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The Best of the EMI Years: 1961-1972

1. Try To Forget Her
2. Hold Me
3. Cuttin’ In
4. Somewhere
5. Just Like Him*
6. Answer Me
7. What’s On Your Mind*
8. I Don’t Want To Hear It Anymore*
9. My Prayer
10. Mission Bell
11. If I Loved You
12. Maria
13. Quando Tornera*
14. I Can’t Make It Alone (Alternate Mono Single Version)*
15. Niki Hoeky
16. Mama Told Me Not To Come
17. Give Me Time
18. I’m Comin’ Home
19. And The Sun Will Shine*
20. Delilah+
21. Today I Killed A Man (I Didn’t Know)
22. Daddy’s Home
23. I’m Ahead If I Can Quit While I’m Behind+
24. Clown Shoes*
25. We’ll Meet Again*

* First time on CD
+ Previously Unreleased


IIn Swedish : ish :



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                Timi Yuro RIP,Age 62
                                  birth Aug.4th, 1941
                      death March 30, 2004

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    The Tribute To P.J. Proby !!

                  The Heritage Foundation was delighted to be staging a charity Sunday  lunch
                                  to pay tribute to the legendary singing star PJ Proby.

                                The lunch to celebrate PJ's career  took place at :
                            The Marriott Regents Park Hotel, London NW3, England
                                  on Sunday April 18 at 12noon at 12 noon for 1pm

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                 Sharon Sheeley Passed  Away
                    Early Saturday Morning
                            The 18th Of  May
          Sharon Sheeley RIP, Age 62
                          1940 to 2002
                           You are my sunshine on the hill
Good night little sister, remember we have a date to meet up on our hill in Orville.
                     Don't worry about the time I will wait forever.
                       In heaven my love as it is on earth - Jimmy
                               (and as the lady once said - P.J.)
               PS If it hadn't been for you there'd have never been me.
  For Sharon  :
                          P.J.PROBY  RECORDED
                              DEMOS FOR
                          ELVIS PRESLEY
                  listen : 
  Do You Know That P.J.PROBY
               WROTE  "IN MY DREAMS"
                 FOR  ELVIS PRESLEY ?

 Here You´ll
Find Proby´s
 Demo - With
                             When He Heard Who Had Written The Song
                                          ELVIS CHANGED HIS MIND........
                               WHY ????   -


          Painting By Ron Tennant
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Van Morrison has a new CD album out.
There is a track called
Whatever happened to P.J.Proby?
P.J.Proby's reply is
"Hi Van. Thanks for the song title.
If you find out whatever happened to me -
could you please let me know.

                                                 Read Probyans Interpretation Of Van Morrison´s Song
                                                               "Whatever Happened To P.J.Proby" :
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   ....And Maria ???? 

     P.J.Proby the 14th of February 2001  :

  NOW You Are Able To Share MY Mp3-files and
 Mpeg- files with me (including P.J. Proby)
I Did An Interview With Marc Almond  The 27th Of May

2001 - Just Before His Concert In Stockholm.

He talked about his work
  with "Legend" & P.J.
 Watch&Listen To My Interviews
Or Download  Them By Clicking :
Gered Mankowitz gave me permission to use his picture from the cover of Cupid´s Inspirations LP "Yesterday Has Gone"
read more about the world famous photographer :

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              ( From One Frame Of a Super-8 Sequence)
                          Pages to visit :
      Behind The Songs Recorded By
      P.J.Proby :
    The Musicans Around P.J.Proby  : 
What do you know about LITHUANIA(in Swedish)Swedish Television I
                   TV IS  NOT  JUST  PICTURES !!!!
      My hobby is to film.
      The first camera was an Beaulieu 5008-S. I used to film
      famous music-artists when they were performing in Sweden or
      in London. It is a pity that the Hi-8 cameras today, did not
      exisisted already in the 60´s.The old Super-8 cameras were
      limited to some minutes for one film and the light sensibility
      was very bad.
      The good thing was that you "were allowed" to film Almost no
      controls by the guards during concerts in the past.
      Documented artists from 1968 - :
      Dusty Springfield, P.J.Proby, Elton John, Eric Clapton, George
      Harrison, Eric Burdon & War,Eric Burdon, Procol Harum,
      Robin Trower, Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, Black Sabbath,
      Chuck Berry,East of Eden, Hawkwind, Hardin & York, Cat
      Stevens, Strawbs, Family, Barclay James Harvest, David Bowie,
      Lou Reed, Mott The Hoople, Bob Marley & The Wailers,
      Camel, Wishbone Ash, ELO, Gary Glitter, Roxy Music,
      John Miles, Jethro Tull , The Rolling Stones
      The latest documentation I he made is an 20 minutes long
      interview with P.J.Proby He was touring with the WHO in
      "Quadrophenia".The last time he was in Sweden was during a
      Midsummer Festival in Sweden (Mantorp) 1970. Almost 30 years ago
      and still going strong !! In the beginning of April you could
      find P.J´s newMarc Almond
      They even did a single together, it is Cupid Inspiration´s old "Yesterday
      Has Gone".You´ll even find it included in "Legend".
      I used a professional Sony Beta SP when I filmed the interview.
      The material is very interesting.P.J. talks about his work for Elvis Presley
      in the 50´s ,about he and Keith Moon 1964, his Swedish girlfriends.
      One new information that P.J. mentioned in the interview is about his
      biography.It is just finished and will be out 1997 year.It took him three
      years to write the book.The title will be Don´t Move - You´re The Godfather
    WILL TELL YOU IF You Just Download The Mp3-files extracted from my interview with P.J. PROBY
    BE AWARE !!
            FOR YOUR EARS ONLY 
About QuadropheniaAbout Legend P.J.´s latest About his work for Elvis Presley What was he doing in the 80´s ?Could it really be true that this is the last thing he is doing? If you have listened to Legend,you must agree that P.J.Proby must continue and make much more records.He knows that he is "the man with THE GOLDEN VOICE"P.J. PROBY BACK.......IN TOWN
   STOCKHOLM  1968            STOCKHOLM 1997 UPPSALA 1999
Bonnie´s Tribute To Laurie Allen : 


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