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James Gault

James Gault is a Leader who knows what it is like to live paycheck to paycheck; he has listened to people who have also struggled to pay heat and hydro rates and watched jobs leave Ontario en-masse.  He grew up in a home that understands the need for unions and helped form an injured workers group to assist people who were unrepresented and injured at work. James believes that the issues we face today are not the cause of citizens, but because of top union leadership, special interest groups and Government leaders who face no accountability and hide behind new laws they create

“People I have spoken to are fed up with the lies and scandals and the feeling they no longer have a voice in the province on both sides of the house. Currently we have leaders who just talk and do the dog and pony show. We’re not about photo-ops, selfies or having 1,000 dollar a plate meal fundraising, we’re about representing the people and their needs, jobs and families. We’ll make recall an issue. We’ll provide transparency and accountability, and will call for an investigation by an outside source into all Liberal party actions.”

We need to send a strong Leader to Queens Park. The PC’ pragmatic approach has created the weakest opposition since Lynne McLeod. A vote for the NDP or Tories will be considered a mere protest vote by Premier Wynne, a vote for New Reform will give you a voice and Queens Park the conscience it so desperately needs   If you have ever said all politicians are the same, then we look forward to your vote and your support and we will be honored to represent you, and to show you the difference between sending career politicians to Queens Park and a New Reformer.

James can be contacted at elect@electjamesgault.ca or 1-905-818-7812

James is the Leader of the New Reform Party that Elections Ontario deregistered  moments after he filed his candidacy for the Whitby-Oshawa by-election. The RecallWynne campaign created the chance for approx. 1600 people from across Ontario the opportunity to give Premier Wynne a Notice of Termination through email. James’ belief that Government needs to be investigated and recall needs to be brought in, that he decided to run independent while Elections Ontario and the party continue communications.

James wants to correct these problems and make Ontario prosperous once again. His belief is that Ontario doesn’t need more government; it needs effective, responsible government, it needs a leader who isn’t afraid to stand in the legislature and call for a vote of non-confidence in the Premier, a motion for recorded votes and for a change in direction this province is heading under the leadership of these three parties.

Help us win this election, by donating to the campaign, putting signs up on your yard and helping to get the message out that electing  the Tories or the NDP is just a mere protest vote, if we want true change we need to vote for James Gault on Feb 11 2016.


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