandemic “emergency” is declared. And they are counting on the public which trust almost nothing the government says now, having some trust left in the medical industry, not knowing its fascist roots and current fascist control by the Rockefellers and Pharma and Bill Gates. They still trust the WHO run by the Cabal, and the CDC though it helped concoct the current hoax, pushed the swine flu hoax and was involved inidesigning Bush’s totalitarian pandemic laws.

We as people have been led by left over wannabees from the Third Reich who have created laws intended to kill huge numbers of people here and enslave those left. They are on their way out but before they go, it would be good to expose this last big viciousness of theirs.

Share this post, tell your friends, do your own posting, let every medical person you can know that Ebola is coming out of bioweapons labs, it’s not all over the US and the pandemic laws which don’t even require a single sickness in an area.

Ebola in the US is hoax. Don’t be afraid. Don’t take any vaccines. Take Action.

Information on the Pandemic Laws

Within weeks after the tragic events of Sept. 11, 2001, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) began promoting health policy legislation that dramatically suspends civil rights during declared state of biological emergency. The text of the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act (MSEHPA) gives public health officials and governors of the several states the power to arrest, transport, quarantine, drug and vaccinate anyone suspected of carrying a potentially infectious disease. The Boston Globe originally broke the October 31, 2001. The story was almost immediately forwarded to medical freedom activists throughout the country who responded en masse in outspoken opposition to the proposal. The article was quickly removed fromThe Globe’s website.

Under the proposed law, one case of smallpox or swine flu in a public school could trigger authorities to urge a governor to declare a state of emergency. Once such is declared, the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights and most cherished civil liberties will be immediately suspended in addition to states being empowered to take immediate possession of private property under the doctrine of eminent domain…

Under the Mandatory Medical Examinations section (502) of the law, persons refusing to submit to medical examinations and/or testing are liable for misdemeanors and forced isolation. If public health authorities suspect individuals may have been exposed to broadly defined infectious diseases, or otherwise pose a risk to public health, officials may issue detainment orders. In the case of an urban attack, or even one suspected, possibly thousands of people could be marshaled into isolation camps, according to the law. In this case, physicians, assisted by police, will be required to perform state medical examinations and tests. Under the law, “infectious diseases” are very broadly defined. “An infectious disease may, or may not, be transmissible from person to person, animal to person, or insect to person,” the authors explain in the text. Section 504 of the Act details vaccination and treatment protocols. Following these mandates, public health authorities may compel people to be inoculated and/or drugged with any medicaments selected by the state. Individuals refusing to be vaccinated or treated would be liable for a misdemeanor, subject to police arrest, isolation or quarantine. Section 807 repeals existing state laws that are in conflict with the Act.

Under this part, for instance, previous laws granting medical, religious, or philosophical exemptions to vaccination would be repealed. [Emphasis added.]

The laws do not depend on either a contagious disease being present or on proof of any emergency, only on the declaration of an emergency.

What accountability is there?

[Sections quoted below come from “Model Emergency Health Powers Act (MEHPA) Turns Governors into Dictators” by Joseph Mercola unless otherwise indicated.] If the State does more harm than good through unfettered use of its draconian power, it can rely on the state immunity clause: “Neither the State, its political subdivisions, nor, except in cases of gross negligence or willful misconduct, the Governor, the public health authority, or any other State official referenced in this Act, is liable for the death of or any injury to persons, or damage to property, as a result of complying with or attempting to comply with this Act or any rule or regulations promulgated pursuant to this Act.” Article VIII Section 804. Note that the law would grant certain immunities even for deaths improperly caused, and allows such immunity even for advisors who made recommendations based on conflicts of interest.

Beginning first with the health side, and with more detail, the laws include forced diagnostic testing (unlimited in character), forced taking of bodily samples (unlimited as to what is taken), forced unknown, untested “medical” treatments, forced decontamination with unknown, untested chemicals, and forced unknown, untested vaccines. Pulled from any context of “emergency,” this comprises two things, description of forced medical experimentation on anyone in Wisconsin (or any other state) and criminal physical assault. Refusal can include imprisonment.

The laws overturn all exemptions for vaccines, even medical exemptions that were given to protect people allergic to them who would die if given them. The laws replaced long-standing constitutional public health laws that included the option to self-quarantine, the historic and most relied upon of public health options in an epidemic. Instead, quarantining would be forced and into public facilities if someone refuses to submit to intimate and potentially life-threatening physical assault. Under the CDC promoted state health power laws, quarantine is indistinguishable from imprisonment for not complying with forced medical procedures – procedures based on no proven medical emergency and not requiring an infectious disease even exist.

Anyone refusing these state-forced medical actions, could be herded together in detainment centers or prison, ideal setting for spreading disease and terrible settings for medical help if one becomes infected there.

