Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

Tip one if you do not have a FaceBook account create one, it is the big boy on campus and is the best way to build contacts.  Create a Page for any product or website that you own.

Tips and Tricks of the Google monopoly is a huge in the online marketing world, if you do not have a gmail account go ahead and create one for yourself and any web page that you have, also build your Google+ page, virtually the same as a FaceBook page.  You can also have a Youtube account that will tie to your gmail address, great thing is you can have up to 5 gmail addresses tied to you, or a phone # I should say.

Linked In, I am fairly new to this platform but it is a more professional platform to make connections on.

Go create a free Canva account so you can create professional background images.

Get a following,

Trick is to add people to your friends/followers list, this is a network of folks that you can later inform about your product site or service.  If you have not already been doing this online go start now and follow anyone and everyone you have ever known.  I enjoy catching up on whats going on with my college friends.


This trick is a great place to place free ads and get visitors to check out your product or site.  You can place up to 3 ads per day with each account you have set up, one account per email that you have.  Make sure you are placing proper ads according to there guidelines, if you are flagged or your site is flagged you will get banned.  Also be wary of fishing attempts if you leave access to you email viability.

Fool Proof Marketing System Trick

I have seen the do it yourself guide to online marketing at least one for each of the above platforms, and I do plan on making a page outlining tips and tricks for each later, but there is no reason to pay for a course on how to use these things to your advantage, you can find all sorts of free training online.  You have to put it into practice though, if you are not going to invest the time to set up your online presence you will not have one.

What can I market?

Well virtually anything you want.  Now I know that sounds impossible, but it is not.  Virtually any company you can think of is involved in Affiliate Marketing in some form or fashion.  I do recommend to work, or write about a subject you know or are passionate about.  You can even create your own work to sell in the form of a book or lesson if there is something you are real passionate or knowledgeable about.  Understand this is not and there is not a magic overnight get rich quick scam that I am sure you have been taken on before, like I have so many times.  Buy a system to sell the system, but no one will do the work for you without money, and there are no shortcuts to the work getting done.  If you want to sit in front of a computer typing away at a keyboard in your PJ’s for 2-8 hours a day you can have success, it does take time and commitment.  I got into this online world because I was looking for ways to promote Tempo Wireless, I bought a domain and was forwarding it to a sales funnel, after spending a couple thousand dollars with little success I found Wealthy Affiliate and my eyes to this crazy internet thing have really been opened.  I now have 4 sites running this is my 5th, hard to believe it has been less than a year since I Joined Wealthy Affiliate.

Enter your Tips and Tricks below but..

Hey this is my site and I am not going to allow you to sell through my site, there is a rash of people that try to post ads to other sites on posts.  I encourage you to share your own experiences, and if you have a site that is dedicated to free education about online stuff then I might let it slide.  I do approve and respond to each post.  Thanks for your interest and time, good luck on you online adventure.


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