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Independent Commission for the Location of Victims Remains

An Coimisiún Neamhspleách um Aimsiú Taisí Íospartach

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What is the Independent Commission for the Location of Victims’ Remains?

The Independent Commission for the Location of Victims’ Remains was established by an intergovernmental agreement between the Irish and British Governments, signed on 27 April 1999, and by legislation enacted in the two jurisdictions. The Department of Justice and Equality and the Northern Ireland Office provide financial support for the Commission.

The purpose of the Commission is to obtain information, in Confidentiality, which may lead to the location of the remains of victims of paramilitary violence ("The Disappeared") who were murdered and buried in secret arising from the conflict in Northern Ireland.


Who are the Disappeared?

The Disappeared are those killed and buried in secret by illegal organisations prior to 10 April 1998 as a result of the Northern Ireland conflict. There were sixteen people who ‘disappeared’ during ‘the troubles’ in Northern Ireland. PIRA admitted responsibility for thirteen of the sixteen, while one was admitted by the INLA. No attribution has been given to the remaining two. To date ten bodies have been recovered.

More information on the missing victims and those recovered can be found on the Disappeared page


Who are the Commissioners?

There are two members of the Commission - Sir Kenneth Bloomfield and Mr. Frank Murray – who were appointed by the two Governments. More information on the Commissioners can be found on the Commissioners page. 


Can you help?

In order to recover the remains of those victims still missing, the Commission depends on information being provided to it from the public.

If you have any information which may lead to the location of the remains of any of the Disappeared please contact the Commission in the strictest confidence. You have nothing to fear from contacting the Commission.

All information that we receive is privileged – it cannot be passed on to other agencies or used in a court of law.  It can only be used to try and locate the remains of the Disappeared.

For details on how to contact the Commission in strict confidence  please visit our Contact page 


Support for the families

The Commission is grateful to WAVE Trauma Centre for the support and assistance it has provided to the families of the Disappeared.

WAVE is a voluntary organisation founded in 1991 to support people bereaved or traumatised though the troubles. More information on the work of WAVE can be found on our Support for the families page.

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