Article V Section 504(b). Although it might in some circumstances be prudent and justified to quarantine a person who refuses immunization during an outbreak, it is tyrannical to criminalize the medical choice to decline a treatment. An immunization or treatment might well cause serious harm to certain individuals even if the public health authority does not recognize that it is “reasonably likely” to lead to “serious harm”-another two important undefined terms. Article V Section 504(a)(4). The Act gives the public health authority the right to isolate or quarantine a person on an ex parte court order, with no hearing for at least 72 hours. If the public health authority decides that an unvaccinated person is a risk to others, even if uninfected, he could be quarantined. Article V Section 503(e). It is quite possible that public health authorities could force such a person from his home to a place of quarantine, where he will be exposed to infected persons. Such places shall be maintained in a safe and hygienic manner “to the extent possible,” and “all reasonable means shall be taken to prevent the transmission of infection among isolated or quarantined individuals.” Article V Section 503(a). The Act itself thus implies that an uninfected person is at risk by being placed in such a facility; it is quite likely that he could be at greater risk than if he had the freedom to protect himself as he saw fit. It is assumed that public health authorities will be “reasonable”; however, this assumption is questionable.

How would the emergency that would trigger any of this be declared? How is it defined?

Declaring an Emergency: Under this Act, any Governor could appoint himself dictator by declaring a “public health emergency.” He doesn’t even have to consult anyone. The Act requires that he “shall consult with the public health authority,” but “nothing in the duty to consult … shall be construed to limit the Governor’s authority to act without such consultation when the situation calls for prompt and timely action.” The legislature is prohibited from intervening for 60 days, after which it may terminate the state of emergency only by a two-thirds vote of both chambers. (Apparently, it does not have the authority to find that the state of emergency never really existed.) Article III, Section 305(c). There is also the possibility that the Governor could declare a new emergency as soon as his powers were about to expire. What is a public health emergency? It is whatever the Governor decides it should be. By the definition in the Act, it could be an “occurrence”-or just an “imminent threat”-of basically any cause that involves a biological agent or biological toxin that poses a “substantial risk” of a “significant number” of human fatalities or disability. Article I, Section 104(g). Terrorism need not be involved; any threat of an epidemic would suffice…

What kind of power would the governor have? And under such a law, what limits could be placed on Governor Walker?

Unlimited Power: How would the Governor handle the emergency? By whatever means he chose. He is under no obligation to use scientifically valid methods, or to choose the least destructive method, or to perform any kind of risk-benefit analysis. He may suspend any regulatory statute, or the rules of any state agency, if they would “prevent, hinder, or delay necessary action.”Article III, Section 303(a)(1). Among the laws to be suspended would probably be those permitting religious, medical, or philosophical exemptions to mandatory vaccines. The Governor may not only utilize all the resources of the State and its political subdivisions, but commandeer any private facilities or resources considered necessary, and “take immediate possession thereof. Such materials and facilities include, but are not limited to, communication devices, carriers, real estate, fuels, food, clothing, and health care facilities.”

Taking possession of “communication devices, carriers, real estate, fuels, food, clothing, and health care facilities” describes martial law.

The governor, by such a law, would not be taking control of “communication devices” such as cell phones, but of all communications in the state. “Carriers” are all transportation, “real estate” is all property and land, “fuels” are all utilities as well as oil, gas, coal, water (used for hydro-electric power), private solar power, wind power, water power; “food” is all food in the state including farms, privately stored food, any businesses that produce or provide food; and “health care facilities” could include any place where they may assert that “health” measures are being taken, which could include prisons and detainment camps. (Why would clothing be listed?)

Doctors and health workers would be compelled to comply.

Article IV Section 402(a). He may “compel a health care facility to provide services,” but it is not clear what means he may use to compel its personnel to work

(Article IV Section 402(b)), except that any physician or other health care provider who refuses to perform medical examination or testing as directed shall be liable for a misdemeanor. Article V Section 502(b).

What of legislative laws and funding as an obstacle to putting any of this in place?

The Act grants Governors the exclusive power to control the expenditure of funds appropriated for emergencies; the intent and priorities set by the Legislature would be irrelevant.

What of constitutional protections in terms of elections and delegation of power?

The Governor may delegate powers at his sole discretion to unelected political appointees.

On the property side, the mere declaration that a building or property is contaminated would be grounds from destruction of the structure (including by burning) and the appropriation of land, specifically true of farmland, of which Wisconsin has some of the richest in the country.

The Governor may destroy any material or property “of which there is reasonable cause to believe that it may endanger the public health.” Article IV Section 401(b). And while the State shall pay just compensation to the owner of any facilities that are “lawfully taken” or appropriated (Article IV Section 406), there is a huge exception: [Emphasis added.]

“Compensation shall not be provided for facilities or materials that are closed, evacuated, decontaminated, or destroyed when there is reasonable cause to believe that they may endanger the public health pursuant to Section 401.” Article IV Section 406.

The Governor is in charge of determining “reasonable cause.” There is a strong incentive for him to declare any losses to private owners to be noncompensable.

