Top Three Best Shower Heads

Are you looking for the best shower heads? If so, here are the three great shower heads that you can find online:

  1. Speakman Anystream (S-2252)

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  • It has a powerful stream.
  • It has a three spray features.
  • Its construction is sturdy.
  • It has a liver that s easy-grip.


As being stated it has three distinct settings such as a spray (sharp), rain (gentle), and flood (dense). According to the users, it is aggressive or rewarding, for some it is invigorating but most of them agreed that it provides a strong stream. For others, they say it is floods of water and for few people the experience is like taking a bath in a waterfall.

Comfort To Utilize

If you want to adjust the settings, it is very simple and you will never burn all of your calories.  In terms of installation, it is easy. This will be experienced if the owner of a house has a high water pressure. Unfortunately for the users who have low water pressure, he will do other steps like dispelling the flow restrictor in order to double the volume of the water. In terms of design, this is made from solid brass which made the users impressed. With this kind of material, the company that makes this can guarantee you to use a shower head for more than half of your life.

Bottom Line

The people who have tried this shower head love this for the reason that, it has a strong stream with three spray settings. Its construction made the users impressed because it is sturdy. However if your home has a water pressure that is low, this is not effective at all. And it utilizes 2.5 gallons for every minute so you will not save your water.

  1. Delta Hand Shower (75700)
  • This has a seven spray setting.
  • This has an easy installation.
  • This is not costly. In other words this is very affordable.
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Before using this shower head, a person should first install it and according to most of the users, it is easy to do the installation because it only lasts for a few times without the help of various tools in plumbing. In addition, they have said that once the installation is done, it is easy to be utilized. In terms of the handle, it is anti-slip, for turn dial, it is easy to operate. And for the long hose, it is easy to manipulate in washing their pets, or washing their tub.



It is made from plastic that also makes it durable like other shower heads that are made from strong brass. Thus, it can compete to some products.

Bottom Line

This shower head has a long hose and you will be given a great option that has three finishes. It is also made from plastics and you will experience a strange feeling once you use it. In the context if its performance, many individuals say that their experience is like spa that comforts their weary muscles.

  1. Moen Velocity (S6320)
  • Has a good stream
  • Has two spray features
  • Can keep your water hot and warm
  • Has easy installation
  • Durable and will give you a year or many years to use it

Bottom Line

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Moen velocity S6320 is a great option for those people who want to have an adjustable shower head from a low shower to a rain shower by just touching its lever. In its construction, it is considered as durable as some of the best shower equipment.

Thus, looking for the best shower head will not be a hard time for you once you consider and give your trust to one of the top three products given above.


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