101 Beautilicious Blog Awards 2012!

101 Beautilicious Blog Awards 2012!

101 Beautilicious Beauty Blog Awards 2012!

We have been bombarded by people asking us to do an award section on our website for blogs that are totally undervalued and have amazing content from beauty tips all the way to clothing trends. Our readers and our following on twitter have helped us pick out 101 Beautilicious blogs that we feel provide excellent content to read and view. We loved looking through all the blogs below and so did our followers. We did have a lot of entries, 763 to be exact , but we found the content on these blogs where the most compelling. So we would like to congratulate you on being picked for 101 Beautilicious blogs of 2012!

Please feel free to place the badge on your website so you can show of your award!
We all know you have earned it! 

Nominee Website / Blog Name
1 British Beauty Blogger
2 The Beauty Department
3 Temptalia
4 Fashion Is Freedom
5 Fashionotes
6 Blog Make UP
7 Glitter Geek
8 Cosmetic Surgery Guru
9 Beauty Chameleon
10 Incense Pepper Mints
11 The Style Eye
12 The Beauty Chick
13 Bubble Garm
14 Out In A Pout
15 Computergirl’s Musings
16 Beaut
17 Clumps Of Mascara
18 Mizz Worthy
19 Purse Buzz
20 Raging Rouge
21 American Salon Mag
22 Style It Online
23 Karla Sugar
24 Make Up For Life
25 Fashion Pirate
26 My Women Stuff
27 Toxic Beauty Blog
28 Beauty Junkie London
29 Just Nice Things
30 Make Up 4 All
31 Digital Beauty
32 My Lips But Better
33 Pammy Blog Beauty
34 The Truth About Beauty
35 The Beauty Nerd
36 The Glamorous Glean
37 15 Steps Blog
38 The Gorgeousing Redient
39 Musings Of A Makeup Artist
40 Gemsmaquillage
41 What i Heart Today
42 Fashion Roll Call
43 Strawberry Blonde Beauty
44 Thrifty Fashionista
45 Viva Adonis
46 The Beauty Spot
47 Natural Beautee
48 Beauty Geek UK
49 Beauty Sauce
50 Smarter Blog
51 Daly Beauty
52 Beauty Girl Musings
53 15 Min Beauty
54 Teganias Thoughts
55 That Girls Bath And Body
56 The London Lip Gloss
57 Mesluxes
58 My Best Beauty Buys
59 Painfullyhip
60 Beautifully Addicted To
61 Obsessiveness 4 Makeup
62 Perfectly Imperfects Beauty Blog
63 A Girls Gotta Spa
64 Sick A Than Average
65 Beautiful Makeup Search
66 Hot Beauty Health
67 My Beauty Bunny
68 The Makeup Divas
69 The Gloss Goss
70 Beauty Junkie Sunite
71 Prime Beauty Blog
72 Beauty411
73 Blushingloves
74 London Makeup Girl
75 Silver Lips Beauty
76 The Glam And Glitter
77 Beauty Mouth
78 The Makeup Blogger
79 Hello Beauty Blog
80 Little Miss Rosh
81 Spiced Beauty
82 Love Lust And Fairy Dust
83 The Notice
84 Coco Perez
85 Beauty Thes Is
86 The Beauty Scoop
87 Makeup And Ma Caroons
88 Smashin beauty
89 Amyantoinette
90 Steal My Heart Lovee
91 Addicted To Beauty
92 Makeup To Makeout
93 Crows Feet Cup Cakes And Cellulite
94 Pretty Much Makeup
95 Lopezjennylopez
96 Feisty Tapas
97 All The Vanity
98 A Little Obsessed
99 Sherry Blossom Beauty
100 Beautiful Aspect
101 Charlottes Obsessions

21 Responses to “101 Beautilicious Blog Awards 2012!”

  1. Isabella says:

    Cosmetic Surgery Guru’s first ever blog award! Thanks so much :)

  2. Mz More says:

    Thank you so much for the nomination!

  3. SanTara says:

    Thank You so much!! This was a total surprise. I’m honored that so many people enjoy my content enough to nominate me. Congratulations to all the Blogs that made the list. I’m in great company. Blessings to you all :)

  4. Congrats to all the winners!!

  5. Hi guys! Thank You SO Much, I am really glad you liked my blog, it makes writing my blog worth while! All the best to you all and congratulations to all the other winners! From this list I have discovered some other great beauty bloggers I didn’t know about thanks!

  6. I appreciate the nod, thank you. Will definitely be checking out everyone on this list, great resource.

    Also, for reference.. it’s Beauty Thesis.. not Beauty Thes Is. ;]

  7. Crystal says:

    Congratulations to all of the above!

  8. Wow.. thank you SO, so much for this.. I am delighted.. I didn’t even know until today. I’m looking forward to checking all the blogs on the list. xxx

  9. James says:

    Congratulations to all those fantastic beauty bloggers out there. Great to see some Australian names in there too!

  10. Hello-

    First of all, congratulations to all of our beauty bloggers who were nominated for this award! I will definitely be stopping by and checking out your blogs…I need all the help I can get!!! :)

    Lind, I have been researching awards for bloggers and came across your post about the 101 Beautilicious Blog Awards. I would like to list this award on a special page I am creating to share with my blogging community. Could you tell me when the nominating/voting begins and the process? Are there any specific rules or categories for eligibility?

    Thanks for reviewing my inquiry. Looking forward to sharing more about this award to my Readers!

    Have a great evening!

    • Lind says:

      We do it once a year! We ask all the people who follow and like Drop of Pink to say what beauty blogs they feel are underrated and then we compile the list together and only do the top 101 beauty blogs! We had 763 entries last year and we are hoping to get more this year fingers crossed! Just make sure you check our twitter / Facebook accounts in December and we will be doing the same again so make sure you get voting!! <3 xx

  11. Yes, I agree. I often read quite a few of those listed blogs. And I don’t quite understand how best blog awards are judged…ranking doesn’t quite show off true quality, I think anyway, but it’s nice to see good blogs get some appreciation! Ta for that.

    • Lind says:

      We just complied a list of blogs what people where submitting on twitter and on facebook to us, and people gave us their views on that blog, we didn’t really rank the blogs on quality mainly on votes! :) Hopefully you might be in the next list of blogs! xx

  12. Mahrukh says:

    I have a beauty blog and I want to win the award so What I have to do for this…. and thanks to all winners

  13. monique says:

    just discovered this — thank you! i’m humbled to be among a list of such fabulous beauty blogging people!! xo

  14. jenny says:

    I love this blog! Have you guys also check out Hudabeauty.com? It’s amazing! :)

  15. Such a great selection of blogs, there’s just not enough time in the day to read them all! I would if I could believe me :-) Holly xx


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