“Reasonable cause” might mean “contaminated.” Is the Senate Hart Office Building contaminated with anthrax? Yes. Should it therefore be destroyed, or subjected to fumigation with chemicals that would destroy much of the equipment and furnishings? Most think not.

The problem is that given a sufficiently sensitive testing method, everything is probably “contaminated” with almost everything else. Moreover, every testing method has some level of false positives.

The late Conrad Chester of Oak Ridge National Laboratory stated that any place that has ever supported cattle has anthrax contamination (lecture before Doctors for Disaster Preparedness annual meeting, 1996). The same probably applies to any land that has supported sheep or goats, or any land that has had the wind deposit soil from such an area.

In other words, anthrax spores are probably ubiquitous, though at a concentration that very rarely causes any harm. Such harm as was done may have been misdiagnosed by physicians who were unfamiliar with anthrax and not specifically looking for it. [Anthrax is easily treated.]

Under this law, nothing would stop the Governor from ordering a citizen to turn over his house to be used as an isolation facility and later destroying the house on the grounds that it is contaminated [or from appropriating farmland, also on the grounds it is contaminated]. This order, like any other, could be enforced at gunpoint by any law enforcement officer.

The health power laws include seizure of arms.

…. the Act empowers the Governor to ration, fix prices, and otherwise control the allocation, sale, use, or transportation of any item as deemed “reasonable and necessary for emergency response.”

This specifically includes firearms. Article IV Section 402(c) and Section 405(b). Moreover, the Governor can simply seize such items.Article IV Section 402(a).

Rarely noted by those favoring gun control as a means for public safety, Gandhi condemned the seizure of arms as the most terrible thing the British did in their centuries of brutal rule in India.

“Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India, history will look upon the Act depriving a whole nation of arms, as the blackest.”

– Mahatma Gandhi (An Autobiography or The story of my experiments with truth, by M.K. Gandhi, p.238)

Bush put in place international and intersecting agreements around the War on Terror, a war that former National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski testified to the Senate that the war on terror is “a mythical historical narrative,” and one based on a potentially promulgated attack on the US. The Model State Emergency Health Power state laws also intersect with international agreements, most specifically with the WHO and UN and were put in place during Bush’s time in office.

One quote, allegedly from the WHO 2005 declaration around pandemics, gives some indication how (undefined) health authorities could urge governors to declare a pandemic emergency and of the potential danger such declaration (once again, with no definition or evidence of proof) could have on the future of the US.

“Under special pandemic plans enacted around the world including the USA, in 2005, national governments are to be dissolved in the event of a pandemic emergency and replaced by special crisis committees, which take charge of the health and security infrastructure of a country, and which are answerable to the WHO and EU in Europe and to the WHO and UN in North America.

In all this, it is relevant to remember what FOIA in the UK reveal recently but had been hidden by the government – none of the vaccines work, they cause the very diseases they are meant to prevent, they have dangerous toxins in them in addition, and the vaccine industry (the ones driving the Ebola hoax and inseparable from banking and oil and wars) and the government colluded to hide this from the public so they would continue to submit their children to vaccination. The UK cover up, based on lies about vaccines’ value and stoked fear of diseases, must be remembered right now. It is the definitive truth about vaccines, via hidden government documents.


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  3. pupma says:

    Some of the blue reference sites listed in the article can not be found.
    For people who are looking for truth, proof….this doesn’t help when 404 keeps coming up.
    Jean, these should be checked out prior to being provided for reading and left out completely if the page can not be found. 404 does not help us to wake others up who need this type of proof.
    Bummer……I quit researching this wonderful article because I got two 404’s right off the bat.

  4. Diane says:


    United States Patent 8,716,464
    Geisbert , et al. May 6, 2014

    Compositions and methods for silencing Ebola virus gene expression

    The present invention provides compositions comprising therapeutic nucleic acids (e.g., interfering RNA such as siRNA) that target Ebola virus (EBOV) gene expression and methods of using such compositions to silence EBOV gene expression. More particularly, the invention provides unmodified and chemically modified interfering RNA which silence EBOV gene expression and methods of use thereof, e.g., for preventing or treating EBOV infections caused by one or more EBOV species such as Zaire EBOV. The invention also provides serum-stable nucleic acid-lipid particles comprising one or more interfering RNA molecules, a cationic lipid, and a non-cationic lipid, which can further comprise a conjugated lipid that inhibits aggregation of particles. Methods of silencing EBOV gene expression by administering one or more interfering RNA molecules to a mammalian subject are also provided.


    This invention was made with Government support under Project No. 04-4-7J-012, awarded by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency. The Government has certain rights in this invention.

