Lincoln first Open Access uni in NZ

26 July 2013

The first at a New Zealand university, the new Open Access Policy covers research, teaching, and other material.

Lincoln University takes the position that if public funding has supported the creation of research or other content then it’s reasonable to make it publicly accessible. So our new Open Access Policy endorses making this content openly and freely available as the preferred option.

The policy provides guidance to Lincoln University staff and postgraduate students and covers research outputs, research data, teaching materials, and public records. The Open Access Policy encourages content created by staff, and in some instances postgraduate students, to be openly shared on the web (unless specific considerations preclude this). It encourages applying a Creative Commons licence to determine how material may be shared, reused, and remixed.

Materials where Lincoln University holds the copyright will also (when not overridden by other university policies) be made available under an appropriate Creative Commons or other public copyright licence – starting with the policy itself!

Existing Lincoln University open access resources include: