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Humayun Laid to Rest At Nuhash Polli


Relatives, fans, well-wishers and villagers joined the rally of mourners in Pirujali village and wished a goodbye to the novelist and filmmaker.
Around noon, a convoy led by a freezer car carrying the body of Humayun reached the Palli where thousands of people had been waiting to receive the most celebrated writer of their time.
Before the namaz-e-janaza started at 1:35pm, people had paid tributes to Humayun Ahmed under a shade at the Palli that the writer built on 40-bigha land.
After the janaza, Humayun Ahmed went on his last journey on shoulders of relatives and his son Nuhash.
Around 2:00pm, the coffin of the charismatic writer, who influenced millions for decades through more than 300 books, dozens of dramas and films, was lowered into the grave.
Nuhash along with daughters Nova and Sheela, brothers Ahsan Habib and Muhammad Zafar Iqbal, Zafar's wife Yasmeen Haque, sisters Sufia Haider and Mamtaz Shaheed held each other tight and wept.
Wet in tears and rains, fans and well-wishers joined filling up the gave with earth.
The decision that Humayun Ahmed would be buried at Nuhash Palli came at the wee hours of yesterday as the writer's Shaon refused to budge on that his husband's grave has to be at the Palli, saying it was his last wish.
However, Humayun's three children from his first wife -- Nova, Sheela and Nuhash along with their grand mother Ayesha -- wanted Humayun to be buried somewhere in Dhaka so that everyone can visit his grave easily.
There was a rift in his family over the selection of burial site as On May 12, a day after returning from New York after undergoing treatment, Humayun had told press that, he would prefer to be buried elsewhere so that his sanctuary did not turn into a regular graveyard. He also added "I had wanted to be buried here. But then I thought, maybe not. Then this place would turn into a typical graveyard. People would crowd the place…on Feb 21, on Nov 13, they would come here to lay wreaths," said the writer in his interview. "Now, that can't be allowed to happen."  He had said, "If, after my death, someone wants to research on medicinal plants, they would be most welcome. There could be a laboratory here, too."





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Humayun Ahmed Died
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