  5. Lilly says:

    this article is from July is it not? what about today. not saying its not al a hoax but how do you get that many people to cooperate in such large areas, across the country? Why would Natural News collaborate w the Govt lies, his job is exposing lies. My simple mind says they cannot have Rep take over again, althought they are 1 now and probly always have been. NOR can they have a Rep win in 2016 so they had to create something and Ebola may be it. Martial Law done deal. common sense tells me its all crazy cuz no one is protected anywhere, planes trains and automobiles, it should be EVERYWHERE shouldn’t it? I also wonder how in all the yrs Ebola even w mutations has been around it never traveled anywhere but parts of Africa? That never made sense to me.

  6. NewHumanNewEarthCommunities says:

    Analyzing epidemics by Jon Rappoport October 12, 2014

  7. NewHumanNewEarthCommunities says:

    Ultraviolet light robot kills Ebola in two minutes; why doesn’t every hospital have one of these?

    • Jean says:

      Yes, someone else has shared this. .. If this is really true, why don’t they put this in airports and let people have a time ‘under’ it? Hugs, ~Jean

  8. truth hurts says:

    Natural News and Infowars are pushing this hoax as hard as they can. As I stated above. Photo shopped pictures equals 100% proof this is a HOAX.

  9. Dante Berry says:

    Instead of attacking Infowars and Natural News, have you even considered that maybe they are just on the wrong track and have wrong information. Why do you jump straight to the conclusion that they are evil Cabalists serpent seeds working for Reptilians in the Intergalactic Association of ascended masters (Sarcasm)? I think it would be wiser to try to reach out to these people and discuss some of the information you’ve come across regarding this issue seeing that NOBODY is right 100% of the time. I’m sure you’ve been wrong on some of your teachings before at some point in time in your life. Maybe you can calm down a little bit and try to build friendships and not enemies.

    • Jean says:

      Dante, I’m not sure whom you are addressing here . . . in the future, if you would please note the individual it would be helpful . . . Hugs, ~Jean

      • Ian MacLeod says:

        Jean (and everyone) – I KNEW I had read that nanosilver has multiple types of actions within the body. This URL tells of another. Per this article it doesn’t need to destroy a microbe by O2 deprivation alone. Take a look, see what you think:

        To everyone:
        As for Mike being an enemy disinfo agent, I don’t see it. ANYONE can be wrong sometimes. Mike is, apparently, self-taught in some areas, and even physicians can be led astray by test results sometimes. Mike has posted too many really helpful articles – things that would be a detriment with the “elites” priorities in mind – for me to be convinced easioly that he’s on the other side! He puts in a lot of time and his own money. How about if we wait and see how he reacts to more info coming out, alright?

        Something else people might find interesting is this URL:

        That “fiction” is just too damned close – as in PERFECTLY predictive of current events for it to be an accident! “elites” are WELL known to advertise their actions in advance. This appears to be such. I wonder – can it be used as evidence?


    • Ethyl says:

      I only see opinions on the ebola. WHERE IS YOUR PROOF THAT THERE IS NONE? And have you researched ebola? I have since 1995. Have you read all the books on it? If so, please state why your opinion is that this is not true. And by fear mongering, do you mean that it’s all totally not true and intended to scare, or do you mean you don’t care if it’s real or not, you just don’t want to know bout it if it’s true. I’ve never understood this.

      And you are basing everything on THINKING that the Elite wouldn’t do this to endanger themselves? YOU don’t know if they are endangering themselves or not, UNLESS you are one of them and know the hidden agenda, and all the info they do. They may all have been innoculated for it. You say this is your opinion–please let us know what you are basing this on! And I don’t mean saying they wouldn’t do this because of blah blah guess. Give us some FACTS here! There are lots of things we know about ebola, but we have no idea what the real deal is. They have NO IDEA where it comes from. The monkey stuff and bat crap stuff is not true. You’ll find that out if you read all the books about it. THEY DO NOT KNOW! MY guess is that it could have been lab made. And there are plenty others who think that. If it IS lab made, there could be cures or innoculations for it.

      I have seen a lot of false information floating around about the ebola. That false info is originating from somewhere. Most of it is info downplaying the seriousness of the disease. And implying they know a lot more about it than they do. Acting like it’s not really very contagious and people are just too nervous nellie about it!

      Additionally, it’s better safe than sorry anyway. Which you would understand if you ever got something like that because you didn’t believe what you had heard and decided it was all fearmongering. Of course, if you catch Ebola that wouldn’t matter to you anyway, because people normally cant think very straight when they have it.

      Have you asked yourself WHY these hazmat suits were ordered??? When a few weeks before that they were saying that ebola patients need a private hospital room with people using gowns and masks to go in there? do you know the difference between what it means to wear a hazmat suit, and to wear a gown and gloves and masks? Do you know the difference between working in a level 2 biocontainment lab and a level 4??? I am TELLING you that ebola is level 4. And that does NOT mean you use a gown and gloves and a mask if you are exposed to it.

