Friends of the Farms believes that in order to have a healthy, resilient community, we must ensure a thriving system of local agriculture.

We envision a community that enthusiastically supports local agriculture in a variety of tangible ways, values open space, honors our farming heritage, and thrives in an economy with a strong agrarian component.

Our community shares these values, as reflected in The City of Bainbridge Island’s Comprehensive Plan:

“Preserve and encourage agricultural activities as a means of providing locally grown food, enhancing the cultural and economic diversity of the community and preserving open space and view corridors.”


“Agriculture is one of the most fragile industries in any rapidly growing area. As land values continue to rise, the threat to small farms on Bainbridge Island increases. Given the nature of farming on the Island – small farms dispersed throughout the Island – the City must use creative solutions to conserving existing farms and encouraging the creation of new farms.”

Friends of the Farms is developing an innovative model to preserve, utilize and manage local agricultural lands. We envision a broad range of uses for local farmlands, such as: row crops, livestock, vineyards, tree and bush crops, orchards, wetlands and other ecosystems managed for native plants and crops, farm-related housing, education and recreation.

Friends of the Farms’ mission, to preserve and enhance local farming, is dedicated to bringing our community closer to this vision – a community that is interwoven with beautiful farms, energized by healthy food brought to us by our own local farmers, grown on nearby farms.  We invite you to join us in joyfully co-creating this vision of a flourishing community.