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Strategic analyst for businesses and government agencies. Linguist. Bassist.

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  1. These debates are the Plutocracys technique for making the people dread democratic governance and long for a military junta.

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    RIP Maurice Whites spirit will continue to live on through the music he brought us w/ Earth, Wind & Fire. RIP

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    Crash: auto sales plunge 31.8% in year to January

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    NPR: Activist DeRay Mckesson Enters Baltimore Mayoral Race; Donations Flood In

  5. Oh, Canada: I love you guys, and totally adore that your deadly obsessions arent gun massacres.

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    Presidential candidates: Do the country a favor and end the ethanol mandate via

  8. My name is Eric Garland, and I approve this fashion statement.

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  9. Dutch police have found the obvious method of dealing with rogue drones: BALD EAGLES.

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    "How do you make poor people feel wealthy when wages are stagnant? You give them cheap loans." - The Big Short

  11. Its not like patriarchy is Americas future, but we cant underestimate the loss of that myth as our politicians try to seduce us.

  12. In US politics, its like Dad is just yelling conspiracy theories at Jeopardy while Mom is trying to figure out how to do an oil change.

  13. Weve got a mental frame for that, too: most of us have seen Dad get liquored up at some point in life. But then the bender goes too long.

  14. The maternal side has been increasingly deaf, standoffish, while the paternal side is, frankly, drunk and crazy, ranting at squirrels.

  15. In reality, were just watching a single system play both sides of our parental mythologies. But thats been rupturing of late.

  16. One party sets up on the maternal, nurturing side of our brains, the other on the paternal, firm, scolding side. We think were choosing.

  17. Two parties carrying a frequently similar strategic bent (mass incarceration, outsourcing, Fed policy) capture voters through framing.

  18. America maintains a moronic two-party system, mostly through procedural winner-take-all rules, but through a binary Mommy-Daddy framework.

  19. Watching the political horserace, both sides, I increasingly see America as a patriarchy with no father figure. We thus feel adrift.

  20. Americas conservatives have no Nixon, and for that matter probably wouldnt welcome a Reagan, who would be a former-unionist RINO.

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