      Dante, I really doubt if Ranger Mike has wrong info. I’m not sure yet if they all know how really bad this stuff is. But I really do not believe Ranger Mike is on the take and would do us wrong. Until someone can show me proof and not just an opinion like that, I won’t believe it.

      Dave, if you DO have anything more than you said, something that is more akin to proof than just thinking what you said you do, please let us know what it is. There may be something floating around I have missed, and if there is, I definitely want to know about it.

    • truth hurts says:

      As a HUGE Jones fan since 2002, I can personally tell you Jones has thrown in with the ZioNAZIS. He is now a “Gate Keeper” for the “conspiracy types”.

      His promoting the Sandy Hook Hoax as being “real” with 26 people being killed, was the last straw for me.He repeatedly vomited the “Adam Lanza (who never existed) went crazy because he was on SRI’s” for months even though there was no evidence at all, only one person who was proven to be a false source a couple days after he made the statement.

      He has promoted every BS HOAX since, (Boston Bombing, etc) as being real with people dying.

      And now, he is promoting this Ebola hoax as hard as he can.

      Jones is absolutely turned into a high level disinformation agent for his “conspiracy types” and is being financially well taken care of for it.

  10. dave says:

    I was pushing/forwarding Nat News as an excellent site for many yrs –BUT , pursuant to a secret deal I presume–Mike Adams is now pushing such nonsense about the eboLIE ‘outbreak’ that i could no longer stand the fear-mongering propaganda and cancelled his newsletter. My guess is that he was threatened and made an ‘offer he couldn’t refuse’ by the money-mafia that runs the world.In any case he is clearly promoting an ebola scare eithout respect for facts or logic.for example he stated that the Fed Govt (actually the parallel govt called DHS who do NOT take an oath to the Constitution) purchased 160,000 hazmat suits and that that purchase PROVES the “ebola threat” is real! Say what? non-sequitor!Totally llogical! and he is not that stupid so i must sadly conclude he is intentionally LYING and propagandizing!
    PS IMHO, there is ZERO cases of real ebola in this so-called ‘outbreak’ since there is no need for the ruling elite to endanger themselves with a possible REAL pandemic that could kill THEMSEVES! They proved to their satisfaction that they can fool the majority of people with their paid crisis actors (“Dr Nancy writEBOLA “?Gimme a break! FAKE!)
    as they did in the Sandy Hk NON-shooting and the Bstn Smoke ‘Bmg” wherein NO ONE was even injured at all–ALL crisis actors who got millions in their facebook donation pages(pre-amputee Jeff Baumann; Bill, Kevin and Mary Jo White lying family ; etc.etc) and govt agents lke Richard Serino who planned the Bstn Bomboozle in 2008 (google– it’s all there!) and Mass. State Auditor Suzanne Bump got their martial law in Bstn based on a FAKE “bombing” [read fake ‘ebola outbreak’ now!] wherein no on-one was hurt at all. “Ebola pandemic” is all a fake to get total military control over USA!

    • truth hurts says:


      Adams was apparently poisoned after he started questioning the Boston Bombing along with Hollywood producer Nathan Folkes.

      He pulled down the stories and became a disinfo agent for them.

      “We can make you an deal. You can be on our team and get rich, or you can be poisoned to death.”

      Looks like that was an offer Mike couldn’t refuse.

  11. whereslora says:

    I haven’t had a chance to read your blog yet, just skimmed it. Must go and will read when I return home. Looks good. In the meantime, want some dots?
    Frank Graham: multi-millionaire son of Billy Graham & CEO of Samaritan’s Purse
    Samaritan’s Purse: International, multi-billion dollar, evangelical organization
    Doktor Kent and Nurse WhitEbol (cute): work for Samaritan’s Purse
    Who else has their bloody fingers in this little affair?

  12. Judi says:

    I watched a video on beforeitsnews titled “Origin of cancer! HIV, and Ebola.”
    It is from a Dr. Tent.
    The video is quite long, but I think should be required viewing for anyone who grew up in the U.S. And received vaccines…especially those who received the early polio vaccines.
    Explains clearly why we have all of diseases of today!
    Sorry, I don’t have a direct link to the video!

  13. Amin says:

    The MO (modus operandi): prepare the explosive matrix first. Plant the triggering device. Push the red button from Central Kabal Control. There would be chaos and unintended fires if the CKC does not know where, how & when each of the PMD (Planned Mega Disaster) is going to strike. A case in example was the USS San Francisco front hull damage. It was involved in the covert black-ops in the 20041226 Boxing Day Mega-quake Tsunami offshore Sumatra (Indonesia). It was timed to “blow” at 26 minutes past the hour. Something went wrong. It went off at 1 minute before the hour. A case of too early or too late. The other 2 quakes of the box-day series, 20031226 BAM Iran and 20061226 South Taiwan “exploded” smoothly at 26 minutes past the hour. All 3 quakes were on the ZEAD and future disasters/destructions will continue to occur along these ZEAD until the mafia godfathers of the KZB are put behind bars.

    Update Aug 3 2014 (2nd anniversary of Louisiana – Bayou Corne Sinkhole collapse)
    ZEAD3A – 19790603 IXTOC to 19880706 Piper Alpha.

    Yep, Both Atlanta and Sierra Leone are on our ZEAD (Zionist Evil Axis of Destruction/disaster). There was a CO gas leak in 2012/12/03 Finch E School. ZEAD3A runs from Piper A (1988) to Pensacola (2010 BP Oil Spill) past Macondo, Thunderhorse, BP Atlantis (all problematical sites) across the Gulf of Mexico to IXTOC Rig blowout oil leak in 1979/06/03.

    North of Atlanta, ZEAD3A passes close to the 2013/07/06 train derailment – oil explosion at the town of Lac-Megantic, Quebec. It was exactly the 25th anniversary of Piper Alpha (1988/07/06).

    IXTOC and Piper Alpha is 9 years 33 days apart. The distance between them is 4,511 nautical miles. 4+5 = 9, 11 rings a bell?

    Coincidence? Not So. There are other disasters along side this ZEAD3A line. Among them the location of the Flt 93 crash at Shanksville in 911.

    • Amin says:

      If the photoshopped picture is any indication, there is more to the Ebola story. Simple pics like these do not need photoshop enhancement.

    • Jean says:

      Amin, I’m blown away by the info you share here! Wowowowow! Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

      • Amin says:

        Thks Jean. Just sharing and promoting what my guys have found out. I was blown more than a year ago with these info. Unfortunately, we can’t predict specifically. We can only confirm after a disaster has happened.

  14. Ethyl says:

    Jean, FINALLY! Here are a couple asking a lot of the same questions I am, most notably about the Ebola strain. It might possibly BE the new bugaboo strain that we invented (I can’t remember that name they made up, so Bugaboo works for me!) This is a really good video:

  15. Ethyl says:

    Jean, I do NOT believe this guy. He said that Natural News said that

    ”;Natural News, now suspected as an agent of the elite, has declared that Ebola has spread across the country and is now out of control. (Strange how everyone is fine.) ”

    Natural News said NO SUCH THING! That is a lie! And if he lied in one place, who knows where else he is lying. I would not trust anything, because we don’t know which are lies.

    Ranger MIke works his behind off trying to help people in this country and keep them safe. THIS is what he said

    ” A global outbreak of deadly Ebola is underway and has crossed national borders. One infected victim of the horrifying disease flew on international flights, vomiting on board and exposing hundreds of people to the deadly virus which can be transmitted through airborne particles. Ebola has an 8-10 day incubation period, meaning thousands of people could be carrying it right now and spreading it across the cities of the world without even knowing it.

    Passengers in Hong Kong and the UK have already shown symptoms of the disease and are being tested, reports USA Today. (2) The Peace Corps has evacuated its volunteers from the region after two were exposed to Ebola. (3)

    “Expert claims panic over death of U.S. man in Nigeria is ‘justified'” reports the Daily Mail. (1) “He warned the spread of Ebola could become a global pandemic.”

    Here is his article for anybody who wants to see it.

    I don’t know how much of what this article says is a lie and how much is truth. But ANYBODY who follows Ranger Mike knows he is NOT one of the Evilumes.

    I would say it’s a definite possibility that whoever wrote this is an evilume.

    Here’s another article he did on the transfer. and I TOTALLY agree with Ranger Mike. WHY did we not send a team over THERE to help Dr Brantly? Why take all the chances they did (and still are) in bringing an Ebola patient to the US? This was either absolutely the stupidest idea in history or the most evil. I tend to think it’s the evil plan.

    Also, have ya’ll seen Dahboo’s clip with the unprotected cameraman right by the ambulance? I tend to think that this could have been done on purpose to help start a pandemic. (I also saw a clip of Alex yesterday where he said the hospital where they were taking them only had a level-2 containment facility, and Ebola is level-4. I PRAY Alex is wrong about this. If that is true, all of this can ONLY have been done on purpose. And this is NOT some kind of hoax. Ebola is NOT a hoax. However, any treatments or vaccines they ”develop” for it certainly could be. This is all just SICK!!!!

