Shower Head: Fixing Leak and Regular Maintenance

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One of the common problems that many people experience with the shower heads is leak. It is disturbing for the fact that it can waste plenty of water even though its just a small drip. It can also affect the amount of water that it can bring to you as it fall far from where you are situated. This kind of problem can be easily fixed using several methods to cure the leaking problems. Here are the ways that you can perform in order to eliminate and fix the shower head leaking problems.

  • The first thing that you must do is to detach the shower head. You can use wrench or screw drivers id needed. When removing the shower head see to it that you must not create further damage on it.
  • Remove the inside rubber gasket so that you can inspect for the root cause of the leakage. One the gasket creates black goo to your fingers, replacing the gasket is needed. If you are buying for replacement, see to it that the old ring will match on the selected new size.
  • Put the ring in the shower head. It may give you some effort of pushing it into place. See to it that the ring is placed flat inside the shower head.
  • Begin wrapping the pipe threads with Teflon tape. Make sure that you are wrapping in a single direction wherein the threads flow. Fully cover the thread area by not covering the smooth pipe. You can utilize two tape wraps that is pulled tight enough. You must be seeing the threads ridges however they must not be cutting on the tape.
  • Tear the tape in order to separate on the spool and thread the shower head in place by turning it until it is hand-tight.
  • You can dry run by turning on the water. If the is no leak, then you are done. But if there are still leakages, unscrew and remove again the head. Sometimes the leakage happens because of wrong method of screwing.
  • If the leak seems gone, by using the wrench, you can turn the shower half turn further. Be careful not to over tighten it as you can risk for stripping the threads. You can test again the water flow.
  • If the leak insist above that is almost undetectable, you must start all over again and try to replace the Teflon tape and make it a little bit tighter, and having additional wrap of tape. One you notice that the pipe seems too old, its thread might be worn enough to have additional tape.

By fixing the leakage of your shower heads you can avoid having a big loss of water when it is unused. If think that you can make these steps, it is a good investment and it can be a sure savings on your part as you will not hire somebody to make it done for you. However, if you think that you can worsen the current situation of your shower head. You can ask for the help of someone who has greater knowledge in accomplishing the job. It can be the most practical one in terms of savings as you will pay for sure fixing of problem.

The shower head problems are unavoidable circumstances that are triggered by many causes. Therefore, a regular inspection of your shower is necessary in order to avoid greater damage and big expenses. The regular cleaning of at least once a month can be very helpful to avoid the leakage. Give time to check the shower heads as it is one of the commonly used items inside your house.


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