FarmLink Bainbridge Program

FarmLink Bainbridge

Friends of the Farms’ mission is to preserve and enhance local farming. One way we do that is by facilitating the pairing of landowners who have land available for farming, with farmers interested in growing food commercially.

If you are a landowner who wishes to connect with a farmer, or a farmer who needs land, please  print and fill out the appropriate form below and send it to Friends of the Farms, 221 Winslow Way, Suite 303, Bainbridge Island, WA, 98110.  We will keep your application on file and notify you when a potential match becomes available. Then, you will be notified and your contact information will be shared with the potential match.  Financial and other business arrangements between farmers and landowners will be handled by the parties themselves. Friends of the Farms may provide some pro bono legal assistance in some cases.

Property Owner Application

Farmer Application