    • Chris says:

      I agree with Ethyl. I’ve known Mike for 7 years and am not buying this slam against him. Wondering why my other reply of a few days ago about this was not approved…

  16. Don De says:

    By Don De
    THIS IS THE FINAL PIECE OF THE PUZZLE! The mere threat of a spreading Ebola Virus, purposefully flown into the US by the Obama Administration, could now possibly be the first domino to fall in the takeover of America. It may become the beginning of the end of the Constitutional Rule of Law, the rules that Obama holds in such hatred and disdain because they restrict his omnipotent dictatorship. This threat, REAL OR IMAGINED, allows a thinly veiled form of Marshal Law to be instituted under a declaration of a NATIONAL MEDICAL EMERGENCY!
    There are plans being put into effect to use the Ebola Virus to THREATEN A WORLD WIDE PANDEMIC. This false narrative by the controlled Mass Media and certain Internet websites is now being purposefully spread across the nation and the world. IT IS ANOTHER FALSE FLAG!! A scare tactic that will allow, by International Law and Treaties, the DISSOLUTION OF GOVERNMENTS and the implementation of rule by a “Special Crisis Committee” that only answer to The World Health Organization (WHO) and the UN in Europe, and the WHO and UN in North America.
    A big surprise to some is the fact that these legal implementations preceded Obama. George W. Bush had the pandemic protocols inserted into the War Powers Act after the 9/11 WTC bombings.
    PLEASE read and absorb the attached comprehensive history of this threat and try to fully understand the implications of these plans, if they are successful, with regard to your person, your families and your friends and, the world as you know it! Also, there is a serious warning in the article about the proposed vaccines associated with the “cure”. If the virulent virus doesn’t kill you, the vaccine cure you’ll be offered surely will.

  17. Hi Jean

    The link in para 8 is broken



  18. Amy says:

    Thank you for a great article – I actually sent it to Governor Chris Christie and asked him if he was part of this and why they were setting up camps in Newark! I doubt I will get a response but wanted to let him know people are waking up and maybe let him see the big picture. I believed he was a good Jersey guy- maybe this article will open his eyes – maybe he is part of the cabal but my gut says no.

    • Jean says:

      Chris Christie is someone I have followed . . . and I do not think he is in any way honest. That’s my opinion only . . . He is another politician who seeks his own gain . . . Hugs, ~Jean

  19. sheila pappas says:

    2 Chronicles 7:14 -If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and heal their land.

  20. LHay says:

    Wise to be prepared no matter what. This article makes sense. However, these tyrant minds are so experienced in mind manipulation and control that it would be just like them to stage wimpy ‘pandemics’ and false flags, then, when our caution is down, hit hard with something lethal and really dangerous.

    Here’s another view that brings brilliant alternative to any disease.
    “The Dawn of A New Age in Medicine: Physics Offers A Unified Field Theory of All Disease”

    Keep acerola and rose hip vitamin C in the daily routine, and a big stockpile for just in case, and all natural nutritional supplements and herbal remedies.

  21. Dane Arr says:

    Virus DNA is subject to consciousness. Please meditate on mutating the virus into a harmless, noninfectious form.

    As in all things negative, fear empowers and strengthens, so meditation on bathing it in light is the opposite and can cause it to lose its negative power. Consciousness may not be able to easily lift rocks or stop trains, but this is a job it can do.

    If anyone can think of some good word concepts to use please share.


  22. Great good work. Please keep doing what you doing. Life is no fear just trust being love
    Love always
    John xxxxxxxxx

  23. Pingback: The view from here, August 1, 2014: Feeling split, between local and global | Exopermaculture

  24. laurabruno says:

    Reblogged this on Laura Bruno's Blog and commented:
    Discernment advised on this one, but I’m sharing because I know that at least some of it is true: the pandemic laws on the books are verifiable. I also sense (and mentioned in yesterday’s post) about the genetically modified (“war gamed” / weapons grade) new strain of Ebola as a means of getting people to renounce their rights and usher in Martial Law. I’ve also previously addressed the possibility of mandatory vaccinations, which would not surprise me in the event of a “real” (purposely implemented) pandemic or a complete media snow job.

    Having a strong immune system is important regardless; however, so is having a highly functioning BS detector. Back in 2013, I opted for a magick wand and magickal defense specifically in response to the idea of mandatory vaccination, but through this blog, I also lobby daily for a mass awakening to keep such sicko plans at bay. The Nazi thugs can salivate, but it doesn’t mean they get to eat their hearts(????) out.

    I’m not entirely sure how to shift out of this agenda other than continuing to inform people about the various totalitarian agendas so that people can recognize for themselves when spin conveniently places people and situations into the cross-hairs of the overall agenda. As far as I’m concerned, mandatory vaccinations constitute rape and potential murder — along with extreme violations on every level. I hold by yesterday’s post advising prayer. It works. Let’s imagine and activate the positive, healthy realities beyond such global machinations.

  25. Leigh says:

    Thank you Jean – and great work Bill at putting all this research together in one article. Now I have something complete I can forward to friends and family! Years ago I worked in the pharma industry and left shortly after discovering it’s Nazi roots, something that completely shocked me at the time in the early 2000’s.

    On the bright side, I have noticed – especially over the last two years – whenever the cabal hatches a new “diabolical plan” it seems to backfire on them in ways they didn’t imagine. They’re like comic book villains at this point, and if there is one weakness in trust the American people have it’s with the healthcare industry. All the crazy Hollywood propaganda – I’m sure Universal and Warner Brothers both have something waiting in the wings. People have already seen the action plan to a degree with the swine flu hoax. It’s result? More and more people are opting out of the monstrous annual flu vaccine programs, and even starting to question the cancer industry now. All these plans fall flat on even those that are sleepwalking still.

