Putin to NWO Agents and Satan Worshipers: I’m Coming for You!


NWO agents and Satan worshipers have good reasons to be frightened by Putin’s moves.

No kidding. Putin continues to send NWO agents and Satan worshipers in Russia and abroad a dire message, and they continue to panic. Pay close attention and see how he confronted factory owners in Russia—people who are playing dice with people’s lives. He told them point-blankly that they “have taken” people

“hostage with your ambition, incompetence—and pure greed. You ran around like cockroaches when I said I was coming [to check your company]. These are thousands of lives [that you have captured]. It’s absolutely unacceptable. If you owners can’t come to an agreement, then this factory will be restarted, one way or another…we’ll do it without you.”

NWO agents and Satan worshipers have good reasons to be frightened. To counter-attack, they once again marshal lies and fabrications and slander against Putin.

Right before the UN conference, Ralph Peters of the New York Post wrote that Putin was basically going to work on his “next trick.”Obviously Peters is certainly blind and has been paid by NWO agents to say crazy things, dumb things, irrational things.

Hasn’t Putin mapped out his plan and proposed it to NWO agents since he came to power? Hasn’t he said quite bluntly that NWO agents basically worship Satan? Hasn’t he challenged them in Syria? Hasn’t he seen their double standards and repudiated them? Didn’t NWO agents cook up evidence to attack Assad? Didn’t they say that he used chemical weapons on his own people when in fact that it was the Syrian rebels/terrorists who actually did?

Can Peters explain those phenomena to us in a thoroughly rational manner? Sadly, the answer is no. He ridiculously declares without parameters:

“Vladimir Putin’s next strategic gambit may be to order the shoot-down of an American military aircraft over Syria.”

So who is the real conspiracy theorist here? I thought the New York Post would not publish conspiracy theory! Here is a man who is marshaling one nonsense after another without an iota of evidence, and he gets away with it? Peters hopelessly tries to support his point with claptrap, but it was really worthless. Some part of me felt sorry for this man because he has been paid enough money to deconstruct Putin, but he obviously is not doing a good job at all:

“Why would Putin do it? Why take such a risk?

“Because he sees little risk. Because he wants the United States out of the region and Russia in. Because the lack of a US military response would be read globally as an American defeat and retreat — and a Russian victory. Because he realizes that the lack of retaliation would crush American military morale. And because he enjoys humiliating the American president.”

Peters’ illogical and dumb assertions know no boundary:

“Putin cynically portrays his intervention in Syria as part of a common fight against the Islamic State. But the immediate target of his military will be the (relatively) moderate Syrian opposition, leaving the West with a choice between Bashar al-Assad and Islamist fanaticism.”

You see how this man changed the name of the game? He called the Syrian rebels/terrorists “moderate Syrian opposition.” Perhaps he needs to do a little research. The Associated Press has recently published an article entitled, “U.S.-trained Syrian rebels gave equipment to Nusra: U.S. military.” Al-Nusra, as we all know, is a terrorist group. It reads in part:

“Syrian rebels trained by the United States gave some of their equipment to the al Qaeda-linked Nusra Front in exchange for safe passage, a U.S. military spokesman said on Friday, the latest blow to a troubled U.S. effort to train local partners to fight Islamic State militants.”

In a similar vein, the Daily Beast had an article entitled, “Pentagon Admits: U.S. Gear in Qaeda’s Hands.” Putin said the same thing.

So, Peters needs to open his eyes and see who the enemy actually is. This year alone,

“U.S. Special Operations forces have already deployed to 135 nations, according to Ken McGraw, a spokesman for Special Operations Command (SOCOM). That’s roughly 70% of the countries on the planet.

“Every day, in fact, America’s most elite troops are carrying out missions in 80 to 90 nations, practicing night raids or sometimes conducting them for real, engaging in sniper training or sometimes actually gunning down enemies from afar.

“As part of a global engagement strategy of endless hush-hush operations conducted on every continent but Antarctica, they have now eclipsed the number and range of special ops missions undertaken at the height of the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

Can Russia do this? Will Peters write an article about this at all? More importantly, is President Obama justified in condemning Russia in his recent debacle at the UN conference? Is he right in saying that Russia is “pulling us back into a darker, more disordered world”?

Obama has really jumped into the irrational and Zionist world when he said:

““In accordance with this logic [Russia’s stand on Syria], we should support tyrants like Bashar al-Assad who drops barrel bombs to massacre innocent civilians because the alternative is surely worse.”

As Gordon Duff has recently put it, this “gutless fantasy diatribe humiliates Americans…” Obama, says Duff, is “booking al Qaeda terrorists and manufacturing an axis of evil that spread from Ukraine to Northern Nigeria and the maniacs of Boko Haram,” and now he wants to tell us all that Putin is the real evil?

“Obama hit a low note attacking Syria’s President Assad using the tired and ultra-fictional branded lie, the “barrel bomb.” Were it not for Obama being burned back in 2013 when he planned to carpet bomb Damascus over phony claims of Sarin gas use, a repeat of the Bush era lies that pushed America into two losing wars that killed nearly 3 million so far, he would have tried to push that fairy tale to the UN also.”

Jim W. Dean adds that

“This program is part of an ongoing ‘game’ in the region that has resulted in US ‘taxpayers’ money being spent into oblivion; money down a big rat hole.”

Absolutely true.

“You know, Brother Obama, you can be a decent person. You can join me in rooting out this evil in the West. Your administration has done a great job calling the mad man in Tel Aviv a ‘chickenshit.’ That is exactly what I have been trying to tell NWO agents and Satan Worshipers. Are you in or out? Take your pick. I’d love to have you, but if I have to do the job alone, I can assure you that I will. Think about it later, and call me up when you have a final decision.”

Putin has made it explicitly clear that he is interested in fighting ISIS in Syria, which means that he has to support Assad, which means that Assad is also interested in fighting ISIS. So, the Zionist machine simply cannot wiggle out of this political equation that easily. As Putin brilliantly puts it,

“We think it’s an enormous mistake to refuse to cooperate with the Syrian government and its armed forces who are valiantly fighting terrorism face to face.”

With respect to jihadists coming from Europe to join ISIS in Syria, Putin says,

“We cannot allow these criminals who have already felt the smell of blood to return back home and continue their evil doings. No one wants this to happen, does he?”

So, are Obama and the Zionist machine really saying that fighting ISIS is evil? Obviously they are, otherwise the Israeli regime in particular would not have collaborated with ISIS.

NWO agents have hopelessly tried to respond to Putin’s recent challenge at the UN conference. Natasha Bertrand and Michael B Kelley of Business Insider say that “85 percent of what Putin said was unmitigated bullshit.” Why? Well, here is their argument:

“By propping up the Assad’s government Assad, Moscow is actually facilitating the continued menace of the Islamic State.”

Natasha and Kelley cite a fraudulent report which says that Assad has been engaged in

“state terrorism against its own people and inciting terrorism from its opponents… Assad regime’s wholesale slaughter of civilians provides the groups with radicalized supporters far faster than Assad’s military can then fight them.”

If that were true, then why is it that the vast majority of Syrians want to vote for Assad? If the United States wants to spread democracy, shouldn’t they let the Syrian people decide who is eligible for president? And isn’t that what Putin has been proposing? Isn’t that what Assad has been saying? Isn’t it tyranny and despotism to just go ahead and destroy a country when the vast majority of citizens want to keep their government?


source: www.veteranstoday.com/



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