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Violence Free Waitakere

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  • We create amazing family focused free events like Toddler Day Out, Our Amazing Place and Westie Dads In Action, all the while promoting great parenting, supporting families, encouraging neighbourhood engagement which builds strong and resilient communties.

  • We develop and facilitate effective projects, which promote violence prevention in our  community and provide Project Management Manuals for other communities to duplicate the great event and projects.
  • We run programmes like, "Little Kauri", which help children to transition into into school.
  •  We are at the heart of collaborative projects that not only outreach, but build lasting community resilience. Empowering, engaging and networking with a multitude of agencies enables a brighter future for our community and their families.
  • We run programmes,campaigns and events around the issues of Bullying. Through creative workshops, our youth gains skill in conflict resolution and enable our  youth to have a voice against bullying. Challening the community to come to gether to support by being involved and not just a bystander. 

We invite you to browse our site to learn more our organisation, projects and events.  

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For more check out:
Up Coming Events Page                                                                ​      ​Check out Our Amazing Place Website

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              Violence Free In Action
        See a film clip of us in action, all set to 
             Tim Finn's "Couldn't Be Done". 



 Most of our projects have their own Facebook
pages, so check out each one.

Violence Free Waitakere
Facebook Page 

Say Hi, give us a "like", share our news and see what else we might be up to. It's also great way to hear from our project leaders, see our links and community networks.

Please visit us again soon, we will have more to share with you... but in the mean time, we will get on with the many ways we are actively working to prevent violence and nurture a truely robust community...for all our families.                                           

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