    I look at these media hoaxes as just another giant opportunity for even more people to join our ranks on the side of real justice and liberty. With the undesired results of ObamaCare moving into full swing, I find even within my own family, people are starting to focus on staying healthy and checking out of the “official healthcare industry” all together. Trust is finally starting to shift to the individual and their direct community. Faith in “THE INSTITUTION” is finally falling away – particularly with the younger generations.

    It’s time for a counter action plan. Want to stay safe during “The Pandemic”? I say, home-school your children, telecommute to work, and start canning those veggies from the garden. I imagine it would also be wise to avoid those great temples of distractions: movie theaters, churches, shopping malls, large sporting events. I’ll be reading books about our real history at home instead – when I’m not attempting to make my own media. Perhaps it’s time for us all to roll out our own Yankee Doodle song. Mockery and humor are incredible weapons, and “We The People” haven’t used them well since the 1700’s. Why not take the head off the snake?
    It’s time to buckle up for the ride. This should be better viewing that the super bowl.

    Thanks again for sharing. This article is a real gem!

  26. bluefeather6 says:

    You can download this excellent PDF of Dr. Leonard Horowitz

  27. Wysiwyg says:

    The Health Benefits of Boron – cures arthritis, Rheumatoid and Osteo, and many other things. The story of the doctor, Rex Newnham, who discovered this and how BigPharma but the brakes on it
    Fortunately we can take matters into our own hands ;)


  28. Just another J says:

    Jean, thank you for all you do for us. I’m more of a comment watcher & learner – yet, thank you for asking for comments — maybe there’s something to this particular notion mentioned above. . . “Natural News, now suspected as an agent of the elite, has declared that Ebola has spread across the country and is now out of control.”. . .I found (& quickly bookmarked) this link below in the comments section at Natural News – in the Ebola Article. Within minutes the comment was removed and of course the video link is not there anymore either. Conceptually, censorship tends to bother me on many levels. . .I find this producers work interesting and wanted to share for discernment & discussion (as another clue in a Paul Harvey ‘and now you know the rest of the story’: IMF KNEW That Ebola Was An Epidemic In JUNE 2014

  29. Bill says:

    An article explaining how significant Levy’s approach to medicine is and what vitamin is doing.

    The Dawn of A New Age in Medicine: Physics Offers A Unified Field Theory of All Disease

    This is the video missing from the article taken down by “someone. In 10 minutes Levy explains in 10 minutes how one molecule can stop, reverse or cure all chronic diseases, all viruses, all infections, all toxins and radiation poisoning. It also fits with what we are now learning about electrons and energy in general.

  30. Bill says:


    Here are two videos that are stunning.

    Every adult in the world should know this. This is what vitamin C can do.—Miracle-Cure/tabid/309/articleID/171328/Default.aspx

    And here is Levy’s lecture in NZ following the cure. It is an incredible education that should be standard for everyone.
    Here is Levy’s lecture following the cure.

    The first part is in New Zealand-ish and not easy to understand but Levy comes on shortly after (at 4:49 into the video)

    Here is the accompanying powerpoint.

    • Jean says:

      Thanks, Bill, for sharing this . . . I know that our medical situation is almost dire . . . and I have avoided Western medicine like the plague. . . even though it has been tough to get to the bottom of a particular problem that was almost a nightmare, but I did it :) I would recommend everyone who has the courage to take over their own care . . . and find people who treat the whole person. . . everything is interrelated. . . Hugs, ~Jean

    • Eileen says:


      `New Zealandish’ … hilarious

      Interesting video thank you.
      Being a New Zealandee ;-) … I rather enjoyed the first part

  31. Judi says:

    And to think, I thought it would be a strain of the Spanish flu!
    Sadly, it seems that anything we give credence to grows.
    Maybe we really need to remember the power of thought..and think ourselves healthy.
    This grand journey seems to be taking off.

  32. Nancy Boal says:

    The question is will the sheeple line up for their vaccination or will enough rebel.

  33. Anthony says:

    Great article, this gets the message out about the cabal’s plans for martial law that I alluded to in my previous posts! I don’t know about the Bush/Scherf connection (open to it though), but the info on the 1918 flu and the connection to aspirin being the main culprit is dead-on.
    I also read an article today on “Veterans Today” by Preston James who also alluded to the cabal’s plans for an epidemic resulting in Martial Law – it seems everyone picked up on this at the same time! We are two steps ahead of them! And that is a good thing!!
    Everyone hold on tight, it won’t be long now!! Can’t wait for it all to be over!!

  34. HATTER says:


    • Bill says:

      Natural News has become a voice for the Cabal, pushing fear and following the script. Normally Addams challenges anything the government does. Not with this.

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