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Employees of the Month

2016 February

Welcome friends, old and new, to a celebration of Tagruato’s most valuable resource: our people. Tagruato remains a world leader in energy resources, medical research, advanced technology production and consumable products because of our world class employees. Please join us in recognizing the exceptional individuals below who have consistently gone above and beyond to further our founder’s noble mission.
Dr. Feng Guangbiao - Tagruato Corporation
Tagruato Corporation
Dr. Feng Guangbiao -
Corporate Counsel
Dr. Guangbiao holds degrees in international law and molecular biology and his dual expertise has been invaluable when the company’s new technologies exit the lab and enter those of our clients around the world. This month, through his hard work and diligence, the International Trade Commission ruled in the company’s favor, resolving a long-running patent dispute. Congratulations, Dr. Guangbiao!
Bruno Kielholz - Yoshida Medical Research
Yoshida Medical Research
Bruno Kielholz -
Senior Lab Technician
As Senior Lab Technician for YMR’s Special Projects Group, Bruno leads a team of advanced researchers responsible for ground-breaking work with J-class biological materials. This month, Bruno’s quick thinking, knowledge of safety protocols and self-sacrafice prevented a small, technical complication from contaminating a set of rare samples. His guidance and reasurring demeanor will surely be missed by his colleageues. Get well soon, Bruno!
Aminata Sio - SLUSHO!
Aminata Sio -
Franchise Manager, West Africa
Aminata Sio is on the front lines of SLUSHO!’s entrance into West Africa - identifying markets, expanding franchisees and testing specific flavor combinations aimed at local tastes. This month, Aminata’s hard work is beginning to pay off with, the first SLUSHO! products going on sale in Dakar. When she’s not spreading the joy of SLUSHO!, Aminata helps mentor young female entrepreneurs in Senegal. Well done Animata!
Howard Stambler - Bold Futura
Bold Futura
Howard Stambler -
Telemetry Analyst
Howard will celebrate his seven-year anniversary with Bold Futura in the fall. This month, Howard’s drive, commitment and refusal to accept easy answers resulted in a significant breakthrough diagnosing transmission complications with two of our governmental clients’ orbiting satellites.
Annika Peltier - ParaFUN! Wax Distributors
ParaFUN! Wax Distributors
Annika Peltier -
Director, Human Resources
Annika joined the ParaFUN! family one year ago as Director of HR to oversee a company-wide reorganization. This month, her team completed the project two months ahead of schedule, saving the company time and resources better spent on improving our already peerless customer service, and earning her a promotion to Vice-President. Well done, Annika! 
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